SweetGourmet Kenny’s Strawberry Laces Licorice, 5.5 Oz

Kenny’s strawberry laces,1-pound bag in strawberry. Some of you will no doubt remember the European quality of these delicious laces. We are proud to bring this fun product back for your enjoyment. The texture and flavor is unsurpassed. Imported from Holland.

Quick facts

  • Sold as 3 X 5.5 Oz bags
  • Product of Kenny’s
  • Made in USA
  • This classic licorice treat is just as fun to play with as it is to eat! Twirl, twist and tie these thin, soft and chewy strawberry laces for an amusing treat. Each string is full of juicy strawberry flavor, which makes this a snack that the whole family is sure to enjoy.

Top reviews

Licorice that isn’t too soft and sticky.

I am one of those people who leave licorice packages open so that it will ‘stale’ faster. This consistency of this product is exactly what I love. It’s chewy and there is actually an audible sound when you tug the licorice lace to break off a piece. It has a similar stiffness as a Jujubees candy once it’s outer coating is softened. I’ve been on the hunt for a specific licorice lace that was sold at a near by Sweet Factory that closed. This comes really close, but the flavor is off. I think the one I’m looking for is cherry flavored while this is strawberry. The candy came well packaged and fresh with a clearly printed expiration date.
PearlGreenock, PA

Pretty good

The laces we usually get around here are on the softer side, and are sweeter. These are more licorice tasting, and are tougher to chew. The only thing I wasn’t thrilled about was that they tasted exactly like a common red licorice candy…. I could ave gotten the flavor at the local convenience store.
But, I purchased them for my husband, and he loves them. He eats one every day- so they work for us.
ReginiaWingate, IN

not what I ordered

The laces I ordered say Gustafs. The ones I received are kenney’s NOT the same product. They don’t taste the same and I am most unsatisfied with this product.
SusanaJenkinsville, SC


I’m a happy camper for sure!! I love licorice!! I’ve loved it since I was a kid. I’m at 50 years now and I still LOVE licorice. My favorite it strawberry and I like cherry flavor as well. I’ve been “jonesin” for some licorice whips for many months, but couldn’t find them anywhere in a 60 mile radius. I couldn’t believe it!! Where in the hell were they hiding them? So, while ordering some stuff on Amazon, I stumbled onto a candy ad, which led me to the licorice. I saw the “whips,” read the info on them, the one review and the rest is history. My first bite is a memorable one. The taste was so fresh, moist, very strawberry flavor and snapped so cleanly away from my month. Like a light snap of your finger. I will buy from this company again and probably in a larger quantity!! Thanks Amazon and Sweet Gourmet.
JuliannaRepublic, OH