SweetGourmet Old Dominion Peanut Brittle, 16 Oz, 1lb

Peanut Brittle is a thin, crispy, melt-in-your-mouth product originating from a recipe developed 95 years ago! A generous amount of premium peanuts and other quality ingredients go in to every batch of this old-fashioned candy.

Quick facts

  • Product of old dominion
  • Made in usa
  • Peanut brittle is a thin

Top reviews

The Best Peanut Brittle is from the Old Dominion

“Old Dominion” Brand Peanut Brittle is made by the largest manufacturer of peanut brittle in the U.S. Using a perfect blend of all-natural ingredients in an old-time recipe, I think you will be delighted with your purchase. I just finished a box and it left me wanting more!
LeomaTangier, VA

Broken and fallen out of bag.

This product came in the mail with a broken bag, and in a too large of a box. Needless to say, not edible. Not sure if this tasted okay or not…
FredericaMancos, CO


Somewhere, someplace, there must be a support group for Peanut Brittle. If you happen to know where, please let me know. I am a peanut brittle addict, and I need help. Old Dominion is great – sweet, crunchy, and lots of small, tasty peanuts. Help.
ArielFort Huachuca, AZ

Horrible Taste

Worst tasting peanut brittle ever (if it even earns the rating to be classified as peanut brittle).
It simply just doesn’t taste the way good peanut brittle should taste.
At first glance, it looks good in appearance; but don’t let that fool you- it tastes absolutely awful of plastic, preservatives, with peanuts.
DewayneWahpeton, ND

Not very good

First, it came as one big clump. I had to use a hammer to break it up.

Not enough peanuts and it stuck (a lot) to my teeth.

Not the best flavor either. Tolerable, but there are better choices.

NathanaelBristol, VT

oh my

This Old Dominion Peanut Brittle tastes fine the way it is but… ever since my teeth fell apart and several expensive dentist/oral surgeon appointments were mandatory (along with a couple emergency surgeries and potential hospital visits if said oral surgeon wasn’t working at the time- thank God it never got to THAT point and he hadn’t gone home yet!) I haven’t really been feeling much of a desire or craving for brittle. In fact just the name of it makes my teeth quiver. Just the thought of biting down on peanut brittle sends a sharp chill through the few teeth that have remained. My imagination runs wild and I think about what would happen if my teeth were to suddenly shatter. No more eating anything. Anyway, this is actually really good brittle. Just… I can’t eat it anymore. 🙁 Alright, maybe I can still slide a little bit of brittle in my mouth when I’m in one of my “Who cares how my teeth feel tomorrow?” moods, but these are very rare times. 🙂
HerbertDola, OH


I bought a box of this stuff (I won’t qualify it!) and would not give it to my dog! The company that makes this ought to be called Old Dog Doo!
KlaraAlma, KS

Where’s the peanuts????

This product should read Brittle with a couple of peanuts for looks. It also should be in a box to cut down on breakage. Very small pieces by the time it arrived in its plastic bag.
LakiaLakeville, PA

“Where’s the Peanuts”

Just what the title says “Where’s the Peanuts”. Every box I have bought the peanuts are small and few and far between. It should be called “Old Dominion Brittle”. Have bought my last box of this brand.
YanRochester, KY

Lies all around, not happy at all

I bought this looking for Old Dominion brand peanut brittle. This is not Old Dominion brand, nor was it made by Old Dominion. The brittle we received was made by SweetGourmet.com, and the other reviews are right, there are very few peanuts in this product and something just tastes slightly off. It’s technically edible and it’s technically peanut brittle, so I guess I won’t worry about returning it, but I don’t like being misled.
Product is a bag of brittle pieces shipped inside a box, someone mentioned it arriving smashed up, well honestly, I think it was supposed to arrive somewhat smashed up and not as a solid sheet which is what I think that reviewer and I were both wanting.
ChristopherWakefield, OH

Big Fan of Old Dominion Products Here !

One Old Dominiom peanut snack leads to another, at least with me.

I first became very fond of Old Dominion Peanut Company’s Double dipped chocolate covered peanuts and since try every rich, delicious snack and candy I can find. I found these at a really incredible price at the pharmacy and it’s the same USA made candy I’ve grown to love.

This peanut brittle was paradise to me, now I do know every palate is different and what I may enjoy, someone else may not.

I love late night snacking and a movie with this peanut brittle and since my front teeth are capped, I chew with my molars and thoroughly enjoy them.
Just be careful when you bite into them, like any other hard candy.

I recommend this wonderful USA made candy as much as all of the other Old Dominion snack.

BritanyCave Springs, AR

very few peanuts

Bought an 8oz.box of Old Dominion Old Fashioned Peanut Brittle, only to find that there were hardly any peanuts in the brittle. Sure didn’t look like the nice picture on the box . A piece the size of the picture had about 3 nuts in it. Very dissatisfied.
CarlaManchester, IA