Sylvia’s Collard Greens, 14.5 Ounce Packages

Sylvia Woods, the “Queen of Soulfood,” is the founder and owner of the world famous Sylvia’s Restaurant, located in the historical village of Harlem, since 1962. Sylvia, young and determined received her beautician license at night while attending junior High School during the day. Sylvia opened the first farmhouse salon in her hometown of Hemingway, South Carolina. Sylvia, born and raised on her mother’s South Carolina farm had dreams at a very young age of marrying her childhood sweet heart Herbert, (whom she meet when she was eleven and he was twelve, of New York City. In 1944, Sylvia married Herbert and started her journey towards a brighter future. Harlem called, and Sylvia answered, as she became a waitress at Johnson’s luncheonette. while picking beans after school), and of one day trading in the cotton fields for the bright lights In 1962, after several years of dedicated service to her employer, Mr. Johnson recognized Sylvia’s entrepreneurial spirit and sold her the luncheonette. Julia Pressley, Sylvia’s mother, whom was a farmer and mid-wife, mortgaged her farm to loan her the money for the purchase. The than small luncheonette consisted of a counter and a few booths, has now flourished into a family owned enterprise which consist of: Sylvia’s Restaurant in Harlem, Sylvia’s Also, a full- service catering hall, Sylvia’s Catering Corp., a nation-wide line of Sylvia’s Food Products, two deliciously amazing cookbooks, and ATOC, Inc., a real estate firm. Sylvia’s unwavering vision, hard work, and determination was shared by her late husband Herbert Woods, and was instilled in their four children, Van, Bedelia, Kenneth, and Crizette, who together with their children manage this family enterprise. To-date there are three generations of the Woods family working tirelessly, to ensure that their family’s business continues to make strides over the next forty-three years.

Quick facts

  • As a little girl in South Carolina, I learned about soulful, home cooking from the world’s greatest chef – my Mom. After a hard day’s work picking beans in the fields, nothing tasted as fine as her warm, flavorful cooking.

Top reviews


A recurring problem when reading the product descriptions. Even though Amazon’s description doesn’t mention it, this stuff contains GLUTEN. It may be delicious, but please, Celiacs, beware!!
WallaceSadsburyville, PA

Yummy Without Muss and Fuss

If you’re a collard greens fan, you know it’s a labor intensive, time consuming endeavor – cleaning and trimming the individual stalks and leaves BEFORE the cooking begins. My ex-in-laws introduced me to collard greens and their preparation. I like the collards but not the work effort so Sylvia’s product is really a tasty convenience. However the cost is a bit high for the convenience, the reason I gave this product 3 stars. I’m not sure I’d buy it again.

Update 6/6/2011: Reduced price to less than FIFTEEN BUCKS gets it 4 STARS. I just ordered via Subscribe and Save at TWELVE+ BUCKS = 5 STARS

MagenTelford, PA

yummy for breakfast

I love greens, and these are great. They have just the right amount of seasoning without it being over whelming. I love greens for breakfast with grits and scrambled eggs, these start my day out right. On the subscribe and save, as I can’t find the Sylvia brand in the stores around here.
JacelynLake Jackson, TX

Perfect Collard Greens Perfectly Seasoned!

Perfection. Period. These are the model of what collard
greens should always taste like. These are so good, I
have eaten them right from the can! No kidding! If you
have a finicky kid in the family who hates everything
green, even he (or she) will eat these. The texture,
the seasoning, the flavor – it’s all you’ve ever dreamed
of for mouth-watering collard greens. Heaven on your
DominickBolton, MS

Extremely tasty!!!

I love these.
Well seasoned but not too much. Not over cooked.
The taste of the collard greens is still dominant.

I’ll definitely be ordering more.

LillianManhasset, NY

Seasoned just right!

I used to grow my own garden of Collard Greens, and ate them regularly. Since I travel more now, I just buy them cooked in cans. I’ve tried Glory Collard Greens and a few others, and these have to be the best for the price with subscribe and save. Yes, they do contain sodium (under 1200mg for the entire can) but that’s pretty much typical of canned foods anymore, especially if you’re looking at pre-seasoned products. Regardless, these greens are D-licious, and compliment almost any meal without any effort.
GayleneMiddleville, NJ

great tasting

These are great greens. The only problem is that they have gluten. It would be nice if amazon, and all other sites, would provide both ingredients lists as well as nutrition information. A simple snapshot of the label would be good enough. Anyway, the taste of Sylvia’s food is a definite five star. I don’t eat gluten though, and it is added as an ingredient for some reason, so only four stars from me.
ThadLocust, NC

One of the best out a half-dozen brands tried on Amazon.

Less is better with Sylvia’s brand products. Less seasoning, and less pre-cooking before canning. I have tried so many other brands and really have not felt comfortable picking out one, until now. Sylvia’s collard greens strikes the right balance between the two cited variables. I am buying not just Sylvia’s collard greens now. I want to try just about all of her products sold here. But, you need to shop for the best price here not just the first vendor you see. I will not buy any product that weighs that much without receiving free shipping too. Shop for the best price & shipping combo!
OneidaFletcher, NC