Table Tasty No Potassium Chloride Salt Substitute 2 oz Bottle

Table Tasty is an all natural no potassium chloride salt substitute. A nice salty taste and no bitter aftertaste. This blend started our business. We wanted a really good salt-free popcorn seasoning. Also a tasty seasoning blend, good for raw or cooked foods where you miss the salt taste, such as eggs, fresh tomatoes, potatoes, corn-on-the-cob, french fries, soups, sauces and gravies, etc. It also helps take care of salt cravings. Use at the table instead of the salt shaker. This heart healthy seasoning tastes salty. Is better for you than salt and it really tastes great!

Quick facts

  • This is a salt-free seasoning that tastes salty and no bitter after taste. This is the most common complaint with salt substitutes is the bitter after taste and you won’t get that offensive taste here. Just a nice salty taste that’s sodium free.
  • You’ll be surprised how good it tastes. A nice salty taste that’s sodium free, without potassium chloride. which is hard to find, but recommended by many doctors and dietitians. Especially helpful to heart patients, kidney patients, for high blood pressure and a healthy lifestyle.
  • We started out creating a salt-free popcorn seasoning. Salt-free popcorn tastes very bland, like little balls of paper. Now you can enjoy your bowl of popcorn again.
  • There are certain foods where you really miss the salt and this helps: eggs, potatoes (whether baked, mashed, salad, chips or french fries), tomatoes, corn-on-the-cob, noodles, rice, pasta, soups, sauces, gravies, salad dressing, cottage cheese and dips, to name a few.
  • Are you on a low sodium diet? The first step is to get rid of the salt shaker Now you still have a salt flavor and can enjoy your low sodium meals.

Top reviews

It’s just another form of Mrs. Dash

I was really looking forward to this salt substitute but it falls far short in my opinion. Tastes like a glorified version of Mrs. Dash and far from salt flavor. If you want something really good try Himalayan Pink Salt sold through Amazon — it’s outstanding !!!! I purchased the one with the grinder and it could not be better. Yum , real salt but good for you.
TinaCorwith, IA

no salty taste

I was recently told I needed to reduce salt for health reasons and I was so haapy to get the Table Tasty and try it. There is a dash of mixture of vegetable taste , however no salt taste. I was very dissappointed.
LasandraRushville, IN

Great fit in my vegan lifestyle

THE BEST SALT ALTERNATIVE EVER…When Bensons Table Tasty appeared on Amazon I had to quickly write a review. I LOVE Bensons Table Tasty. I have been using Table Tasty for years and can’t be without it. Bensons Table Tasty gives my Vegan taste buds a “TREAT” everytime I use it. I am never without it. I eat 90% raw foods an 10% heated (no processed) and eat only organic whole foods, so you can see why I need Bensons Table Tasty to season my foods. I love Bensons Table Tasty so much that I always buy 9 bottles at atime from the Bensons’ website. Glad it made it to Amazon. Hope it will become prime subscribe and save. I take Bensons Table Tasty in my purse so when I eat out I use it . My husband & I use Bensons Table tasty as our salt alternative as well as our seasonings for everything from veggies to air pop popcorn. Bensons Table Tasty is the “Best” salt alternative in the world. Can’t say enough about it. I can talk about how great it is all day long. Buy it, You will Love it…..
KarriWardtown, VA

The best I’ve found

I am on a highly salt restricted diet (and potassium too.) I have End Stage Renal Failure, or kidney failure, so on dialysis. Also diabetic so my overall diet is extremely restricted. This is the first ‘salt’ substitute that acctually has a salty taste. Most others use potassium which is a poor substitute, or various herbs and spices to make up for the missing salt. They add flavors to be sure, but still no salt-like kick of flavor enhancement. It’s too bad Amazon doesn’t also sell the 1 pound package, that has to be obtained from the small manufacturer, which right now is extremely backlogged. Took me 4 months to get my direct order of the 1 pound package, but a great price saving for everyday use. If it is hard giving up salt, try Table Tasty, I think you will like it.
GenesisFulton, AR

FINALLY! A salt substitute that’s worth something!

Tired of all the “salt substitutes” that are just shakers potassium chloride with different labels? Those things don’t taste like salt at all; they have a slight “bite” on the tongue like a spoonful of salt does, but that’s about it. If you dissolve them in water, they has little or no flavor at all, and what flavor they do have is nothing like sodium chloride.

This stuff, on the other hand, is the real deal. It doesn’t rely on potassium chloride, nor on only “herbs and spices” as other substitutes like Mrs. Dash or the (in)famous Costo seasoning does/do. Instead, it relies on a combination of herbs, spices, and nutritional/brewer’s yeast. And it actually tastes (not just feels on the tongue) “salty” despite having no sodium.

With this stuff I can honestly say I have no desire for a salt shaker or to add salt as I cook. This is the real deal. Try it!

GregoryWest Boylston, MA

It really tastes great!

Bought this for my mother, since she hadn’t found anything that tasted good to replace salt.
She absolutely loved it. In fact, my step-dad is using it too, because it tastes so good!
NikoleKensington, MN


I have to cut way down on my salt intake and I have tried so many salt substitutes I’ve lost count. Some were terrible, some just ok. Then I read great reviews on this Benson’s Table Tasty. It is fabulous and does not contain potassium chloride (which I can’t use due to some medication I’m currently taking). Table Tasty is very flavorful. One could swear there is salt in it but, NO, NO, NO! It is COMPLETELY SALT FREE and also potassium chloride free (potassium chloride has an odd after taste and does not give you that zing you get from salt, so you wined up using a lot more). I’ve tried this on eggs, popcorn, cooked hamburger, chicken so far and I love it. I would recommend this to anyone who is on a low sodium or sodium free diet.
TamaReed, KY


Ever since I attended nursing school, I have been wary of salt. I’m trying to cut salt from my diet now while I am young so it isn’t difficult to make the shift when I get older. This is an AMAZING product, I can’t believe it is salt free. I put it on everything! It would not be useful for baking as there are other added savory spices, but to give foods some zest this is some awesome stuff. Everyone I know is getting one in their stocking this year!
ToshikoPiney Point, MD

I’m a believer.

I really need to cut down on my sodium intake because I have very high blood pressure – I’ve been a salt fanatic for MANY years (I put salt on almost everything), so I’m a very harsh critic when it comes to salt substitutes. I recently ordered and received a similar no salt substitute “blend” from another website, and it has absolutely *NO* salt taste. I’ve tried a few others as well that also tasted nothing like salt…so I really didn’t have high hopes for table tasty. I figured I’d order it anyway based on the positive reviews (and it was shipped very fast).

I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted this product. I thought for sure it would only taste like a sodium-free spice blend like all the rest, but it actually has a salty taste when you try it right out of the bottle. The taste and smell actually reminds me a lot of those flavor packets that come with Ramen noodles, or the “Cup-a-soup” packets in a box, which are both LOADED with sodium!

It’s hard to believe – I have no idea how they’ve achieved this since there’s NO sodium at all in the product. All I know is I will now be ordering a large bag!

NganMooreland, IN

Benson’s saltfree/potassium free seasoning

My mother is restricted to a low sodium and potassium diet. This seasoning does has a salty flavor and has added some quality taste to such a bland diet. Eating eggs and other certain foods without salt is not palatable. I tried this seasoning and was pleased with the salty flavor. She really enjoys it and we take it with us when she is in the hospital to season her meals. We will probably buy the pound bag next time. Five Stars for this product.
CatarinaCluster Springs, VA