Taco Bell Home Originals Taco Dinner Kit, 10.75-Ounce Boxes

Taco bell home originals taco dinner kit, 10.7-ounce boxes (pack of 6) includes 12 crispy shells, sauce, and seasoning packet. The box includes three meal ideas.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 6 (total 64 oz)
  • Kit includes 12 crispy shells, sauce, and seasoning packet
  • Box includes three meal ideas
  • Add ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes, and more favorites for a complete meal
  • Kit makes it easy to make Taco Bell favorites at home

Top reviews

no hydrogenated oil!

I went to my local supermarket recently looking for some taco shells. I picked up box after box of various brands/types and they were all loaded with trans fat. Even when they claimed zero trans fat, partially hydrogenated oils were still listed in the ingredients. And the ingredients lists were far too long for something so simple. I finally picked up the Taco Bell shells and the ingredients were very simple: white corn, corn oil, water, yello 5 & annatto for color. No partially hydrogenated anything.

Unfortunately, by getting rid of the trans fats and other stuff, these shells are a little bland. It doesn’t matter much as long as you have tasty fillings, but a little salt might have helped. There’s only 5mg of sodium for 3 shells, so they’re great for people watching their salt intake as well. The shells hold up well. I packed some in my lunchbox a couple of times with the fillings packed in small containers and the shells didn;t break.

I’d give these 5 stars for being the healthiest choice, and 3 for taste, so 4 stars overall.

I did not buy the kit, just the shells, but I’ve checked out the ingredients on the taco sauce and seasoning packet in the kit and no trans fat there either.

TrenaMahopac Falls, NY

Great item…but not great packaging

I will begin with saying that I love tacos, and Taco Bell has some really great products, this one included. With my experience, I received the product in a timely manner, delivered by UPS. My complaint is this…their were broken shells in every taco dinner box I received. The pricing was great, and it saved me some money on the product, but I think I would rather have unbroken shells when I try to use them. So, I believe going to the local grocer or supermarket would be the best bet for future purchases.
CortezGreen Pond, AL

I love tacos

I subscribe to these. I love taco bell and I was always buying taco kits at the store. sometimes two or 3 boxes a week. This makes life a little more simple. I love it
JimmyDix, IL

Taco shells are destroyed in shipping

I would not recommend purchasing this item as shipping destroys the shells. What good are tacos without being able to have them prepared in the shells?
AnitaVanzant, MO

Taco Splinters = Seven Crushed Shells in First Box Opened

Shipper’s box was pristine! The individual boxes of product enclosed within green plastic wrap looked like they’d been massaged by a Sumo wrestler BEFORE they were even packed for shipment. My kids are teenagers and can roll with the punches, via Taco dippers or Taco salad bowl with the SPLINTERED shells that arrived. However, in their “it’s gotta be perfect” phase this busted up mess is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE … even at less than 2 bucks a box!

Know any good recipes for Taco Shell Splinters?

Update: When the splintered taco shells aren’t smothered in salad dressing we found the shells to be STALE even though the BEST USED BY DATE IS OCTOBER 26, 2010…Hello Customer Service!

EvieNorth Freedom, WI