Tadin Tea, Green Tea, 24-Count Teabags


Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve boxes, each box contains 24-count teabags (total of 288 tea bags)

Top reviews

Reasonably Priced, OK Tasting, Tricky String

This was the most reasonably priced green tea on Amazon that I found, so I thought I would try it. It tastes ok, not great, and is certainly inexpensive, and we use so much tea in our home it is a great find. We also use a lot of other varieties, like herbal Good Earth, for cinnamony spicy, and fenugreek for anti-aging and weight loss, as well as hibiscus (I forget what that is good for), and tulsi (ditto) and others. The teabag string is odd, you have to pull it (carefully) out. Once you figure it out, it’s pretty easy.
ClarindaLanoka Harbor, NJ