Tallarico’s Hot Hoagie Spread 12oz.

Tallarico’s Hoagie Spread – Hot -comes packed singly- 12 FL oz. Tallarico’s Hoagie Spread is ideal for Hot Dogs, Hoagies, Sandwiches. A delicious topping to savor with every bite.

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Hoagie spread

This hoagie spread is about as good as it gets! I’ve been buying it for years and will continue doing so.
NoelMontreat, NC

great on subs/sandwitches/ wraps

not too hot, good flavor, if you like bannana peppers on sandwitches add this too.
will last a long time, a little goes a long way, reccomentd buying 2.
RoyceLake Linden, MI

Hot Hoagie Spread

Love this hoagie spread! Since moving from Pa.to Arizona, I couldn’t find it anywhere, was so happy to find it through Amazon…Thanks!!
RafaelaHudsonville, MI

Hot Stuff

Having moved from the East Coast where I could purchase this item in any store I am now in Arkansas and the stores here have never heard of “hots” and so do not stock it. Sandwich stores have no clue about the wonderfulness of this product on their sandwiches. So I have it delivered via Amazon and we enjoy having hots on all of our sandwiches, hot dogs, and hamburgers. What a taste treat.
CassieKing, NC

The Real Deal

This is the read deal. Exactly as I remember from growing up in Philly and South Jersey. Perfect on a hoagie, hot dogs, or any sandwich you can make. I just got my order and will definetly be ordering more next month. Shipping was fast and cheap at CityMade Inc on Amazon.com.
FranklinSanta Elena, TX