Tamaki Haiga – Shortgrain Rice

5 lbs – Shortgrain Haiga Rice California

Tamaki Haiga rice is fully milled, yet it retains its own rice germ. Haiga (“rice germ” in Japanese) rice is a semi-transparent beige in color, and it tastes and cooks similarly to regular Japanese white rice – but it maintains many of the natural vitamins and other nutrients lost in processing white rice. Rice germ contains Vitamin B1, B2, B6, and E as well as fiber.

Preparation Prepare Tamaki Haiga rice as you would white rice – unlike brown rice, it takes only a few minutes longer to cook. Once you taste it, you may never eat fully milled white rice again.

About the Producer Williams Rice Milling Company produces the Tamaki brand of rices in the heart of the California rice farming community, in northern California’s Sacramento valley. Established in 1988, this small mill is dedicated solely to the production of premium quality rice.

Farmers in Japan deeply respect the ebb and flow of nature. The folks at Williams Rice have combined traditional farming principles with modern technology to achieve rice of consistent quality and superior taste. Their millers carefully select and refine Tamaki Rice using the latest in equipment and most advanced techniques.

To guarantee that the very best rice is delivered to you, Williams maintains control over every phase of rice production, from growing through packaging. All of their growers are carefully chosen, and the rice fields are inspected from pre-planting through harvest. Their quality control department not only checks the rice for grade and appearance, but also for cooking characteristics and taste before packaging.

Tamaki HAIGA is made from the “Koshihikari” strain of rice, which is considered to be the premier strain of commercially cultivated short grain rice – there are over 300 different strains grown in Japan.

Quick facts

  • Product of USA
  • Rice germ contains Vitamin B1, B2, B6, and E as well as fiber.
  • Fully milled, yet it retains its own rice germ
  • 5 lbs – Shortgrain Haiga Rice

Top reviews

an excellent and fragrant rice

I eat a lot of rice, so I am always buying different kinds to try out. Most frequently, I eat sushi rice seasoned with only salt and sesame seeds. This rice is my favorite so far! Just the fragrance of this rice cooking in the rice cooker will get people to ask where the wonderful smell is coming from. The taste is just as nice, clean, and with flavorful toasty notes. This rice is also almost as nutritious as brown rice, just without as much fiber. the germ is intact, so you need to wash it gently in order to keep the germ intact on the grain. This is what gives this rice the beautiful aroma, taste and nutrition.

This rice cooks best if you follow the washing and soaking directions on the package. Just 30 minutes of soaking and this rice will yield the same texture as polished white sushi rice. I have found that all sushi rice works best when cooked in a rice cooker, so I can’t say how this rice would fare if cooked in a pot with a tight fitting lid. The texture maybe slightly more firm if done in a pot, so you may want to increase soaking time OR add a few extra tablespoons of water at the start of cooking.

This rice would make an excellent breakfast rice with an egg and kurobata sausage, or any grilled fish. Nice and sticky enough for any kind of sushi as well.

MandiThomson, GA

Tamaki Haiga Shortgrain Rice

I was looking for a rice that was nutritious without being a brown rice. This rice which contains the germ is more nutritious than white rice and the taste is great. It is a sticky rice with a wonderful nutty flavor.
PerryTerlingua, TX

Absolutely delicious!!!

My friend introduced me to this rice over a year ago and ever since then I cannot eat any other rice. I tried other rice to find something comparable but didn’t find anything that even came close. I finally broke down and ordered online (payed the shipping costs – but ordered three bags to lower cost per bag) and it is worth every penny! I only wish that I could order larger bags!
MarchelleSprague, WV

I love it!

This rice is sweet, soft, chewy, and tastes exactly same as white rice.(Even better than at least my previous write rice.) I was very impressed. Thanks a lot!
BillyHartley, TX


This bag of brown rice is delicious and cooks up quicker and tastier than the 100% brown rice. I thought it was a bit pricy but good quality for sure. 100% brown rice takes longer to cook up tender but these only has half the brown coating with most of the whole grain outer layer removed so it doesn’t take as long to cook and has a milder flavor without the bitterness of 100% whole brown rice. I still believe these has better nutritional value then 100% white rice. I get mine from an Asian store now which is much cheaper.
BlakeMooreville, MS