Tamarind Tree 10 Seeds/Seed -Bonsai- Tamarindus indica


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Nice quality

Hirts ships the products fast and I received them in 3 days via usps (tiny envelope). The product itself – theyre seeds. Cant really say much more, only planted 3 of them in a tube that acts as a tiny terrarium, all 3 sprouted within 2 weeks and the root looks very strong. High quality seeds I suppose. TIP: I am not very familiar with botany or trees for that matter, but when these seeds began germinating they gave me the notion that the seed was rotting. The Shell cracked all over (think drought stricken dirt) and had sticky hairlike strands all over one side. This is actually normal for these seeds apparently as they are now reaching for the sky 3 weeks later. Overall – if you’re looking for a new tree that’s “exotic” and certainly different from the normal tree, this one takes the cake and its very easy to start from a seed. 5 stars
TainaOrefield, PA

good seeds

the seeds arrived on time and with directions on how to germinate. i used a heat mat and these seeds were some of the first to pop up. i only planted 5(half) of the seeds and of those 3 germinated in about a week. they are very healthy and are growing very fast at the moment.
JanieceMichigan City, IN