Tanka Bites,Buffalo Cranberry Bites, 3-Ounce Packages

Made from tart-sweet cranberries and prairie-raised buffalo, our Tanka Bites Traditional feature 3 ounces of bite-size buffalo and cranberry nuggets in a resealable package. Smoky and slightly sweet, Tanka Bites are the perfect way to enjoy some bison goodness with your family and friends. Based on a traditional Lakota recipe for wasna or pemmican, Tanka Bites are 100% natural and only 70 calories per serving. More tender and moist than beef or bison jerky, Tanka Bites are gluten-free, nitrites-free, MSG-free, hormone-free, dairy-free and soy-free. Throw some in your purse, your backpack or your saddlebag to enjoy on the trail. Tanka Bites are authentic Native American food and deliciously suited for nearly every diet lifestyle.

Quick facts

  • Made from tart-sweet cranberries and prairie-raised buffalo
  • Buffalo; dried cranberries (cranberries, sugar), sea salt, red pepper, onion, garlic, lactic acid starter culture
  • Gluten-free; nitrites-free; MSG-free; hormone-free; dairy-free; soy-free
  • Low-fat; rich in Omega-3; guaranteed shelf-stable for 12 months
  • Made in the USA

Top reviews


tastes great at first.. then the after taste starts…yyuuukk. I think it is the cranberries. My friend spit it out.
CecilaRayne, LA

Ridiculously Delicious and Primal Friendly

These bites beat the living daylights out of jerky. They are chewy bites with the perfect combination of sweet and salty. A perfect Primal/Paleo friendly snack for the desk/car/gym bag.
LeanaTekoa, WA


My daughter is studying Native Americans at school. I ordered Tanka Bites to share with her grade level. They were a huge hit and 2nd graders are tough critics. The children also enjoyed the product information on the packaging. I chose this product because it was a Native American company. However, I will buy more (& have already ordered) because it is really good. The Tanka Bites are a nice texture, easy to chew. The cranberry adds a nice burst of flavor. I am looking forward to trying the spicy pepper blend. I do NOT like jerky products and seldom eat meat. Interestingly enough, I have found myself wishing, on more than one occasion, that I had another bag of Tanka Bites on hand for a quick snack. You know it is a good product when you can’t wait to re-order!
JoBlue Island, IL

Healthy & Yummy Snack!

These are a great bite-size, healthy snack option for you & your kids. They are gluten-free, nitrite-free, dairy-free & soy-free: a good choice if you follow a Paleo lifestyle (note: there is minimal sugar added to the cranberries). I recommend these for a fast yummy treat when you are in a hurry & on-the-go. Busy lifestyle does not have to equate to crappy food. Be prepared with healthy snacks.
CaterinaWoodsboro, TX

Delicious and a healthy snack

I get these for those 1 hour car trips or day excursions with my kids (5 and 9 yrs old). They love these and they are a healthy alternative to other snacks that are out there. I also keep some of these in my office for the same reasons. When I need to work late, sometimes I need something to hold me over for a while until I can go home and eat a proper meal, and this is better than those fatty snacks in the vending machine!
FredHye, TX


These are great little snacks, tender and yummy! Will definitely buy them again. Great cranberry flavor, but they do contain a little sugar, so if you are very carb restricted, you might want the ones with no fruit.
MarleenRich Creek, VA

Absolutely wonderful product

I can’t speak highly enough for this product. It tastes incredible and I really like that it is all natural, straight from the Lakota peoples on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. I plan on ordering a lot more – well worth the price!
StephanyWoodbine, KS

Looks like dog treats… Tastes like AWESOME!

I’m always on the lookout for good jerky in my area, so I was excited to try these Tanka Bites. The ingredients look like pemmican (except, sadly, minus the fat), which I’ve wanted to try but can’t find locally. These flavor is pretty good — savory and a little sweet — and they’re not super tough or overly chewy. The texture is a little bit plasticy, though. The dried, sweetened cranberries might not make it Whole 30 approved, but it’s definitely a convenient primal snack.
JeannettaMarshall, ND

Taste Great but Pricey; Great Gluten Free Option

These buffalo jerky bites taste great, but they are expensive, especially when you consider the cranberries (which add a nice flavor, but are at the end of the day filler). If price isn’t a concern, then there’s no real negative for this product.

This jerky is also a great option for those who on a gluten free diet. It’s difficult to find gluten free jerky because many products include soy sauce and other unfriendly flavorings. This product doesn’t contain any wheat or ingredients that contain wheat.

JeannaHolland, TX

Paleo Maybe, Not for me

I was disappointed with the taste and texture of these Tanka Buffalo Cranberry Bites. I have followed the Paleo diet for over a year now and am accustomed to grass fed buffalo. I’m not sure what happened with these. Not tasty.
AishaLavinia, TN

Best Jerky!!!

We decided to try this for our backpacking trip to Glacier National Park this year. This is the best jerky that I have ever had. It is moist and soft. Also it has no MSG, nitrates, just spices, bison and cranberries. It tastes so good!!!
DonovanVirginia Beach, VA


Surprisingly tasty. Meaty and fruity but not too sweet. They are very low fat, but the protein keeps them somewhat satiating.
SeanPlatinum, AK

Great jerky

Great tasting jerky. Healthy snack with great taste. Texture a little different but good. Love the buffalo and cranberry combination. Will definitely buy again.
EvetteTully, NY

Entirely too delicious

These are great, the ingredients are such that I don’t mind feeding it to my kids and it tastes amazing. The only problem is that it’s hard on the wallet especially because it’s easy to eat them all very quickly. I think the pack of 6 three ounce packages lasted us 2 days, if that. But that’s kind of a testament to it’s greatness.
TynishaWoolford, MD