Tart Is Smart Tart Cherry Concentrate, 32-Ounce Bottle

Every 32 ounce bottle has 32 servings, that’s enough to last 4 weeks…Now that’s Smart! There are 100 whole cherries in every 8 oz glass of tart cherry juice. Be aware some other suppliers of fruit juice concentrates add water to their products in order to create a lower cost product. When you buy Tart Is Smart, you can be assured you are buying the best full strength fruit concentrate available. We sell fruit juice concentrates, not water. Made from 100% pure natural fruit juice. No added liquids, sugars, or preservatives of any kind. Tart cherries may help athletes reduce muscle damage to recover faster from a strenuous workout. Anthocyanins promote joint health to help manage arthritis and gout. Melatonin to support brain function and healthy sleep patterns and reduction in insomnia. Amid the gently rolling hills of Eastern Washington, under a sunlit blue sky, the Taylor family orchards have been thriving for more than 40 years. Each spring, as far as the eye can see, the white blossoms of cherry trees ripple in the breeze. Here, the entire Taylor family takes pride in raising the juicy, ruby red cherries, bursting with nutrients that go into Tart Is Smart products. Together, this family is making its mark in the natural foods industry, sharing the bounty of their crops with health-conscious consumers across the nation. Their premium juice and cherry concentrate products, brimming with antioxidants and natural melatonin, promote “healthy body, healthy mind”. So, when you think of Tart Is Smart, think of the sunny Washington cherry orchards, tended with care for decades by a family whose pride and love of the land insure quality in every product.

Quick facts

  • There are 100 whole cherries in every 1 oz serving of tart cherry juice, that’s 32 servings per bottle
  • Tart Is Smart concentrate does not add water, you can be assured you are buying the best full strength fruit concentrate available
  • Made from 100% pure natural fruit juice. ÊNo added liquids, sugars, or preservatives of any kind
  • Tart cherries may help athletes reduce muscle damage to recover faster from a strenuous workout
  • Anthocyanins to promote joint health and Melatonin to support brain function and healthy sleep patterns

Top reviews


I did some research on natural ways to help arthritis, and I got reviews about cherry juice. So I ordered this juice. It has helped so much. I might sound like a crazy but I have only had it for a week, but was drinking 40oz of water a day with the cherry juice. I missed a day and about 5pm I was in so much pain. I laughed and told my husband I needed my juice. I did drink the juice but had to take 3 Advils to help… Well I have not miss a day and don’t need Advil everyday anymore…
GaryPort Richey, FL

OK but bottled juice is better

When I mix up the concentrate, at the lower recommended amount it is weak and not sweet enough. It is better if you add more of the concentrate, but it still has a bit of an off-taste compared to tart cherry juice that I get in glass bottles at Whole Foods. It is not bad after experimenting with the concentration and mixing in a little bit of some other juice, but it is still somewhat disappointing. I have not tried it in recipes, but I suspect it would be fine there.
AnnamariaPea Ridge, AR


I saw Dr. Oz and he said Tart Cherry was good for you. A lot of his good 4 u things taste nasty. But this is really good. I used two TBSP. is a tall glass w/ four ice cubes and filled it with water. Sometimes I will add a packet of Purevia for a little sweetness. But it is good w/o anything added. I only ordered 1-16oz bottle, now I’m going to get more b4 I run out. This is really good!!! There is no aftertaste, but it is tart like cranbery juice. Amazon said it would be 2 weeks for shipping, I had it in 8 days.
TrentonRenick, WV

It does work, but…be advised….

you do have to drink a LOT of it to get the benefits of joint pain relief – Please do not think that you can drink 1 glass and ‘poof’! the pain is gone….It requires you to drink it regularly and at the cost, it can be a very ‘expensive’ form of relief if you’re buying it on a regular basis –

You ‘do’ have to drink this daily or every few days to reap the benefits – almost 3/4 of the bottle and, it’s not cheap, so, it can be costly if you plan on using this daily –

I gave it 3 stars, and not 5 only because of (2) reasons –

(1) the COST of EACH bottle

(2) the fact that (1) glass does not provide you relief – you really have to drink almost the entire bottle to get relief or drink it regularly and it’s expensive for many consumers to do so –

WillieWaterville, NY

Tastes nasty

I use cherry juice daily for my arthritis, and I bought this product because it represents a good deal…so I splurged and got a couple of quarts. It’s going to be tough to drink them both, because they have a very brackish and nasty taste. As far as I can tell, it’s still effective for my arthritis, but drinking it is like drinking very bad cough medicine. Compare the taste of this to the product by Dynamic Health and believe me, you’ll understand.

I’ve been drinking cherry juice for a long time now, so this isn’t just because I’m not used to it, or don’t understand how to dilute it. It’s just a gross tasting product.

Also–maybe this was just chance, but Amazon shipped this product on the same date it expired. Maybe that’s why it tastes so terrible, but whatever he reason I won’t be ordering it again…64 ounces of concentrate is a lot to go through when you have to try hard not to puke when you drink it, LOL.

FrederickaGuaynabo, PR

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Not much to say. It is tart, it is concentrated and it tastes like cherries.
TiffaniCarbonado, WA

Cherry juice

Great cherry juice and great service! Price was also about half of what it is in my local health food store!
ElsyWhiterocks, UT

Wow the taste and value!

This stuff is amazing. It’s tart, like the label says, but very sweet! This bottle makes 6 Quarts. It can be a little thin if you follow the 2Tbsp per 6-8oz of water, so I just mix it will 4oz instead. Or I put it in OJ or carrot juice. It is totally fine to just down the Tbsp like cough syrup, but that packs a very cherry punch! Highly recommended for folks fighting gout/arthritis!
AndraNorth Conway, NH

Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate

When I was growing up my German-French mother would tell me stories about how, when she was a little girl and suffered all winter from bronchitis, her French grandmother would take cherry stems, boil them all day long, and make a syrup out of them. She would give this to my mother and it helped her bronchitis.

Over the years I have heard how awesome cherry juice is for many things. Since I am allergic to almost all medications, I have to find holistic ways to stay healthy.

The tart cherry juice helps not only with arthritis but other things too. My body feels so much better when I use it every day.

JuttaCommerce City, CO

tart cherry concentrate

So delicious. Not too tart and naturaly sweet. Tart cherries help joint pain. I have never seen this juice concentrate in the grocery store, but I find plenty of highly sweetened concentrates and juices. Mix about 2 tablespoons or 1/8 measuring cup in 10 oz of cold water and stir. Add ice. Mix in the sink as it is very red.
GennaAlcoa, TN

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good price & fast delivery. i have gout so this stuff works great for me.
JeanaJarbidge, NV

In a word…Delicious !

What a wonderful Tart Cherry taste. Here’s hoping it helps with the pain & swelling
of arthritis as it is touted to do. That would be terrific as well as tasty. *JTQ
JeseniaPacific, MO

what a tart!

This is a concentrate that i found much sweeter than I thought it would be. Its not excessively tart or sour which makes it very easy to dilute and drink. I got it for someone who has arthritis….its supposed to relieve inflammation…but the verdict is still out on that 🙂 All in all its yummy!
CandyCave City, KY

It really works.

Heard about the benefits for arthritis in joints. Started using and 3 weeks later the joint pain is gone. Just bought another two bottles. If you are looking for a simple alternative for pain I reccommend trying.
BreanaRussellville, TN

Tart if Smart Tart Cherry Conc. 32 ounce bottle – 6 ct.

This definitely helps with gout and arthritic complications, but the taste when mixed with water is not good. It has a bitter aftertaste that lingers. If this was all I had to choose from, it would be worth drinking for it’s health benefits. However, I will be looking for a different brand and hope I can find one that gives me both; good health benefits and good taste.
LouraAngola, NY


Product arrived promptly, was packed very well and arrived in great condition. I absolutely love this stuff!
KatelynnLondonderry, OH

Taste ok mixed with other things

This isnt the greatest stuff mixed with just water but does taste god when mixed with other things such as soda pop. I guess it is supposed to be very good for you so I will keep drinking even if it is expensive.
CalebIdledale, CO

Glass bottle please.

I am not doubting the health benefits of this product (they are legion), but I cannot get by the aftertaste. Compared to the taste of fresh tart cherry juice there is a distinct aftertaste. I think it may be due to leaching from the plastic container. A glass container may make a difference. And lo and behold Traverse Farms makes a cherry juice conc in bottles and it is the absolute best.
HoytUnionville, MD


I really enjoy this as a night time beverage as it can make you sleepy, because of the melatonin. The only complaint I have is that Amazon has a hard time keeping it in stock. Try it, you will not be disappointed.
MagalyAltamont, TN

tart is smart tart cherry juice concentrate

Use this product 1 serving every day, if used after dinner it is supposed to help with going to sleep and is also supposed to be an anti inflammatory antioxident to help with arthritis. If nothing else, it tastes good!
AnnaLewistown, MO


Found that the “prescribed usage” helped relief osteoarthritis pain in my thumb! And, it’s painless to make, drink, store. Glad I purchased it on my subscribe and save!
GabrielBellevue, KY


This is very good. I am taking it because I have some gout at the tips of my toes. And I exercise intensely every day. So I want to protect my joints. It’s part of my daily health regiment. It’s got a good taste but the directions say take two tablespoons for a 6-8 oz glass. Seems too diluted for me so I put 3 tablespoons to a 8oz glass seems to taste better. I haven’t tried taking just a tablespoon straight yet.
EthelSpokane, WA

Yup, it works….

I was skeptical if tart cherry juice would work, but I’ve read about it many times in different articles, so I thought, give it a try…after 5 days I had noticed that the stiffness in my knees was definitely much less and GONE in 2 weeks! I’m 56 yrs. old and in excellent health and did not want to admit to myself that my athletic knees were getting stiff…I can squat down easily without any discomfort at all…I’m on my second bottle and will continue to buy more…it lasts longer than a month…I think it says 32 oz. last a month, but with 2 tblsp. a serving, it’s lasted much longer…also, the price is right!
LaviniaBlue River, KY

Tart IS smart.

I got this on the recommendation of Dr. Oz for relief of mild arthritis in my wrists and knuckles. I drink 6 oz. of reconstituted juice every evening and it tastes sweet and tart at the same time but mildly so. All I know is I don’t have any arthritis pain anymore.
MaricelaKitzmiller, MD


I started taking this tart cherry concentrate after Dr. Oz recommended it on one of his shows. I drink one glass every evening and really like the taste. The concentrate is more cost effective than buying the juice. I have noticed a change in my sleep for the better, so I would say it works!
DeberaMatthews, GA

Works like it says on arthritis pain

Works like it says on arthritis pain – starting taking at night for insomnia & seems to be working. My hip pain is gone & knee pain much less on stairs. Have signed up for auto shipment through Amazon so I won’t run out! Recommended for anyone with arthritis.
DamonLeechburg, PA

Delicious and Perfect

I was told to eat tart cherries for gout and Trader Joe’s used to have an organic tart cherry juice but it was discontinued long ago and I hadn’t been able to find it anywhere. I couldn’t find any kind of tart cherries without sugar nor any kind of tart cherry juice without sugar. True, this isn’t organic but it’s fabulous, delicious, and sugar free. I add it to water with fresh lemon juice and to my tea. If I had soda stream I’d use it with that. In fact now I’m thinking of buying Soda Stream just for this juice. I just received it yesterday. Last Sat I developed an acute attack of gout arthritis and this juice is already helping. I’m going get a bottle every month on auto delivery. I love it!
KaryFelt, ID

The real thing!

What a great thing to have a natural ingredient to help with aches and pains. I just take it straight, and it is tart, but a sweet taste that is gone in a couple of minutes. This stuff gets rid of the pain in my shoulder when I don’t get relief from over the counter meds don’t work. And that stuff is bad for your kidneys, (actually dangerous).
DeettaNixon, TX


6 months ago, I subscribed for a monthly “Tart is Smart Tart Cherry Juice” product. Originally the cost for a 32oz. bottle was $16.99. One month later, the cost went up to $18.99 – and now it is $25.99. The product is not worth a $9.00 increase per month. Lower the cost and I might subscribe again.
BertieSolsville, NY

Tasty and Beneficial

I had heard about the health benefits of tart cherry concentrate through AARP and Dr. Oz. Both resources claimed that taking 2 tablespoons in liquid each day would help with joint issues. I found this claim to be true, as did some of my relatives. This is a tasty way of “taking your medicine.” The only negative is the 80 calories in those 2 tablespoons. This is not a huge amount, but calories do matter even a small amount. However, I would suggest that the benefits outweigh the negatives.
GregoryPreble, IN