Tassimo Milka Hot Chocolate

The TASSIMO Home Brewing System by Bosch makes one perfect cup at a time with the ease of T DISC technology. T DISCs are filled with fresh coffee or espresso grounds, tea leaves or milk creamer (which the system froths for the perfect cappuccino or latte). Slip in your favorite T DISC and in just about a minute, your brewer makes coffee (iced or hot), tea, cappuccino, latte, crema, mocha, espresso or hot chocolate just to your liking.

Quick facts

  • Indulge yourself in the silky smooth goodness of Milka Hot Chocolate, created by the renowned Phillipe Suchard in 1901
  • This decadent beverage is beautifully blended with a milk creamer T DISC that naturally creates a smooth, velvety layer for a delectable finish
  • Each package includes 8 Milk Creamer T DISCS and 8 Chocolate Syrup T DISCS; you use one of each for every cup of our wonderful Milka Hot Chocolate
  • Makes an 11 fl oz mug of rich hot chocolate
  • 16 servings

Top reviews

I can’t decide if the outhouse or my cozy toilet is the better place for this product.

After trying this for myself, I suspected that those high ratings were only illusions. My husband told me that company’s consider these reviews as just another form of advertising and pay people to lie about a product’s quality. I really can’t imagine anyone thinking this product is drinkable, let alone, pleasurable. If you want a couple recommendations on decent tasting t-discs for your Tassimo machine, the Jacobs Latte Macchiato isn’t bad if you add sugar. This morning though, I drank it after I tried the Voluptuoso and my mouth has a metallic taste to it. Not sure which one is responsible. Another thing, the milk in the disc tastes sour, but when you add sugar, there is a decent flavor there. For the 2nd decent beverage, you can take the Kenco Crema with some Coffee Mate’s Spiced Pumpkin and Vanilla Spiced Chai (a liberal amount) creamers, with enough sugar, and have a nice smooth cappaccino. I’ve tried about nine flavors now, and the coffee, cremas, most lattes and cappaccinos, have the same inferior quality in looks and taste, as a cheap instant coffee, as well as, having your mouth taste like you just drank the contents of an ashtray. Kenco Crema is the only one that did not taste like nicotene. These are the coffees I’ve tried: Gevailia Cappaccino, Maxwell House – House Blend, Hag Crema Decaf, Jacobs Kronung, Carte Noire Voluptuoso Classic, Kenco Crema and Jacob’s Macchiato. After finding one inferior brew after another, I’ve given up looking for a good cup of black coffee and/or cappaccino, for the Tassimo. Don’t do what I did, which was believe all the positive reviews and downplay the critical reviews. My curiousity has been appeased after spending $34 in Tassimo beverages. Thankfully, 2 packages were free. Now I can either spend more money in S&H to return them, or drink all 56 cigarettes…coffee I mean. Oh by the way, for a tasty hot chocolate beverage, try Celestial Seasonings “Tuscanny” 1 bag made strong, followed by 2 pkgs Carnation Instant Hot Chocolate, with mini marshmellows, and hot water in a tall to-go insulated mug. Amazon sells both, but you can get the chocolate mix on sale for about $1.50 in a grocer.
KaliRyegate, MT