Taste Nirvana Real Coconut Water With Pulp, 16.2-oz.

Nirvana Foods & Commerce International Co., Ltd was founded in 2003 with the mission to provide the best tasting beverages using Thailand’s resources. Nirvana Foods seeks to provide the most authentic and real food experiences in which the country of origins intended. We strive to educate our customers on history and culture of the food that we make. We built our plant around an environmentally-conscious mantra. Taste Nirvana’s beverage plant is solely fueled by steam which is driven by a fast growing “farmed” tree. These trees are cut for fuel only at 10 years old, giving the trees enough time to help absorb the planet’s carbon foot print.

Quick facts

  • Traveling through Thailand, coconut water is traditionally served at numerous roadside stands by smiling vendors
  • Everyday our family selects only Premium coconuts harvested from the famous groves of Nakorn Pathorn, Ban Preaw and Ampawa
  • The coconuts here grow larger and sweeter than in any other region of Thailand
  • Taste Nirvana Coconut Water tastes so good, you’ll feel like you’re drinking from a fresh coconut

Top reviews


This is the most expensive coconut juice I have ever purchased. For some reason, I thought it would taste more natural and refreshing than Goya or Foco, which tastes more sweet than natural. Nope, I was wrong. It tastes exactly the same as the others, and has the same exact ingredients from Thailand.
TemikaDestin, FL

not very good

horrible, tastes like they poured sugar into each can. tastes like something you buy from a spanish grocery full of sugar. Amy & Brian Natural Coconut Juice is much better.
MaybellTacoma, WA

Pretty sure this has some sugar added

Despite the fact it claims to contain only coconut water and pulp, I am pretty sure this has some sugar added to it. It is way too sweet…unless these are some very special coconuts. I’ve never tasted coconut water this sweet straight from the coconut. I really hope I am wrong…but my gut tells me they’ve sweetened it to appeal to the American palate, and haven’t mentioned it on the can so as to appeal to the diet conscious folk at the same time. To me, it is actually sickeningly sweet and I definitely wont be ordering again.
CristobalMilan, KS

Not great tasting….

I have been trying the Zico ones for a while. Just got tempted to taste the nirvana due to good reviews. This may be perfectly natural but the taste is pretty flat, it is not sweet at all. It may be my personal preference, but i like it to be a bit naturally sweet.

Also 16.2 OZ size is too big for me to finish the can in one shot. The pulp is fine, nothing great.

I tend to use coconut water after long bike rides to hydrate myself.

ZoeKyle, WV

Not Real Coconut water

As a person of Indian origin and living up in the southern part of India, i have literally grown up with coconuts. And this stuff does not even come close to what is real coconut water. It is OK as a cool refreshing drink, but to have it as a replacement for cocounut water is not appropriate. It is good for a low calorie refreshing drink..that is all
BritanyMuir, PA

not the best

I tried many brands of coconut water and this one is not one of my favorites. It is less sweet than the others so you may like it if you prefer more of a water taste.
JanieceWinston, OR

Very Unpleasant

I’m wondering what are the other reviewers comparing this stuff to.
I wasn’t expecting the same as to opening a coconut and driking it from a straw, although that’s what this product advertizes. I took a sip and I wanted to spit it out immediately. Gave it another taste just to confirm it was that bad before I wrote my review and I was definitely not wrong on my first impression.
The taste is like what the shell of a green coconut smells when you peel it but has none of the coconut water flavor.
Very unsatisfying stuff.
NickiePalomar Mountain, CA

Dont waste Money : Not even close to the real taste

Stay away and dont waste money. I guess the other reviews are from people who were paid or from people who have never tasted real coconut water.
I am from India and have grown up drinking real coconut water. This is as bad as any of them( i have tried many brands). Its not worth buying coconut water in a packaged form.
ArnoldYeagertown, PA

Really good.

This coconut water is much better than the Brazilian sourced coconut waters such as Zico. The Thai sourced coconut water is sweeter and and the flavor is more interesting, but there is no added sugar like you find in a lot of coconut “juices”. I really enjoy the pulp bits, gives you a little coconut to chew on, just like a fresh coconut would. I could see how some people wouldn’t like this though, so if unsure you may want to get the pulp-free water. The prices are great on Amazon if you get a subscription, as the 9.5 ounce bottles are $2 pretty much everywhere in NYC, so for the same price you get a lot more in these cans. Only down side is that they are so good that you go through them really fast, we can’t keep them around more than 3 days before they are all gone! At least it’s better than a diet coke addiction.
WandaClinton, OH

Taste Nirvana vs Other Coconut water

I was born and raise in Vietnam so I have drunk coconut juice my entire life. I guess that makes me somewhat credible because I can tell if this tastes like the real thing or not.
So last week I had a craving for coconut water so I decided to hit up the local supermarket and tried a few brands including Taste Nirvana, Sunvoi, Kimbo, and Laguna ***ALL MADE IN THAILAND***. Taste Nirvana was sold at Ralphs for $2.90 and the other 3 were at Asian supermarket @ $.99/ea. So why did I dish out $2.90 for this can? Because I was simply doing a taste test so I didn’t bother ordering from Amazon. Let’s move on with the comparison

Taste Nirvana: 2.5/5
-Eye catching design on the can
-PROBABLY healthy
-Bland, lacking in taste
-Expensive unless you buy from Amazon *but watch out for the horrible packaging*

Kimbo: 3.5/5
-Cheap (16.2 OZ for only 99 cent)
-Tastes pretty damn good surprisingly
-Cheap looking design just like Amy & Brian coconut
-Not available in Non-Asian supermarkets

Sunvoi 1/5
-Forgettable taste
-Not sold in US supermarket (though this is really a pro)

Laguna: 0/5
-Sugar filled water
-Being sold in supermarket
-Probly gives you disease if you drink the whole can

LayneFranklin, MI

By far the best tasting CW available!

After trying every brand on the market, I can say without hesitation Taste Nirvana is the best tasting CW available. And I’m so excited it’s now available via Amazon, in a can, and discounted with subscribe and save! I’ve been purchasing the 9.5 oz glass bottles for many months at $2 ea and found it helped me stay hydrated during the winter (heaters always dry my skin out and make me itchy). If unaware of the benefits, short version: contains electrolytes, potassium, small amounts of many essential amino acids, plus it doesn’t contain any artificial colors or preservatives, it’s fat-free, cholesterol-free AND low in calories! Google has a bunch of articles 🙂

Info from my 9.5 oz label:
75 cals
42mg sodium
600mg potassium
16g carbs
2g fiber (i drink w/pulp)
9g sugar
1g protein
9% magnesium
4% calcium
6% vitamin c
4% iron

I had been drinking pulp free and accidentally purchased bottles with pulp, but one sip and I was a fan. Can’t express enough how much I enjoy NV CW. If you’ve been turned off by other brands of CW, want a sugar free yet sweet variety, give NV a try. You won’t be disappointed.

AlishiaSilver Creek, MS

Best of all coconut water I have tried

I have tried Vita Coco, Zico, O.N.E, Azul etc.. Finally I thought I should try something that has been reviewed by so many people on Amazon and has a good rating.. I tried this product and its great.. I love it.
PastyNewport Beach, CA

One of the best coconut waters on the market

One of the best coconut waters on the market, price is excellent with subscription.

PRO: Not too sweet like other waters, clean and no other added ingredients.
CON: Pasteurized, unfortunately this is not raw coconut water, but for the price, it will satisfy.


ShirleyAquilla, TX

One of the best brands

Way better than Vitacoco, and Zico. Has a distinctly different flavor from Amy and Brian’s. I would say I prefer Nirvana a bit more because it has a richer, full body flavor and tastes more like a coconut with a natural sweet taste. And the price point is better. After an online coupon and subscribe n save, I paid $18/12 cans.
It’s so good for you and tastes good too.
LinaThomaston, ME


I’ve tried several brands of coconut water now, and this is my least favorite. I guess it’s a matter of personal preference, but this had kind of a weird taste to me, not as gentle as others. Also, I was looking forward to the pulp, as I love the kelapa muda (young coconut) drinks in Indonesia that have the soft pulp of young coconut in the coconut water. I was hoping to recreate that experience(without the added sugar they include in Indo), but I was disappointed. This is not young coconut pulp, which is scooped out of the coconut and is very soft and sweet, but small,hard chunks cut from a mature coconut. The hard chunks mixed in a coconut was not at all the same textural experience as kelapa muda, and I didn’t like it as the contrast between pulp and water was too extreme. To each his own, of course, and some people love it.
GregoriaLudlow, IL

Fresh coconut taste

I have tried Vita, Zico, One, Amy & Brian, and Nirvana coconut water is the closest to natural, no sugar added coconut juice. My parents have coconut trees and I’m used to coconut water straight from the coconut, with a straw! Not only is the packaging close to a real coconut, but the flavor is smooth, less processed-tasting, and very sweet without any added sugar. Coconut water is a very personal choice. People prefer one brand over the next for their own reasons, but give this one a shot. It has its own fresh taste and as close to cutting down a coconut as you’re going to get.
JohnathonJodie, WV

Wished it was in a Glass Bottle

I love this brand of coconut water and couldn’t wait for a case to arrive at my door. However, the aluminum can was not prominent in the product description and I was disappointed when I opened the case. Most of the stores in my area carry the Nirvana coconut water in a glass bottle. I am contemplating returning this.
AntonettaJennie, AR

Open cans and congealed contents!

After the first buy, this became a subscribe and save item for our household. We started with Amy and Brian (and still receive that), but my wife wanted something with pulp, and I wanted to try a different brand. The first shipment was awesome. Our second shipment was not.

I’m not sure if it’s a storage or a QC issue, but of the twelve cans in the case:

3 had their contents totally congeal into a slimy, mostly clear gel that was inedible.
1 had a pinhole at the base.

There were also obvious signs that something had pupated in the packaging (i’m guessing fruit flies, but who knows).

This was extremely disappointing, as the product itself is really good.

Amazon: please stop denting your packages and keep them in the right temperature range!!

FrankieCartersburg, IN

Coco- NUTS for this

This is the most naturally, amazingly, deliciously perfect drink. It’s not overly sweet and the bits of coconut pulp in the drink makes it such a treat. Oh and it’s a miracle preventative for a hangover. Just drink a can before going to bed and you’ll think you woke up on a wednesday.
AntoineRaeford, NC

best out of 4 other brands

This is the best! I am thai and grew up drinking real young coconut water n pulp. I have tried other brands such as Vita coco, naked (ugh), ONE, FOCO(sugar added), etc and found this is the best taste, natural and close to the real thing.
JaimeeJamaica, VA

3rd Time’s a charm!

This is my third monthly subscription to different coconut waters from Amazon. Started out with Zico. Then changed to O.N.E.

I picked up one of these Taste Nirvana’s at my local supermarket and it was amazing. So I dropped the subscription to O.N.E. and switched again.

It is about $5 more per month BUT you get 16oz cans instead of 11oz boxes so you get about 60oz more for the $5. Works for me.

YUM! Also my advice, I preferred the O.N.E. to be less than ice cold when I drank it BUT with Taste Nirvana, it is better ice cold! IMO anyway.

CharlesNew Castle, VA


I have tried many Coconut Waters and this one tastes the best so far.It ships very fast and the price is very good.
KristaSherman, WV

Give the glass bottle a try

First off, the value for this package was great. I’ve tried a good variety of coconut waters and Taste Nirvana ranks at the top. However the taste of the canned Taste Nirvana coconut water is different than out of the glass bottle. The can seems to be sweeter with larger chunks of coconut (almost reminds me of drinking the milk after you’ve finished honey nut Cheerios). The glass bottle version is lighter, more refreshing and less pulpy. I prefer TN out of the bottle, but you should probably try both and decide for yourself.
DelphineHumbird, WI

Amazing sweet taste without sugar

I love this coconut water. It doesn’t have that salty taste like Zico or other brazil based coconut waters. When you want something refreshing def. look for something from Thailand and this one hits the spot. Bonus points for the yummy bits!~
MikeDerby, IN

Wow, what a revelation!

I’ve had coconut water and have enjoyed it. When I saw the previous reviews on this product I ordered it via subscription. This is unlike ANY cocounut water I’ve had. It is has a hint of sweetness (nope, none of the others had that) and it is pure, no sugar added! Also it has lovely chunks of coconut in it. Man, I friggin’ love this stuff.
OpalMankato, MN


This coconut water is possibly the only delicious one out there! It doesn’t taste sour like the rest of them or like you’re drinking from an unripened or over ripened coconut. it really quenches your thirst and the pulp just give it a little extra surprise. if you’ve tried other brands, you must try this one! don’t give up on the nutritious wonder of this product until you try this one!
AugustaMajestic, KY

Excellent Coconut Water

I love my Vita Coco coconut water and was hesitant to try this. This is just as good, plus the little bits of coconut flesh are delightful on the tooth, a little something extra to nibble on for a few seconds. I will continue purchasing them both. Enough said.
SuanneCape Elizabeth, ME

My favorite one so far–coconutty, delicious chewy bits of pulp, refreshing, not too sweet!

I’ve been through so many trials with coconut water. While fresh from a real coconut is always gonna be a special, special thing, it’s not always convenient. So, I resort to canned coconut water. I’ve tried various (and reviewed many on Amazon), including Zico, ONE, Amy and Brian, etc.

This is my current fave. It really has a taste similar to fresh coconut water–as much as canned allows, I suppose–without being weirdly sweet (as A&B can be, especially the small cans) or weirdly salty (as VitaCoco can be) or just plain milky awful (like Zico in the bottle). My sister likes O.N.E. best, but I like this one. Sweeter, less salty than many I’ve tried.

I’ve had the pulp and no pulp versions, and prefer this one. Just a bit stronger flavor.

For now, I keep stocked with this and have a can nearly every day. If I didn’t have to watch calories, I’d have two a day, no kidding. I wish it came in a smaller serving (say, 60 calories worth like ONE). But hey, small quibble. It’s 130 heavenly calories with 1000 mg of Potassium. Helps keep the blood pressure down.

YettaSinton, TX

Nirvana is right!

Hello my name is Lisa and I am a Taste Nirvana addict. Could be worse! I love, love, love this stuff! I joined the auto delivery plan right out of the gate, but ended up ordering two extra shipments last month. It’s that good! I love the coconut pulp and the fact that this product contains no sweeteners. It truly doesn’t need it. The flavor is subtly sweet and just divine. I love the fact that the only ingredients are coconut water and coconut pulp. Highly recommended!
StephanAshland, NH

Love it, Love it!

This coconut water is from Thailand and is not from concentrate. Tastes fresh and sweet but no sugar. I’ve tried a few and this is by far my favorite.
LuciMarrowbone, KY