Taste Nirvanna Real Coconut Water with Aloe 9.5oz

There is 2 grams of natural fiber per bottle. With no added preservatives, All Natural Coconut Aloe is a delicious, healthy drink that can be enjoyed anytime.

Quick facts

  • Taste nirvana coconut water with aloe
  • 9.5oz Glass bottle
  • Pack of 12 bottles

Top reviews


I bought this in store (my local fubonn) and this is a nasty drink. It tastes like cereal-y vomit. If you want the benefits of coconut water or aloe, get something else, because honestly I couldn’t finish this drink.
AllieAlmo, KY

Best coconut water.

Nirvana is the best tasting coconut water out there. It is perfect when chilled. If you need to feel hydrated this will do it.
MarcieBradley, SC

Perfect for before/after a hot yoga class!

I have never purchased this from Amazon, only my local co-op. I love this drink. You MUST drink it chilled or it won’t taste good. IMHO, this is true for all coconut water. I drink this before and/or after a Bikram class and I feel amazing!!!
LeahHancock, VT

So yummy, low sugar too!

Bought this from the local grocery store and it was at room temperature. I didn’t want to wait to get home and chill it, so I gave it a try, and it was fine! I love this drink. I also got the Coconut Water from Taste Nirvana and I found out I like the CocoAloe wayyyyy better now!
I love that it’s only 9 grams of sugar per serving, and it’s natural since the ingredients show only Coconut Water, Aloe Vera, and Fiber.
Also, it’s a good source of Magnesium (do a search for the benefits of magnesium if you want to be amazed).
AideTower Hill, IL

The best so far!

I recently saw the Vita coconut water for sale at Costco with a discount of $5 off. Even though the final price of the 6L of Vitacoco water cost much less than the individual pack that I saw at Safeway/vons supermarket, I decided to by an individual tetrapak for Vitacoco, Naked Juice, Zico, Zola, One, and Nirvana (No C2O, Amy & Brian) . The test subjects were myself and my two nieces (6 & 11). They didn’t get to drink that much fresh coco water from a real coconut but I sure did; however, they results were similar. My two nieces held on tight to the 17.5oz can of Zola and loved it but said that it’s a bit sweet. The 6 years old said “yuck” after taking a sip of the Vita coconut water, the 11 yo frowned, and I liked it the least also. Why did Vita add vitamin C to their coco water? I’m glad that I spent $2.50 on a small tetrapak than $15 for 6L of Vita. We also agreed that ONE coco water tasted a lot like Vita but a bit better. Naked followed it. Zico was as bad as other reviewers complained on their review on Amazon.com about the plastic bottle compared to the tetrapak they had before. The last coconut water we had was the Nirvana. It went down really smooth and didn’t have any after taste like Zola and other coco water. IMO, I’ll always get Nirvana. If it’s not available, then Zola which is rather a good deal because it’s a 17.5oz or so for $2.50; but, I wouldn’t touch ONE, Naked, and Vita ever again.

I am glad that Safeway carries those 5 brands because I was able to do a taste test without buying junk that I don’t like and regret it. So, I you want to buy any of the coconut water, go to Safeway/Vons supermarket and buy a little bit of each like I did and test them for yourselves. Nirvana is my and my nieces # 1 choice and Zola is # 2 so far, yours might be different. So, experiment!

ChinGordon, KY

100% satisfied

Best tasting “good for u” drink I’ve ever had. I hate coconut water but love it mixed with aloe! I can’t express how much I love this stuff!!
WhitneyStar Tannery, VA

Hands Down My Favorite Coconut Water

I have tried pretty much every kind of coconut water I have found and this is hands down my favorite. It definitely tastes different than most of the coconut waters out there that have a very bitter flavor and a yellowish color. This is clear w/a little hazziness to it, and tasty little gel drops (that’s how I describe them). There is a slightly sweet taste, but it is oh so good and refreshing. I love one of these after a 30 minute run. I like the Coco Aloe slightly more than the regular coconut water from Taste Nirvana. Plus, they taste better out of the bottle than out of a can. Only issue is don’t buy them on here unless you absolutely can’t find them in a store. I get mine at Meijer right next to the Gatorade. It is normally $1.99 a bottle and often it is on sale for $1.79. So it costs about $10/dozen more on here. If you haven’t tried this and you have been trying to reap the benefit of coconut water but can’t stand downing the other bitter tasting products on the market, give it a shot, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.
DeaneSmartt, TN

Love this Coconut Water

I love this coconut water and it’s soothing to the GI system as well. I find that drinking one of these with my coffee in the morning helps me start the day right!
DarioBayport, NY