Taste of Texas Sweet and Hot Jalapenos, Case of 12

Taste of Texas Sweet and Hot Jalapenos. Tantalize your taste buds with jalapeno peppers made sweet. A versatile fiery favorite. An ultimate appetizer served with cream cheese, as well as a great topping for any dish. Substitute for pickles in tuna or chicken salad – delicious! Watch out, they’re habit forming! Made in USA. Case of 12 – 8oz jars

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Love these Jalapenos

These are the absolute best sweet and hot Jalapenos on the market….and we’ve tried several of them! Well worth the price and the shipping time and I recommend ordering them by the case!
JasmineWest Point, TX

Awesomely addictive

I was introduced to this product in a little shop in Key West that sells hot sauces and canned peppers. They had free samples and after trying this I immediately bought several jars to take home with me. Since then, I have mail-ordered these peppers from that Key West shop several times, when I get the cravings for them. You can buy a similar product by Trappy’s at Wal Mart but these are much, much better. Unlike the Trappy’s hot and sweet jalapenos, which are neither that hot nor that sweet, and actually rather bland, these are terrifically hot and sweet. The dissolved sugar gives these peppers an amazingly emerald green color and translucency that makes them look like candy. If you can handle the hotness, you’ll want to eat them right out of the jar like popcorn. You just can’t stop eating them until your mouth burns so bad you need to gulp water or beer to quench the burning. If you cannot handle eating them right out of the jar, you’ll love these peppers in your eggs, your nachos, with cream cheese–pretty much anywhere you’d eat regular jalapenos. It’s great to see Amazon carrying this product now.
AnitraWalton, OR