Taste of Thai Lite Coconut Milk, 13.5000-Ounce

Taste of Thai lite coconut milk with less fat and calories than our regular Coconut Milk, our Lite Coconut Milk has the same flavor quality, and can be substituted into any recipe.

Quick facts

  • Pack of twelve, 13.5-Ounce (Total of 162-Ounces)
  • 60% less fat than the regular
  • Contains richest milk

Top reviews


A great product at a great price! I live in a small town where the Asian stores do not always have my kitchen staples and this one is a must!
EmmettLithopolis, OH

Delicious and VERY Healthy Coconut Milk!

I’ve been making various kinds of curry for about 20 years now and this A Taste of Thai Lite Coconut Milk is by far the best lower-fat variety available. YES, it is very true that full-fat coconut milk is a lot creamier and tastier, BUT IF you are trying to be healthier, OR you want to be able to have MORE curry without getting fat and clogging your arteries, then this is for you! There are other varieties out there that may be less expensive, but I personally feel more comfortable with the canning done by A Taste of Thai. These cans are clean and look sterile as opposed to others that may leave you feeling less confident. It’s all personal opinion and subjective determination though!
MargueritaPackwood, IA

Water is the first ingredient! Thats why it tastes like water!

The reason why this is 58% less fat and calories than the regular is because water is the first ingredient……….
there is no water at all in the regular Coconut milk and its the same price in the stores. Save your money and buy the
regular and add your own water! You will have watery coconut milk and it will be a lot cheaper!
VerniceStandish, ME

This stuff is crap

I cannot begin to tell you just how crappy this stuff is. Sure, it’s ‘lite’, (4.5g total fat). But, as this stuff pours like water, is flavourless, and altogether unacceptable as a ‘Coconut Milk’, WHAT’S THE POINT? One would be better-off adding water to their recipe and a teaspoon of ‘Coconut Extract’. Ugh. Save your money on this horror of a product as it’s neither worth the time, trouble, or expense. An utter disappointment all the way round; (p.s. I bought it cuz my local market was outta the ‘real’ stuff… and I tell you, never again. I wouldn’t serve this stuff to a dog).
PatriciaDutton, AL