Taste of the Wild Canned Cat Food

A great tasting complement to the Rocky Mountain Feline Dry, or a standalone diet for your special cat. The combination of animal proteins will provide your cat with ideal protein nutrition for a lean body condition and optimal amino acid nutrition. Vets recommend feeding wet food as part of your cat’s diet to lower carbohydrate intake and to increase water intake, both important features in feline nutrition. Satisfy your cat’s nutritional needs by feeding this Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Feline Formula in Gravy along with Rocky Mountain Feline Dry.

Quick facts

  • Grain-free for your carnivorous cat
  • Fresh salmon, chicken liver and roasted venison
  • Provides ideal protein nutrition with a taste cats love

Top reviews

No Cats Meow….

This taste of the wild mountain feline formula is available at the local Tractor Supply company here. I usually get my cat food and bird seed there, and decided on my last trip to give my kitty a treat with something special. It’s expensive as wet cat food goes, but I figured how could I go wrong with something with a name like this and a lion on the can. I picked up three of them. Unfortunately, my cat was not impressed by the price, or the label, for she sure didn’t care for it to say the least. I was really surprised actually, for unless we’re talking about the very cheapest store brand of wet food, she usually isn’t all that finicky a cat. But this stuff didn’t cut it with her at all. Even after giving it to her again a couple of days later, and then leaving it out. I ended up giving it to my neighbor who has three cats. They ate it, but according to my neighbor they didn’t act like it was exactly fine cuisine either. They ended up eating about half of it over a couple of days. I realize that a test with only 4 cats isn’t all that comprehensive, but the consensus was the same nonetheless. None of them liked it. I suggest if you favor the idea of this stuff that you either try your local Tractor Supply and buy just one can, or better yet, forget it. For the price you pay and test results around here, in my opinion it’s nothing more than overpriced substandard fare in a flashy can…
NovellaKingfisher, OK

We don’t like the new formula

I first tried this canned food at the recommendation of a local pet care/store. They gave it very high recommendations and so I have tried both the dry and wet. My three cats liked the wet. So I did the economical thing and putchased a whole case of 24 on Amazon. but I noticed the difference as soon as I opened the can. The NEW wet food is not the same!! It’s like they have cut the actual food in half and then doubled up on the gravy

I went back to the local store and they had a few of the older recipes and I I bought all they had.

Cans that are marked with a thin green band with the words “New Formula with Increased Flavor” are inferior.

RethaFarnhamville, IA

Cats in my vicinity hate this stuff

Not only will my eight cats not go near this stuff, neither will the neighbor’s cats or strays in the neighborhood. It seems they like to lick off the gravy and leave the rest. The possum finally ate it, but only after hesitation. I don’t know what it is about this product or its dry counterpart, but my cats would rather starve. Will not be buying either again.
BernardineSanta Elena, TX

A Better Diet for Cats

i switched my 3 cats to this on the recommendation of someone who works for a vet. Since she wasn’t a vet herself, I did some online research and found that, indeed, high protein diets are better for cats. I talked to my vet about the diet too and was assured that high protein diets do not cause kidney disease but they do exacerbate them once a cat has the disease. Anytime you change an animal’s food, it has to be done gradually over a several week period so their digestive system can adjust to it and their taste buds. I highly recommend this cat food. I’ve been using it for almost a year now and my cats look forward to meal times. They do like to eat the gravy first and I pamper them a little by mashing up the solid bits of food into the gravy. All cats will prefer junk cat food to quality cat food; however, like children, it’s important to work with them to get them to eat food that is nutritious and good for their overall health. Taste of The Wild is an excellent choice for a healthy diet.
FlorenceToivola, MI

No Thanks

Of my two cats, just one will “eat” TOTW canned food and even she only goes for it once or twice per month. I notice, like others, that she’s into the gravy more than the meat so I’ll probably stop buying it. The dry food is so damn good, it’s a shame TOTW can’t bring that same excellence to canned food.

I give two stars because atleast the one cat doesn’t back away from it. She takes a couple slurps and then leaves. Fair enough for a 2 star rating IMO.

LiliaAdams, OK

kitty crack, but in a good way

my kitty loves his TOTW Rocky Mountain Feline canned yummys. Kinda like kitty crack. He purrs, rolls over, dances & will swat the fork out of my hand & stick his head in the can (I never said he had good manners).
MarniBronson, FL

Changed their preparation – consistency issues?

UPDATE (12/3/2011): The food in the last case that I bought was substantially different from previous cases. The pieces were much thicker and of a tougher consistency. Because of this, my cat was only licking up the gravy, picking at a few pieces, and leaving the rest in the dish. I don’t know if it was more difficult to eat or less palatable, but I ended up having to donate the rest of the cans to an animal shelter. Because of the wide variation in preparation, I had to stop buying this food for Moxie.

ORIGINAL: My cat goes crazy for this wet food. When he was younger (about 7 months ago), I tried to give him the same brand dry food supplemented with this wet food, but we had vomit problems with the wet food. When I re-introduced this wet food about a month ago because I was concerned about only giving him dry food, it was like night and day. He gobbles it all up every day, and there have been no vomit issues whatsoever. He knows that morning time is when he gets his morsels, and he sits in the middle of the kitchen and cries until I give it to him.

I like that this food comes in larger chunks rather than tiny shredded pieces. It reduces the mess the cat makes in and around his bowl. I also like that there are few artificial ingredients, just like the same version dry food. The cans are only 3 ounces each, which is small if this were the only food you’re feeding your cat, but for our purposes of half a can supplement a day, it’s perfect. I just feed half a can and put the other half in the fridge for the next day.

KatharynLake Wales, FL

Grain free

I have a cat that throws up whenever she eats food with grain, and she’s 17 years old. I noticed her getting thinner, and so I have been supplementing her dry food with this, and she LOVES it. She is a much healthier weight now, too.
ChiquitaCroton On Hudson, NY

Different Formula

I was excited to find the “old” formula of this cat food on Amazon (at least that is what the picture is of). It was my cat’s favorite canned food. The company has recently changed their formula. I received my case, opened 5 cans of it for my cats, and they all sniffed it and walked away. That is when I noticed that it said new and improved formula in small writing at the top of the can. So now I am stuck with 19 cans of food that my cats won’t eat. And Amazon will not let me return this item. Even though I received something that was different than the description/picture.
EdmundoShiro, TX

Ingredients are Very Good, and My Cats Like It

I mostly feed Blue Buffalo, and my cats have done very well with it. With rare exceptions, Blue Buffalo is the only kibble that I feed to my cats. However, my cats appreciate some variety in canned food so I look around for different quality foods that I can rotate into their feeding regimen. Among the things that I look for in any cat food are primary ingredients consisting of poultry, fish or meat, and an absence of corn, soy, wheat, or gluten of any kind. Two of my cats just turned twenty-two, a third will be twenty-two in a month, and a fourth is ten years of age, so I include canned food in their diet twice a day, to ensure proper hydration. While I rotate between the various Blue Buffalo canned food choices, I add other quality canned food choices to the diet plan, as well. My cats are satisfied with the same kibble day after day, but they get bored with the same canned food more than a couple of days in a row.

The Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Feline Formula in Gravy was well received by all four of my cats, and I am very pleased with its ingredients. The ingredient list is my first test, and if I don’t like the ingredients, my cats never get to taste the food. I happen to know that there are some pretty bad cat foods on the market that my cats will nevertheless like the taste of, so I don’t leave everything up to an animal that is unable to read the ingredient list. The first ingredients are as follows: Salmon, fish broth, chicken broth, chicken liver, chicken, dried egg white, ocean fish, peas, modified potato starch, natural flavor, roasted salmon…

I am always curious about listed ingredients such as “natural flavor” – natural flavor of what? But that strange ingredient is listed tenth from the top, so there’s probably not very much of whatever it is. Other than that, everything in the ingredient list is recognizable to me as being either a natural food, vitamin, mineral or other necessary ingredient.

In summary, the ingredients are very good and my cats like the taste, so Taste of the Wild is a go in this family. It’s not the only food that I’ll feed them by any means, and Blue Buffalo will continue to be my staple, as far as kibble goes, but Taste of the Wild has earned its place in my canned food rotation.

JayneFarmingdale, NJ


Okay, now THIS stuff they love! My 3 rescue cats have/had some health issues and I wanted to give them higher quality grain-free foods without having to get a second job! This stuff’s fabulous, they scarf it up…just ordered more!
GaryColumbia, CA

my finicky cat LOVES this

My finicky cat refuses most canned food – he loves this … i gave it 4 stars – if the cans hadn’t arrived dented i would have given it 5 stars .. great ingredients – a bit pricey but worth it ..
KrishnaElm Springs, AR


I was very happy to find holistic cat food on Amazon that was eligible for the prime membership free shipping. I tried both the dry and canned food since my cats eat both. Unfortunately my cats do not like this food – only one will eat the canned food and this same cat will not eat the dry, and oddly enough, vice versa. The other cat will eat the dry but not the canned. I have also noticed that their coats are not as silky as they were with another brand, which I will be going back to. I am giving it 3 stars as it is a good holistic food and conveniently available, just is not something my cats like.
ZulemaAvon, NY

My cats don’t like the new formula

I have purchased cans of the old formula in the past, but my cats won’t touch this stuff. They don’t care for it at all, even if I mix it in other wet food they like. This new formula=no good.
DonnieRebersburg, PA

recent change in consistency and gravy

My cat has been eating Taste of the Wld wet food (Rocky mountain) since he was a kitten, he is a year old now. It is the ONLY wet food he wll eat. I had no problems switching him over to the “new improved formula.” However, the trouble began with my last case of TOTW. The minute I opened the first can, I noticed that there was less gravy, the meat chuncks were smaller and the color of the food was a lot lighter. I gave it to my cat, he sniffed it and than looked at me and meowed. I tried to feed it to him for three days and he would not touch it-he walked away every time and ate nothing but dry food which I hate feeding him. I called the company and they asked for a can to test. They found that the color was lighter but there were no other inconsistencies and still within specifications. So I got another case from amazon hoping that it was just an “off” case and I got the same thing happened! Lighter in color, smaller, and less gravy-the lot numbers are different for each case but they’re expiration date is 2014 so I think this is all coming from a new batch. I found a few cans at a pet store-the last four cans they had, all with 2013 expiration dates and my cat devoured them. He will not touch this new batch. I have no idea what to do, he will not eat anything else and there is definitely something different in this latest batch of food. Anyone else find this to be the case?
CecilleIsland Falls, ME

Takes A While To Catch On

I feed my cats a variety of wet foods and they have kibble available at all times. I like to keep some Grain Free stuff in their diet to keep them healthey and happy, though it costs a bundle and they have to get some cheaper stuff so I can eat too. As always with the grain free food, I find that it takes several tries to get them to eat it. I do not know if it is the texture or the taste or what. But, generally, I go on one of my one or two night stayovers and when I do, I leave them several cans of Taste of the Wild as their ONLY option of wet food. They always have kibble available. When I return, the wet food is gone and after that, when it is offered in their rotation of foods, it is always eaten. I know it is great stuff and great for them, but they just have a hard time catching on. Maybe they are like me. I prefer Chocolate, which is not always the best. At any rate, I give this a 4 star rating only because it is difficult to get the cat children tuned into it. Gabriella, Trinity, Wisdon, Mercy and Yellow Kitty all recommend it, but say it your kitty is not “grain only” it may take a bit for them to warm up to it. Nonetheless, it is heathful and all should have a bit.
LeonardoSawyerville, IL

They eat it!

My cats were having some digestive problems so my vet put them on a special diet which eliminated the canned food they would anxiously await every morning. My sister recommended Taste of the Wild to me, raving about the improvement in her cats’ health since they started eating it. I haven’t noticed any miracle changes in their behavior, but they look very healthy and happy, they have lots of energy, and unlike a bunch of other “healthy” canned foods, they eat it up. Plus I feel better feeding them food that isn’t just full of rice and other unnatural fillers.
RhiannonLa Farge, WI

Great product

Very good quality food: we give it to our cat as a treat, she eats dry version on “Taste of the wild” on a regular basis
ElveraKoppel, PA