Taste of the Wild Cat Food

Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Feline Formula Roasted Venison & Smoked Salmon Dry Cat Food is a grain-free formula with peas and sweet potatoes provides highly digestible energy for your active cat. Made with real roasted venison and smoked salmon, this formula offers a taste sensation like no other. For today’s healthy cat, this formula is supplemented with fruits and vegetables, providing natural antioxidants to support a healthy immune system and overall good health. Your cat craves a taste of the wild. Go ahead and give him one.

Quick facts

  • Grain-Free .
  • Roasted Venison & Smoked Salmon
  • Optimal Amino Acids

Top reviews

Cats wont eat it

My cats are very fussy. But they’ll eat Sams Members Mark brand food and walk away from this one….. I thought that because they used to spend a lot of time out in the wild that they would like this but they dont.
SuzanneCrooksville, OH

Declining quality of Taste of the Wild cat food

I just realized that whole chicken has been deleted from the ingredients’ list and that only chicken meal is used. The protein content has also gone from 45% to 42%, which still sounds good, but I wonder how much of this protein is actually from meat. Cats can only assimilate meat protein.

I have decided not to use this food for my cats anymore.

CecileRoaring River, NC

Where do you shop??????

List price of $141.90 for a 5 lb. bag of catfood?????
I don’t think so.
I’m not too happy about the price being jacked up
but what’s with the bogus list price? Is this meant to make
us feel like we’re getting a bargain?
CreolaBowling Green, OH

price hike too much

The cat food is great, but the price hike is unacceptable. I’ll start buying it locally, which is probably what I should have been doing all along.
ConnieMooseheart, IL

My cats won’t touch it

I can’t speak to the quality or ingredients of this product. All I can say is that my cats won’t go near it. I put it outside and the stray cats and possums don’t seem to care for it either. Won’t buy it again.
ErikaWasco, OR

My cats love Taste of the Wild

My 2-year old cat Ezekiel, adopted from a shelter 3 months ago, will eat NOTHING but Taste of the Wild dry food. My first choice would be a raw-food diet, but I’m too lazy to keep that up except for supplementing. However, Ezekiel won’t eat fresh salmon, chicken, chicken liver, beef, or anything fresh. He won’t eat any other high-quality cat food dry or wet. He won’t eat any cheap store brand.

It’s Taste of the Wild or starve. I am comfortable with this formula because of what I have read, and because he is thriving, healthy, and has an especially shiny coat and is in altogether top-notch shape.

Yet, since I believe wet or raw food is best for cats (I had a cat who required a PU after repeated bladder infections and who re-blocked whenever he had any dry food), no matter how high quality the dry food, I was eager to buy the canned food.

At first, Ezekiel turned up his nose at it as he does at all food except Taste of the Wild Dry. Then, we got a new 12-week old girl kitten, Ariel. She is teaching him all sorts of adventurous things. Is she does it, he does it (and vice-versa). She LOVES it, ergo HE loves it.

Now they both lap it up quickly, and I’m thrilled that they are eating good food.

So, I give both products several thumbs up.

AminaPlainfield, MA

canned version coming soon

The Taste of the Wild website now says that they will soon be coming out with a canned formula, which will be great for people with pets that prefer wet food. Keep your eye out for it!
AdriannaDundas, VA

Good list of ingredients

I’m not sure why cat owners feel the need to rubbish this product just because their cat won’t eat it. They’re picky by nature. The one star ratings are not representing this product very well.

Any discerning cat owner should give this a try if you wanted to get away from the mass produced rubbish that passes for cheap cat food that is filled with too much filler and not enough nutrition.

I’m glad my cats will eat this as it is grain free, has plenty of fruits and veg, antioxidants and high in protein.

TwylaSycamore, AL

Was not happy 🙁

I was told my cat may have an allergic reaction to the food I was feeding her before and that I should try grain-free, So I bought this.. She was pretty upset when I switched her food, she refused to eat it for a while, I tried mixing it with the prior food, since she seemed to prefer it, but she wouldn’t eat it. After a few days she finally started eating, but for the first time in months, she’s been throwing up. I was very unhappy with this product and had hoped that with so many positive reviews it would be helpful. She hasn’t even stopped scratching and now I just don’t know what’s wrong 🙁
TerresaBrookhaven, NY

My cat loves it

My 1 year old Siberian cat, Mimic, loves this stuff. He would prefer to eat only the dry Taste of the Wild for ever and ever. But I do worry about his urinary health, so I supplement with some wet food every day. He used to be on Merrick wet, but when my local store started carrying the Taste of the Wild wet, I gave it a try, and now it’s the only wet food he’ll eat.

I don’t know what kind of addictive substance they put in the food (my guess is it’s the sweet potato, which is kind of an unusual cat food ingredient), but he loves it. I also know that his breeder uses it now, as do a few of my friends. And all of the cats seem to love the stuff.

If you can find the canned, try it. It smells similar, so I’d bet that any cat who likes the dry would like the wet. It is a kind of chunky food in gravy, where the chunks are like tiny pieces of meatloaf.

Ultimately, I have not found a better balance of price, quality of ingredients, and palatability for Mimic.

LovellaMurphy, NC

The Best Food Ever

My cats actually eat less of this well rounded food because of the high nutrient content. Even though it is more expensive initially, I wind up saving money in the end because the cats are actually eating a better diet. Noticed an increase in energy over time. The 5-lb bag actually saves you money over the 15-lb bag sold here on Amazon for $40.
AngeliaBrownwood, MO

The price shot up $5.50 a bag!!!!

My cats love this food. I loved it for them. But I’ve been paying $11.99 and free shipping for the last year. Now it has gone up to $17.50. Too high for me. I will purchase elsewhere. I’m finding so many things for better prices then Amazon lately. Too bad, I liked having one place to shop that I trusted to have the best price.
HildredSlaton, TX

Big Thumbs Up

TOTW Rocky Mountain Formula (and Canyon River) are high quality dry foods which both my cats absolutely love. The pricing is excellent in my opinion. I mixed both formulas and the cats were in heaven! This was the first grain free kibble where I actually noticed my cats eating less because of the higher protein content. I can’t say enough good things about this food. Their customer service is terrific too!
ReganNorris, SC


My cats enjoy this product well enough – they actually eat less of this than they ate of their old food and seem satisfied. I like that it’s grain free and made with what seems like good ingredients. But I will say this – the litterbox odor has gotten ridiculous since I started feeding this food. I’ve never smelled anything like it. I now have to scoop at least twice a day, every day, or it’s unbearable. Their, uh, output has increased significantly. If you live in a small residence, be forewarned!
BetsyMattoon, IL

Picky cats love both varieties of feline ToW

We have two young male cats. Typically they would only eat chicken-based dry foods so we had them on California Natural’s Chicken & Brown Rice recipe. Since we work at a pet store we got some samples of both Canyon River and Rocky Mountain feline Taste of the Wild to mix in with their CalNat, and they actually love it. It’s the only brand we’ve found that they’ll eat every time. They’re both super healthy with really great fur, and they seem very pleased with the food we’ve found for them. I really recommend this if you’re looking for a good grain-free diet for your cat.
HiediFrankenmuth, MI

Great food at a good price

With five cats, buying premium cat food can get expen$ive, but we don’t feel comfortable feeding our beloved friends anything less. At least TOTW is the best priced of the premium, grain-free foods. Of course, a good price would mean nothing if the cats don’t like it…yeah right, they literally face plant in the bowls when we put it out for them.

Some people complain that the second ingredient listed is peas and not another meat ingredient. Am I concerned? Not really; the ordering of ingredients tells me little about how much chicken meal is present, only that there is more chicken than peas. Lets look at two completely fake (and utterly unrealistic) scenarios to demonstrate this point:

Cat Food #1 has 40% chicken meal, 20% peas, and a bunch of other stuff
Cat Food #2 has 20% chicken meal, 20% turkey meal, 20% peas, and a bunch of other stuff

Although peas are the second ingredient listed for Cat Food #1, it has the same meat content as Cat Food #2, which lists meat as the first two ingredients. Does TOTW have more or less meat that the other premium brands? I don’t know, and I probably never will.

Of course, all cats are different, and there can be problems any time you change diets. Make a gradual change and watch closely for warning signs such as vomiting and changes in stool.

MikeRinggold, LA

My three cats love this

I switched to this from Innova EVO food, because honestly, the high meat content of the EVO stuff was making the litter box odor kind of a problem. Phew!

Everybody loved this stuff from the beginning and ate it with a healthy appetite. They’ve eaten this exclusively for almost a year now with good results – glossy, soft coats and good health exams.

Don’t try the new flavor in the gold bag, though, the one with Trout and Salmon? It is disgusting and my cats wouldn’t touch it. I couldn’t blame them – stuff stunk and make their breath stink once they finally broke down and ate it for a few days. Stick with the venison and salmon flavor in the green bag.

AthenaElberton, GA

Good food, excellent value

Overall, I think this is a good food and an absolutely amazing value as far as grain-free foods go. My cat certainly enjoyed it, I saw an improvement in her fur, and she became leaner and more active. On her prior diet of Science Diet Light (high carb, filler food – shame on me!) she was becoming fat and lethargic. The difference in feeding a grain-free, high protein food was almost immediate.

My only problem with Taste of the Wild is that the amount of vegetables after the first ingredient (chicken meal) seems excessive. Too many pea proteins and potato proteins. The next meat ingredients, venison and salmon, don’t appear until the sixth and seventh ingredient. Recently I decided to switch my cat to Orijen, which I believe is the very best dry cat food out there – the first 6 ingredients are all meats! Orijen, however, is also significantly more expensive. For those who are on a budget, I think Taste of the Wild is far better than the vast majority of commercial dry kibbles out there. Taste of the Wild is certainly better than the by-product and corn filler loaded (not to mention expensive) Science Diet that I fed my cat for the first 3 years of her life.

HellenPemberton, NJ

Get the green bag

Time and time again I’ve heard it said to “get the green bag” of Taste of the Wild. What’s the “green bag”, you ask?

Well, recently TotW came out with an “other” formula, called “Canyon River”. And, while it’s not bad by any means, it IS different. Some cats like it, some cats don’t. My cat isn’t picky. My problem was that it smelled so sordid that I couldn’t stand to feed my cat (read my review on it here). Since my cat liked the “other” formula so well, I decided to try the original formula in the “green bag”. I found a good price locally and the pet shop owner told me about how the “green bag” was far superior to the “other one”.

And she was right. The Rocky Mountain Feline formula has everything I’m looking for in a dry food, doesn’t smell like a hatchery, and is priced fair.

My cat loves it, and I don’t have any complaints.

I’m sticking with this from now on.

RolandaMule Creek, NM



“Taste of the Wild” cat food is made by Diamond Pet Food, a manufacturer who is associated with previous recalls. Their current pet food recall now also includes “Taste of the Wild” CAT FOOD with production numbers in addition than those currently shown on their website. I called them today after reading the news stories about the large dog food recall and learning that “Taste of the Wild” is one of their brands. I was horrified when the customer service rep told me my cat food bag was indeed part of the recall. This is the link to their recall website (although the recall information currently on there today is incomplete): […] Also, the Diamond Pet Food recall telephone number is (866)918-8756.

FYI, my cat has had bloody diarrhea/stools for a couple of weeks now and is currently taking a 2nd round of medicine prescribed by my vet because the 1st round was ineffective. A couple of nights ago, the sound of my cat vomiting woke me up. He threw up approximately 8-10 times over approximately 2 hours – very unusual for him. I now suspect that both of these issues may have been caused by the “Taste of the Wild” cat food. Thank goodness the recall occurred before he got any worse as pet deaths are being reported.

If I had only realized “Taste of the Wild” was made by Diamond Pet Food, I would have never bought the stuff. Ironically, I switched to this food two months ago because I wanted a healthier food for my cats. My cats like it, but it is not worth the risk.

AlaneRowley, IA

amazing! fixed all my cat’s issues…

I have only ever left a few reviews on Amazon, so when I do so, it means I think something is pretty amazing.

Our 9 yo cat Sherby has always been kind of sickly. He used to have sores around the mouth, very dull fur, and a major shedding problem. His paws even itched so much, they’d start to bleed. He’d get frequent UTIs. The vet had diagnosed him with all kinds of allergies but never to food — for instance, the vet said he was allergic to mosquitoes. He was given medication and steroid shots which never really fixed the issue long-term. We even made him inside-only so he’d be away from the bugs. Nothing helped. Since we changed his food one month ago, he looks like an entirely different animal. His coat has now doubled in thickness and is silky soft. ALL of his sores are totally gone. He can eat now without irritating the sores on his mouth. He is friendlier and always wants to play. Honestly, while I thought a better food would be healthier, I hadn’t thought it would make a difference that I’d actually be able to see. I am kind of blown away.

I have known about the importance of pet diets since we got young dogs a year or so ago and have always focused a lot on what I feed them, but had never been that way with the cats since they are so old and set in their ways. I didn’t think they’d take easily to a food change and had tried Blue one time, and the cats did not seem to take to it. So, we were just feeding the cats regular stuff from the grocery store. I only changed them over to TOTW a month ago when Sherby got ill again with another UTI. A emergency clinic vet I’d not seen before suggested a more allergy-friendly diet. I tried Taste of the Wild for cats because I feed it for the dogs and they’ve always been great.

I also like it because it’s not as pricey as some of the premium/holistic typed foods, especially if you get it from a feed shop. We get it at Tractor Supply.

If your cat (or dog) has ongoing allergy-like issues or just doesn’t look their best, try this food — or at least a higher quality, protein-based food. I’m a total believer.

By the way, the only other review I think I’ve left on here in the past year was for TOTW dog food!

SpringSeverna Park, MD

Great cat food!

My cat eats this food with no problems. I don’t have much to compare because I try not to switch his food, but it’s a high-quality cat food at a reasonable price for premium food.

My cat has eaten this food since he was a tiny kitten. He’s an F6 Savannah (hybrid breed, but 6 generations removed from his Serval ancestor, so he should be normal cat size), so I was concerned about his nutritional needs. I checked with his breeder, online forums and our vet, and there was general agreement that most kittens can be fed this type of high quality, nutrient-dense cat food; they don’t need to start on “kitten” food and then transition into adult food. It helped us to avoid an unnecessary food transition, which is always good. I supplement with half a can of the same brand/flavor wet food each day, and he eats it all up. He’s very muscular and sleek, with shiny and soft fur and no eye or ear problems.

The only negative is that his litter box stinks to high heaven when he makes a poop, but I think this is true for all high-quality cat foods, maybe due to the higher meat content? It’s a small price to pay for his continued health.

MinhRichburg, NY

No more vomiting …

I purchased this food after it was recommended by a friend who noticed terrific improvement in her cat’s vigor, coat and diabetes issue after switching to this food. We have always fed our cats primarily dry food, and generally Iams. However, they reformulated it recently and our cats’ coats became dull and they often threw up undigested food. I’ve been searching for a dry food that they like and that doesn’t cause problems. Another premium brand was my first choice and they liked it, but it gave our long hair diarrhea, and our other cat got a urinary tract infection. However, our two cats liked Taste of the Wild (Venison & Salmon) from the first day, and they have tolerated it very well with no health issues from switching over. We will be reordering.
AlmaWest Brooklyn, IL

Thank Goodness my choosy cat loves it

I have a very choosy cat some dry cat foods it just refuses to eat, he will just smell, taste a few nuggets and walk away. I decided to give Taste of The Wild Rocky Mountain Formula a try for the main reason I read online that most of the store brands include grain which is very bad for cats and Taste of The Wild is grain free. After mixing with his favorite whiska’s moist food my cat ate his whole bowl, and trust me if he did not like it he would not have ate it no matter what I mixed it with. Another thing I think my cat likes about it is the nuggets are small. During my cat’s night feeding I wanted to try the ultimate test will he eat it dry without a mixture, and to my delight he ate his whole bowl, drank some water and was a happy cat. Considering all the health benefits of Taste of the Wild including no grain it may cost more but it is worth it for a happy and healthy cat.
SukLadiesburg, MD

Excellent grain-free option for your pet

Taste of the Wild is a quality, affordable grain-free option for your cat. Felines have very little, if any, biological need for grains so it would make sense to avoid “supermarket brands” that are nothing more than the animal equivalent of junk food. High protein based products which get closer to replicating their “wild” diet is what most vetererinarians are recommending these days. With that said, a lot of higher end cat foods are overpriced. Not so with Taste of the Wild. I have found that from an ingredient standpoint, it measures favoribly to industry leaders such as Wellness and Orijen but costs considerably less.

My cat is thriving on TotW and happily devours it on a daily basis. Very pleased that Amazon offers this via Prime shipping. That in and of itself makes it a terrific value 🙂

RisaWauzeka, WI

Picky cat loves it!

We have an 11-year-old cat that has been eating Purina salmon and tuna for most of his life. He has always thrown up food at least 3 times a week and I thought it was just something we had to put up with. He also began licking his fur completely off his tummy. After reading many reviews on different cat foods, I tried Blue Buffalo. He did stop throwing up but he did not like it. We tried the Taste of the Wild and he loves it. It may be pricier but he eats less and doesn’t throw it up. I can’t tell you how many rolls of paper towels and Resolve carpet cleaner we used to go through with the Purina food. I think this food will actually save us money in the end.
TynishaHico, TX

Improved the health of my cat

My vet suggested that a grain-free diet would help with my cat’s skin issues. I tried Natural Balance but she just didn’t like it, so I gave Taste of the Wild a try and I’m really glad I did because my cat loves it!
Since starting on this diet over a month ago, Daisy, who was a spindly little stray when I adopted her, has gained strength and muscle mass, her fur is silky and smooth and her eyes look so bright.
I would rarely see her eat before, I even had to coax her sometimes but now she goes to her food bowl several times a day all on her own, she just loves this stuff and I do too since it’s made such an improvement in my cat’s overall health, she even has a lot more energy now!
IraMenomonee Falls, WI

Good product for the money

I have a Siberian cat, and I am supposed to feed her a high protein diet. So when I found this, I was happy.

The food does smell a little, but I suppose it could be way worse, We had fruit flies in the kitchen for a bit, and they seemed to enjoy the product.

I noticed, however, that shortly after switching to this product my cat seemed to become a little more aggressive. Now I can’t say for sure that it was the switch in food that caused this, but the timing was similar.

I am going to switch back to Natural Balance Original Ultra Premium Formula Cat Food, 6-Pound Bag, as she really enjoyed this product, and was not aggressive then. Maybe it will work?

I would reccomend this product still, just keep a watch on any behavioral changes.

ChanteGiven, WV

Great food

I had my 4 cats on Iams for years. I really don’t know why I thought Iams was a good food. Anyway, one of cats seemed to develop a food allergy, he was always scratching himself on his neck and head. I decided to go to a grain free diet in hopes that it would help him. Not only did it help him to stop scratching, but he has also lost weight (which he needed to), and he has a lot more energy. He runs around like he is a kitten again. All my cats also have noticeably nicer coats. I highly recommend Taste of the Wild as a high quality food for your cats. I will never give them another low quality food like Iams again. I love my cats like they are my children and they deserve only the best! Also, Taste of the Wild is a great price compared to other high quality foods, like Wellness for example. So if you are like me, and love your cats dearly but don’t want to break the bank feeding them, then go with Taste of the Wild!
EverettCaratunk, ME

An Excellent Cat Food

This an excellent choice of food for a cat who has issues with grain products. It even smells like real food, when many common cat foods smell like chemicals. My cat has routinely vomited about half of what she eats until now; with Taste of the Wild, she has hairballs, and now and then if she eats too fast — but she’s holding most of her food down, and she seems to be enjoying it. I’m delighted! My problem now is to keep her from eating her way into becoming a fat cat!
AbeBoyd, TX