Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food

Diamond Taste of the Wild Wetlands Canine with Roasted Wild Fowl

Quick facts

  • Made With Real Roasted And Smoked Fowl
  • Supplemented With Fruits And Vegetables
  • delivers natural antioxidants to protect

Top reviews

Would be perfect BUT

Puppy LOVES this food BUT the manufacturer has so far failed to take the steps necessary to eliminate BAD BAD Ethoxyquin used to preserve the fish meal ingredients from its suppliers. It is NOT necessary to use ethoxyquin to preserve fish meal; there are alternatives. If the manufacturer would comply with dog lovers’ wishes and reject supplier use of ethoxyquin, then this could be one of the great foods.
LymanLocust Fork, AL

Too Much Fat…

Tried this, recently, (in all dry flavors) for my German Shepherd Dog. At first, he wouldn’t touch it, but after about a week, he decided he absolutely loves it. The biggest problem is within the first month, he had gained 3 pounds, even though he was eating less than the recommended amount and less than he was previously used to eating. Also, he had soft, oily looking stools while eating this. He is an active, very healthy, well-exercised, older dog. He did seem to be more “chipper” and health-wise, he seemed to do fine, except for the softer stools and weight gain, but reluctantly, we had to stop feeding this, exclusively, as we were feeding less and less and he was still gaining weight AND seemed hungry all the time, looking for any other food to eat. Since he loves the taste so much, we have decided to give him only a cup or so a day, in his Kong, with his other food or as training treats and have switched him to another food. I’m not sure I agree with the “good for all life stages” philosophy either. In the old days, that was what one did, but now that we know much more about nutrition, I believe that different life stages do require different nutrient levels. Much as humans do. Sadly, for our dog, this can not be the only food he eats, but it will remain a part of his daily diet, since he loves it and did well, except for the fat content. Hope this helps!
SanjuanaBaltic, OH

Recall Information Warning

Please be careful when choosing this food.

My dog, a Lhasa Apso, pooped out blood with her stool when I gave her this food which was contaminated with Salmonella. We took her to the Vet and she became very lethargic for 2 weeks after the incident. The entire ordeal was a nightmare.

I sent it my receipt with the production UPC code to the company for a refund over a month ago and have not received any acknowledgement from them.




Diamond Pet Foods, manufacturer of Taste of the Wild Pet Food, has issued a voluntary recall of limited batches of their dry pet food formulas manufactured between December 9, 2011, and April 7, 2012 due to Salmonella concerns. Diamond Pet Foods apologizes for any potential issues this may have caused pet owners and their pets.

MilfordRose Hill, IA

High Quality, Didn’t Agree With Dog

While this food was high quality, my dog seemed to have very loose stool. This I can’t hold the food entirely accountable for, as my dog was found to have an allergy with some ingredients.
AudreyFindlay, IL

Dogs do not need grains

Browsing the dog food aisle of the pet store, you see all kinds of labels like “hearty grains” and “delicious oatmeal”. But dogs are carnivores. They don’t sit down to a bowl of oatmeal on a winter morning. They eat meat. Buy them a meat based diet, they will expel less waste, they’ll be fuller for longer and this one is full of super healthy stuff so you don’t have to add in yogurt for their coat or berries for their digestion.
MedaCambria, CA

My boston terriers love this!

I have had a terrible time finding a dry dog food that my Boston Terriers will eat, thank goodness I found this! They love it, especially with a couple of squirts of salmon oil on it.

I highly recommend this dog food!
It’s extremely healthy, no grains or fillers!!

LadyLikely, CA

Picky dog LOVES this and it’s PERFECT nutrition!

Our lab is a picky eater to the point that she was about 10% underweight just eating barely enough to keep her alive. That was on Lg Breed Puppy Eukanuba (sp?). Then, I ignorantly switched her to Purina Puppy Chow before I knew how bad corn is for dogs, the number one ingredient of that awful formula. She didn’t really like that, either, thankfully. Then, I switched her to Large Breed Puppy EVO. She liked that a bit better, and it didn’t have corn. But, I still had to put a bit of hot water on it and essentially drag her to the bowl. She did gain weight, though.

Then, EUREKA, we found Taste of the Wild. NO GRAIN!! All the nutrition she needs – I think she eats better than we do with this stuff. I guessed that being a bird dog she’d like the Roasted Fowl flavor. I opened the bag in the store and she wolfed it down like nothing else I’d ever seen.

Since then she’s eaten the amount of food she’s supposed to for her age and weight with no water added or cajoling into into eating. Granted, she’s still not a huge eater, but by the end of the day her allotment is eaten. Her weight is perfect, and she really does like the food. I’m glad I don’t have to add water so her teeth stay clean – it’s nice and crunchy. Her coat is gorgeous and her muscles rippling (we exercise her a lot). She’s got an amazing physique, and her dry skin/dandruff seems to be markedly reduced.

Taste of the Wild is worth every penny, and I believe in my heart that she’ll live a longer, healthier life (possibly years longer) for our having found it. Thank God for Taste of the Wild. We love her so much and this is the best dog food out there.

MichaelEtters, PA

Excellent Dog Food

I decided to try this dog food because of many positive reviews I read, and it is a good price for such high-quality ingredients. This is a better value than many other top-tier dog foods.

My dog (a 9-month-old German Shepherd) loves this food. I transitioned her from the more expensive Blue Buffalo Wilderness formula, and she’s doing very well on TOTW after a month. Her poops are small and easy to clean up. Her coat is shiny and she has no doggie odor. She also doesn’t scratch much at all. TOTW is good for allergy-prone dogs because it is grain-free.

One benefit of TOTW is that your dog eats less of it per day than other dog foods, thus saving money, because the food is high in protein. However, it’s also rather rich, so be careful when changing to this food to prevent diarrhea.

I highly recommend TOTW because it’s for all life stages, has proper ingredients for a dog’s diet, and is a good value for the price!

JenineWestfield, NJ

Great food

I’ve been very happy with Taste of the Wild ever since switching my dog to it last winter. It’s grain-free, does not contain unnecessary fillers like some other foods do, and my dog absolutely loves it! So far, the Wild Fowl seems to be his favorite of the three formulas.
WilfordWashington, AR

Taste of the Wild

The package arrived on time. The contents were not damaged.

My 3 pups eat Taste of the Wild on a regular basis. We usually get the roasted bison and venison variety, but will try the Roasted Wild Fowl this time. Prices are comparable to my local pet store, but the benefit of having the 30-pound bag delivered to my door is a bonus. As you may already know, this product is grain free, and similar to other grain-free dog foods. There is 32% crude protein.

EmilRacine, MO

Great grain free product!

This is a great dog food. Grain free products are often very expensive, but if you buy this through amazon, you can find amazing deals compared to the retail store prices.
GarretAbell, MD

Excellent grain-free dog food

We normally feed our dog the Taste of the Wild Hi Prairie Bison formula, but from time to time we like to buy a bag of the Wetlands food to provide him with a little variety in flavor and nutrients. Our dog loves both flavors and never has an issue switching back and forth (although the Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream formula doesn’t agree with him). We generally like Taste of the Wild because it doesn’t cause some allergic reactions that other brands that contain grains caused in our dog, and because it is grain free. Dogs don’t need grain, and because grain free food is more nutrient rich dogs need less volume of the food for the same nutritional benefit. The great news is that less volume of food converts to less waste.

While we will stay with the High Plains version of Taste of the Wild for our Dog’s primary food, we will continue to buy a bag of the Wetlands formula occasionally.

MagenAlexandria, TN

great food

My dog loves it and used correctly has not gained any weight and is healthy very active 9 year old female black lab with a very shiny coat
MalisaClyde Park, MT

a great dog food

this dog food is a high quality product unlike other dog foods in the big box stores,i wanted a great dog food product that didnt stretch the budget, orijen first choice but hard to get in my locale and very costly,totw fit the bill and i can buy it from tsc for cheaper than any online deal you can find and i live in fourth largest city in the u.s.
SybilCunningham, TN

good stuff

My beagle puppy and his vet love it — he is thriving on it. I add some wet food to it twice a day but he eats just dry kibbles without a fuzz. I really am happy with it.
RobertoCity Of Industry, CA

Something has changed and the food smells terrible

I’ve alternated between Canidae and Taste of the Wild for the past year or so with my 4 year old Gordon Setter. He’s always done well on Tast of the Wild, but the last two bags I have received (via Amazon Prime) have smelled absolutely terrible. While it’s possible I could have got a bad bag, it seems unlikely I’d get two bad bags in 6 weeks. The food did not use to smell like this — the smell is so awful I’m not going to feed it anymore. Diamond Dog Food (the company that makes Taste of the Wild and a number of other foods) also seems to have a hard time with recalls … for as much as I’m spending on dog food I want to feel good about what I’m putting in my dogs bowl.
RolfWimauma, FL


OrenKelso, WA

Great quality dog food.

I came across this at tractor supply originally and looked it up on dogfoodanalysis.com. It’s rated very well and so I decided to pull the trigger. The food smells like most kibble. The pieces are small, so you could feed it to a small dog or a big dog. My dogs absolutely love it. Their coats have become so soft since we switched them on this food. They don’t poop a whole lot compared to cheaper foods because there is less filler and more nutrition. I highly recommend this food as the dogs love the taste, it’s good for them and their health and coats have greatly improved since switching them to it.
LornaSchnellville, IN

Great food, worth the price

This food is wonderful. My dogs LOVE it. I feed it to my scotty (23 pounds) and a very energetic mutt (50 pounds). It’s the only food I will buy them, as it is grain free. They both act more energetic since they began eating it about 7 months ago. They both also have lost a little weight, and look healthier with better coats since the switch. Yes, taste of the wild is a little more expensive, but if you can afford it, your dogs will love it. There are several flavors, try them out and see which ones your dogs like.
NatalieWestside, IA

Love it!

I have an English Pointer with food allergies to rice and wheat so we had to find a grain free diet. Started off with Rx diet food but WOW is that expensive stuff, works great but not for my budget. Switched to Taste of the Wild Wetlands Formula and he is doing great on it! Another plus, he is actually gaining weight and keeping it on. He was emaciated when we adopted him almost a year ago and we could not get him to a decent weight no matter what, now he is looking healthy again!!! Excellent food for working/sporting dogs IMHO. Thank you!!!
ShandaDeep Gap, NC