Taste Specialty Foods Wasabi Peanuts, 5-Pound Box


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Just what you’d expect

These are good quality Wasabi Peanuts. I’ve been a fan of wasabi covered products for sometime. Even if the toppings might not be exactly wasabi (more likely some sort of mustard powder), this product is hot and tasty. There is something good about the spice and bite of the wasabi and the creamy nutty flavor of the peanut together. Good bargain at around $25.00 for about five pounds. Sure, you’ll have these around for sometime, but seeing as it’s difficult finding a consistent local source for this product, it’s a smart buy if you’re passionate about these little green nuggets. Enjoy!
NakitaSnowshoe, WV

not what I expected

recieved the nuts but the wasabi coating was so airy and light that much of them had crumbled away with shipping. taste is ok but the texture not as we expected. wont buy these again.
KareyElgin, TN

fooled by the appearance

I fell in love with wasabi peanuts at my local mini-mart and these looked exactly like them. I was so excited because I could no longer get them at the mart. But they were not even remotely close. The exterior is too thick and the texture loses it’s crunch too quickly. Also the peanut is too small. It gives an ok kick but overall after having had the king of Wasabi peanuts, These were a let down.
BlanchePowell, MO

The coating is too thick

I love wasabi covered peanuts but I tried to go cheap with these and it was a waste.
CecileWhitehall, PA