TASTE Specialty Foods Wasabi, Peas, 5 Pound Box

Taste Specialty Foods Wasabi, Peas comes in a 5 pound pack. Wasabi Peas are a great snack with just the right amount of wasabi heat. Taste imports and buys spices from all over the world. From Zanzabar, a major spice trading region, to India, Southeast Asia and the United States, browse our entire spice product list here. We have supplied hundreds of great chefs and personal consumers with many different spice products.

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Salty Enough to give you Hypertension

These are not at all spicy, so little wasabi taste it should be named “MSG peas”. If you hate the spicy taste of wasabi then this is the thing for you(but then why are you ordering ‘wasabi peas’ in the first place!?)They are so salty I stopped after a few and I usually finishes a whole can in one sitting. And they are hard so watch out for your teeth. Overall, disappointed.
TamicaHenderson, IL