Tasty Bite Pad Thai Simmer Sauce Entree, Heat & Eat, 7-Ounce Pouches

Classic Thai sauce with peanuts, onions, tamarind, and chilies. Heat and Eat, no cooking. Tasty Bite products come in a unique smart pouch that seals in wholesome flavors and nutrients. Requires no refrigeration until pouch is opened. Great for camping, hiking, work, anywhere you go. Meal ideas: try as a marinade, grilling sauce or dip. Integrate into your favorite recipe for a fresh meal solution. All natural, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, no MSG, no preservatives, kosher, no refrigeration, 18 month shelf life. Product of India. Try all of Tasty Bite’s delicious Indian and Pan-Asian inspired products: Meal Inspiration, Entrees, Simmer Sauces and Rices.

Quick facts

  • Pack of 6, 7 oz. pouches (total of 42 oz)
  • Classic Thai sauce with peanuts, onions, tamarind, and chilies.
  • All natural, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, no MSG, no preservatives, kosher
  • Fully Cooked; Just Heat & Eat.
  • Made in India

Top reviews

Decent pre-made start to Pad Thai

If you are interested in getting this sauce to make pad thai at home without devoting nearly an hour to gathering and prepping the ingredients, this sauce is an excellent choice. However, please understand (I think some of the other reviewers didn’t) that unlike most pre-packaged and processed foods, this one is devoid of ANY salt. You will have to add salt or fish sauce to give it any type of flavor. I don’t see this as a negative, since I can now control the amount of salt my family eats when I use this sauce. It does also need lime and I liked adding Huey Fong Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce (28oz). If you view this product as a base to making a decent pad thai instead of a complete sauce to take anything resembling cooking out of your hands, you should be pretty satisfied with it.
ChereMatamoras, PA


I love Tasty Bite as much as the next occationally lazy vegan but this was gross. It tasted nothing like Pad Thai and I couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth for hours. Even when I tried to add lime juice, hot sauce, and bean sprouts it didn’t come close. I just learned it’s worth the time and effort to make your own from scratch. So worth it.
JunieMccutcheon Field, NC

Easy and Quick Start for Pad Thai

If you’re short on time, this is a winner. There is absolutely no salt in this sauce and it’s not spicy at all (which is good for most kids/families). Add your own and you’ll be happy. Also Gluten-free!
NoraPainted Post, NY

Okay in a pinch, but not the best

I purchased this sauce several weeks ago from a local store when I wasn’t prepared to venture into making pad thai sauce from scratch.

Unfortunately, it just barely passes. It is not nearly as salty, sour, or hot as the sauce should be, and if I had fish sauce I probably would have added two or three tablespoons more. I was hoping that this would be a convenient find, but I was disappointed.

LynnetteWeleetka, OK

Classic, maybe? Plain, Yes.

I bought this sauce hoping to be able to make Pad Thai for my family at home that would taste similar to what we get when we eat out. I know that recipes and tastes will vary from one to the next, but this was listed as “Classic Thai sauce”.

The first night I tried using it, I immediately knew it wasn’t what I was looking for. Luckily I had Thai Kitchen, Pad Thai Sauce on hand and between the two I was able to come up with something that my family did enjoy.

While this sauce may be a starting point for your meal, if you’re like me it won’t be enough. While I was hoping to find something pre-made and easy, I may just need to get up enough courage to try making it from scratch.

LillaSaint Boniface, PA


I really love the other Tasty Bite products and I wish I could like this stuff, but it’s just – bland and tasteless. I found it edible but just barely. Maybe the addition of some spice and hot sauce would make it better, but I expect more from what’s advertised as a complete sauce.

Edit to add: Adding some chunky peanut butter and Chinese hot oil pepped this up to be quite tasty.

JayElnora, IN

Not authentic, but works well as a quick base for adding other ingredients…

If you’re looking for or expecting authentic Pad Thai sauce, you will be disappointed with these pouches. If you’re looking for a base sauce that you can add your spices and seasonings to for various dishes, it’s a good start.

Depending on price (which has fluctuated quite a bit over the year or more we’ve been ordering), it’s a good value.

Price is important because we never get by without using at least two and often three pouches (which includes watering them down with a half-pack of water per pouch) per dish.

FYI: This isn’t low sodium (17% per serving, two servings per pack) or low fat, so keep that in mind as you use it. (I think someone posted elsewhere that it is devoid of salt. I just checked the label on the pouches and 17% sodium means there’s salt in there.)

We used to make our pad thai sauce from scratch but it wasn’t economical for us to purchase all the ingredients given the frequency of use. So we tried these as an acceptable substitute for our purposes. We often split a dish into two and make one spicier for guests who like it hot and leave the rest milder (bland to some). Again, having an option is a plus.

Foodies will never love this or want to use, but for the rest of us, it’s a fast and edible option.

CatriceReading, MN

Nothing like Pad Thai

The package is so pretty I expected contents to be pleasing too. But it is very disappointing: plain, sweet, and tastes nothing like Pad Thai. With heavy doctoring it is edible. Once you’ve hauled out lime, chili, and fish sauce, you might as well skip the package and make real Pad Thai sauce. It gets two stars for motivating me to cook food and for not needing to throw away my dinner after cooking, but I will never buy it again.
AndyDownsville, WI

Don’t Bother

This sauce is not even close. I like some of the other tasty bite dishes, and was excited to see these sauces in the market. I purchased another style, and I’m not even sure I want to try it.
WinnieWascott, WI