Taylors of Harrogate Irish Breakfast Tea, 50-Count Tea Bags

A strong, rich blend of Assam and east African teas. A traditional Irish blend of top quality Assam and east African teas, It has a wonderfully robust flavour, strong and rich, with a bright, rosy liquor in the cup. Our Irish breakfast tea is an absolutely perfect way to greet the day, but its reviving, full-bodies taste will be welcome ay any time. Blended and packed in England.

Quick facts

  • Case of six 50-teabag boxes (300 total tea bags)
  • Contains only 100% natural, Kosher-certified Assam and East African black teas
  • High in antioxidants; each English-style (tagless) teabag contains 2.5 grams of tea
  • Strong, full-bodied blend can be served with lemon or milk
  • Indian and East African teas blended and packed in England

Top reviews

Bad tea!

This tea is stale. I have had this brand and kind of tea many times, so I know how it should taste. It’s dated Jan. 2013, but it must have been stored improperly. It has no fragrance and no taste. Even the teabag paper looks yellowed. It is worse than supermarket tea. I cherish my breakfast tea, so am very disappointed, especially having bought six boxes of this useless stuff. I tried to give it no stars, but that’s not allowed, so I gave one for prompt shipping.
ElaineGeorgetown, LA


We enjoy this tea very much. Our experience with Amazon has been very good thank you
NoelleEbeye, MH

Lovely way to start the day

Having made coffee drinks for a living a few years ago has turned me into more of a tea afficianado than I was already, therefore I must say that one of my favourite teas of all time has turned out to be Irish Breakfast—and Taylor’s of Harrogate is the best I have tried. This type of tea has bit of an edge to it and is fabulous with a bit of milk or cream.

I look forward to smpling more of the varieties T of H has to offer,

LuisGreensboro, IN

Excellent Taste and Good Price for Quantity

Taylors of Harrogate Irish Breakfast Tea is a true quality blend of this type. We have drunk Irish breakfast tea for many years, and this is an excellent blend, especially for a bag (which makes it easier). Other brands we’ve tried in stores are weak imitations of the type because they tend to cut the blend with cheaper black tea in order to make a higher profit. ToH doesn’t do that and the rich flavor speaks for itself. This tea is a definite flavorful replacement for coffee… just add cream or evaporated milk… mmmmmm…

Do the math on this 6 box x 50 bag count and compare with what you see in stores. Especially if Amazon offers free shipping, SNAP it up.

MarilynnHillsboro, OR

Goodness gracious, good morning!!

Taylor’s of Hargate Irish Breakfast tea is the only way to start you day. The flavor is robust without being overdone and offers the little caffine kick I know I need to jump-start my morning. Taylor’s Tea also is lovely in the afternoon with a little sweet something. Fine tea.
SangBoulder, WY

For True Tea Lovers!

If you like strong, black tea, then this is the one for you! My grandfather owned a tea plantation in Assam, India, so I am an admitted tea snob who would only drink tea fresh from the plantation. It is extremely difficult to find a good domestic black tea within the U.S. (The U.S. is a coffee country, not a tea country – and herbal tea is not real tea!!!). Black tea within the U.S. is generally weak, watered down and has no taste. I was pleasantly surprised by this brand of teas (Taylor’s of Harrogate in general). All of the teas that I have tried of this brand have been good, but the Irish breakfast tea in particular is excellent (for packaged tea). It is a wonderful blend of African and Assamese black teas, with a bold, strong flavor and color. It is excellent with milk and sugar. I indulge in a cup of tea with biscuits (cookies!) each afternoon! 🙂
FatimahHersey, MI

tea lovers choice

I love a strong tea in the morning and this is my favorite. It has a great deep flavor without being bitter.
MalloryTallmadge, OH

Nice Tea

Worth the extra money if you love good tea…since the extra money isn’t too much extra like it is going from, say, a Chevy to a Cadillac. It’s a solid consistent flavour…not harsh like other brands.
StarBancroft, IA

Delicious traditional tea

Just like the tea I remember from childhood. Large tea bags that allow the flavour to flow fully and perfectly. Nothing like it available anywhere. This is real tea!
AbeMelvin, MI

Not much to recommend

I thought I would go back to my grandparents heritage,all four born in Ireland, and try some Irish Tea. I recently had a heart problem and my cardiologist recommended that I significantly decreae my caffeine intake. I used to drink several glasses of iced tea every day. Strangely enough tea has at least as much caffeine as coffee. Green tea is definately out as an alternative to coffee or other beverages; but black tea is fine.I picked up some store brand black tea bags (Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Chai)to make iced tea and I was quite pleased with the heartiness of the flavor. I then researched the matter further and came accross the Taylor’s Decaffeinated Irish Breakfast Tea. I was quite disappointed with the results. I like strong tea, and must use at least 14 tea bags to get the same results as 10 tea bags of the store brand. As you might guess the store brand ia a lot less expensive. I will use up the 6 boxes that conisted of my order, and then buy the store brand again.
RaulUnion Hill, IL

Good Irish Breakfast Tea, but pricey.

This tea is definitely worth trying as you may find that it’s your favorite. I’ve tried Irish Breakfast from most online Tea Shops to try to find one that is superior.

Taylor’s has some fine teas, but I didn’t find this variety superior enough to keep buying it. I do buy their Yorkshire Gold, which is much stronger and great for when I need that. I found that I enjoy Trader Joe’s Irish Breakfast Tea just as much or more than this brand at around half the price or a little less.

BertaPinehurst, GA

Irish Breakfast Tea

Taylor’s of Harrogate Irish Tea is very good, great flavor. My only complaint and surprise is the individual packaging. They come as a loose bag and not individually packaged, easy to rip the bag.
LianneTionesta, PA