Taylors of Harrogate Lapsang Souchong Leaf Tea, Loose Leaf, 4.41-Ounce Tins

Taylors of Harrogate Lapsang Souchong, Loose 125 gram Caddy

Quick facts

  • Best cup of Tea in England
  • British Quality British Standards
  • Same product that is sold & served in England
  • Over 100 years of tea buying and blending experience in every product

Top reviews

If you like tea that tastes like gasoline then this is the buy for you

I like to consider myself a connoisseur in teas and this is by far one of the WORST blends I have ever had the misfortune to try. This blend tastes like an accumulation of old socks and sweaty feet. Lipton tea is leagues better than this garbage. I have tried the Earl Grey blend by Taylors of Harrogate and it was great; one of my favorite purchases ever. However, this blend turned out to be revolting. I bought this 2 pack, brewed one cup, took one sip and dumped out both packages straight into the trash. Awful tea, would not recommend it to my worst enemy.
DomenicThendara, NY

Single Malt and Cigars.

Lapsang Souchong tea comes from the mist-enshrouded Wuyi Mountains in the northwestern corner of China’s Fujian Province (north of Guangdong [Canton] Province), whose greatest tourist draw besides its mountains is its coast line on the Taiwan Straits.

This tea has an unmistakeably smokey note, which for years made it a particular favorite with the “single malt and cigars” crowd of English clubs and drawing rooms. That aroma is created during the tea’s smoking process, which involves the withering of the tea leaves in bamboo baskets hung on racks over cypress or pine wood fires, after they have been rolled and placed into wooden barrels until they emit their own aroma. The finished tea leaves are characteristically thick and black. Legend has it that this smoking process was discovered by accident during the Quing Dynasty (1644 – 1911), when an army unit camping out in a tea factory interrupted the processing of the recently-arrived leaves and the workers then resulted to drying the leaves over pine fires to make up for the disruption and get to the market in time, creating an instant sensation there.

Because of its potent aroma, Lapsang Souchong should not steep very long. The rule of thumb is that the paler its color, the more likely you’ll truly enjoy it.

HollySalmon, ID

Seems like it will be amazing

I just ordered this and the picture looks great.
I bet I’m going to really like it.

To be fair, I should probably write a review after actually
trying the product, but then again the 1-star review of this
product doesn’t really make sense either, so here is a 5-star
review to neutralize the 1-star. Now we’re even.

LunaColumbiana, OH

lovely, beautiful tea

Lapsang Souchong is what some might consider an acquired taste, because the smokiness and aroma of it are quite strong. Its aromatic reminiscence of woodsy smoke does not take away from the taste of the tea itself, which is rich, flavorful, and not at all bitter as one might suspect from the first overwhelming sniff. The taste is actually mellow and yet refreshing, the color a golden amber, and, as the reviewer below mentions, it is best when not steeped for too long. It’s also best served without milk, as this takes away from the taste…but personal taste is personal taste.

I must admit, I am not what you’d call a lapsang souchong snob, but I have tasted several brands, and Taylors of Harrogate offer the best I’ve ever tried. Their tea is divine, and I’m going to order some more of their other teas.

KeithMarstons Mills, MA

If you like a smokey tea, you’ll love this Lapsang Souchong

In the world of tea, there are a few varieties that stand out like a sore thumb. They have a very peculiar taste and probably a small subset of tea lovers partake of them. Lapsang Souchong might very well be at the top of the list.

Prior to this tea, I had sampled a few other brands and never really liked Lapsang Souchong. For those who don’t like it, you’d probably be inclined to describe it as a brew of burnt rubber or factory soot, with just a hint of campfire. Not something you’d be craving to try again.

Well, on a lark I decided to try Taylors of Harrogate Lapsang Souchong, and I’m very glad I did. Taylors got it RIGHT. This tea is very smooth and has a pleasant smokey aroma and taste. You really have to stretch your imagination to conjure up thoughts of burnt rubber when sipping ANY Lapsang Souchong tea, and why would you want to when you can really enjoy it? Comparatively, this tea is better than Twinings. I have both and tried them side by side. There was no contest–Taylors won.

So, if you have already tried Lapsang Souchong and haven’t quite found a version that suits you, look no further. You’ve found it with Taylors. 🙂

TerresaRichlands, VA

Beginner’s Lapsang Souchong

I am a Lapsang Souchong fan. I enjoy the smokey flavor. This particular version has nice subtlety to its flavor but lacks the “smoke” I desire. I know most people are not fond of a “barbequed tea”. This brand may be one of the best for those who wish to test Lapsang Souchong but don’t desire a lot of smokey flavor. For true fans I would recommend the one from China Mist [[ASIN:B0000V1BEI Lapsang Souchong Whole Leaf Loose Black Tea].
HaleyBroseley, MO

Excellent Tea

If you are familiar with Lapsang Souchong tea and like it you should consider this one. It is a little lighter and smoother than some other versions of this type of tea and I like it very much. If you have never tried Lapsang you should try a cup at a local tea shop before buying. Lapsang has a smokey rosin sort of favor and is something of an acquired taste. For those of us who like it, however, there is no substitute.
EnaDeweyville, UT

A good lapsang souchong

I’ve had Twinings Lapsang Souchang and now Taylors Lapsang Souchang. They’re both very nice teas and aren’t noticeably different (unless you perhaps drink them side by side). If you’ve not had Lapsang Souchang before, the concept is a bit like Earl Grey, only instead of that sort of earthy oil flavor it’s smokey. Not some sort of abstract smokiness like smoked salmon, but real “a forest is burning down somewhere nearby” smokey. It is excellent with milk, and fine on its own. I haven’t had really expensive teas, so I don’t know how this would compare to some of the “artisan” tea shops, but my guess is that if those are like great German beer, Taylors or Twinings are like a pretty decent English beer.

Lapsang Souchang is also an excellent tea for coffee drinkers — it has similar flavor characteristics of coffee, but does not have a bitter aftertaste. Many coffee drinkers stay away from tea because it is either weak tasting or too watery — this is definitely not weak tea, and a splash of (whole) milk will take care of the wateriness if that’s a problem.

My recommendation is to buy whichever of Twinings or Taylors is cheapest. Buying the 6-pack is a good idea because it is freakin’ impossible to find lapsang souchang in stores.

YukoLake City, KS

Tastes like burnt plastic

I got this because I wanted to try a few different LS flavors. I brewed this in a glass pot so there’s no leeching but it still tasted like burnt plastic. Going back to Adagio Lapsang Souchong – it might be a bit weak but it also doesn’t taste like burning electronics.
SheenaPleasant Hill, MO

very pronounced smoky flavor

I have used several brands of this type of tea. All of the other ones had a mild smoky flavor. This one’s smoky flavor is much more intense and may not be enjoyed by everyone.
LucasMillheim, PA

Great stuff

This is my mom’s favorite type of tea so I ordered some the day before her birthday to have delivered to her house next day for her birthday. Package was on her stoop when she got home from work. She’s ecstatic which makes me ecstatic too!
KassandraLamar, SC

Very nice loose tea

I have always enjoyed Lapsang Souchong loose tea. My normal brand (Twinnings)no longer carries the Lapsang Souchong in loose form, so I decided to try this. A very good cup of tea.
HenrietteSeadrift, TX