Taylors of Harrogate Pure Assam Tea, 50-Count Tea Bags

A rich refreshing Indian tea from the Brahmaputra Valley. Our finest Assam is grown in the Brahmaputra valley, in north east India and has been specially selected for its superior quality. It is a powerful, malty tea and its brisk and invigorating nature makes it ideal for breakfast and throughout the day. Blended and packed in England.

Quick facts

  • Case of six 50-teabag boxes (300 total tea bags)
  • Made with 100% natural Assam tea
  • High in antioxidants; each English-style (tagless) teabag contains 2.5 grams of tea
  • Rich and full-bodied with a distinct, slightly malty flavor
  • Tea grown in the Brahmaputra valley in northeast India; blended and packed in England

Top reviews

Expires in 3 months?!

6 boxes of tea and it has an expiration date in less than 4 months? Seems the seller is unloading stock they can’t sell. Won’t buy this again.
VannesaDubberly, LA

Amazing…Just like if I was in Pakistan

This tea is expensive. Let us be honest. But it is worth EVERY PENNY.

WOW…and backwards…WOW.

The flavor is amazing. My wife and I search for a tea that tastes like the Lipton Yellow Label Tea that you get in Pakistan. That just has such a great flavor…epsecially with Nestle Everyday (couldn’t live without that creamer). Until now, my wife usually buys Tetly, which we thought was pretty good. For some reason, it just seemed better than the Lipton Yellow Label tea that you can purchase at international stores here in the U.S.

But then I ordered this, and again, WOW. There is NO comparison. We make tea the typical Pakistani way, but for comparison purposes, we just took two cups of boiling water and put a Tetly bag in one and one of these on the other cup. The color and smell of the Tetly seemed fine…UNTIL you look at this one, and then smell it. This is just spot on. I can’t say enough about it. It is more than I’d like to pay for tea, but until there’s another option, this is what we’ll be getting.

Give it a shot…but make sure you get Nestle Everday, that is, if you can find it anywhere. At best, it will be available in some International/Pakistani grocery stores. Good luck.

HeathOlin, NC

Taylors Pure Assam Tea Pure Pleasure

Taylors Assam Tea provides tea lovers with another outstanding tea from the legendary land of teas. As is usual, the tea is its usual best of England.
LeontineMilton, TN

The best Assam in a bag

This is my all time favorite Assam tea (other than the kind I can find in London) and it seems to be hard to find in the stores. I am a very serious tea drinker and I love being able to buy it in bulk like this. Excellent find.
BriannaOtisco, IN

Excellent proper tea

We had been buying tea bags in bulk yearly whilst in England from the Wallingford Tea Company, a firm that selected and purchased tea and then processed and bagged in Wallingford.

The Taylors of Harrogate Pure Assam Tea packaged in bags of 50 each is outstanding and considering the free Amazon shipping, is every bit as satisfactory without the expense of a trip to the UK or having friends post it to us in the US. Great product that is difficult to find anywhere in the US at a great price.

HilmaPascagoula, MS

Good Price

We have been hooked on to the malty flavor of Assam tea for years. It’s about $2/pack cheaper than buying from specialty stores with the convenience of bulk buying. I’m getting ready to order my second batch.
AndriaSpraggs, PA

Strong and bold, almost like coffee

I love assam tea because of the bold, malty flavor. I drink it with milk, the same as I would do with coffee. It satisfies my coffee craving in the mornings, but perhaps is a bit better for me than coffee would be…? So they say at least. And Taylor of Harrogate has never disappointed me.
MaudieSaratoga, AR

Great Robust and Flavorful Tea – a Big Winner

I’ve been looking for a tea to replace an Irish Breakfast tea that is no longer available, and this one came up as my winner (Taylor of Harrogate’s Irish Breakfast Tea was the runner-up). Rich robust flavors without being astringent, and nice malty flavors. Wonderful alone or with a bit of milk or cream, this is a terrifiic morning wake-you-up tea. No longer missing my old tea.
KayleighZanesfield, OH

Just the thing for lovers of bold black tea

This is excellent Assam tea. It brews a deep red-brown liquor with the proper strong malty aroma and taste; a perfect afternoon pick-me-up when I need to get through the rest of the work day.
ShirleySeneca Falls, NY

Now that’s a nice cup of tea!

I’m hooked on this Taylors of Harrogate Assam tea. It’s really good in the 50 bag form. It holds up so nicely to milk, has a nice, strong flavor that isn’t at all bitter or perfumey. Good solid tea. Amazon has become my most reliable source for this staple. Get the case of six boxes and you’ll not have to do without!
ArielMedon, TN

Morning Tea, part 2

My wife and I have been drinking this tea for years. IT is truly the best tea bag found and the prices here are extraordinary. I couldn’t recommend it more.
AyeshaHillsboro, OH

Always a good cuppa

We always enjoy this tea, it is our daily morning cup. Amazon seems to have the best price and is always prompt with shipping. Packaging is always very good, no crushed boxes.
EdithRadnor, OH

Perfect cuppa!

This is an excellent tea with a full and hearty quality. I enjoy many varieties, but this Assam tea is my favorite and I use it to wake in the morning and as an excellent ice tea for afternoons.
BetsyLinville, NC

Makes Full-Bodied Iced Tea

This tea is full-bodied, but never bitter. It’s great hot, but I make my iced tea from boiling water and 3-4 of these tea bags in a glass pitcher, then I mix in Crystal Light lemonade. It is absolutely awesome. The tea is wonderful and reasonably priced. You won’t drink ordinary (supermarket) tea after you taste Taylors Assam. I ordered my first batch of 6 boxes last January. I am reordering it six months later.
NedBlairsville, GA

Clear Crisp Tea Good for Home Use and Gift

As a couple we drink lots of hot tea, so much so we use up these six boxes in two to three months. We searched for a good Assam tea and found Taylors of Harrogate Pure Assam Tea Bags very satifying. My husband drinks his tea “as is” and I put a teaspoon of sugar in mine.

Having extra boxes of this lovely tea around, makes it easy to bring as a gift for a lunch or dinner, especially if the hosts as tea-tottlers!

MarlaTatum, TX


If you like a strong but not bitter tea, Assam is the tea for you. For years I bought it in the UK, but I’m unable to travel anymore, so thank goodness for Amazon. I just wish I didn’t have to buy so much, but what I did was to share some extra boxes with family and friends.
EddyMedford, NY

Terrific Value

A delicious, malty Assam. Perfect brew for your Inner Brit. I prefer it with milk and sugar, of course, but black works, too.
AdeleWayne, IL

Makes an excellent cup of tea!

I am so glad Amazon carries this tea, and that too at a very competitive price point. I used to purchase from andronicos for nearly twice as much!

This tea is makes a strong cup, but never bitter – even when over steeped. Flavor comes trough nice and strong even when prepared with milk. Great breakfast tea I would highly recommend!

WarrenKremmling, CO