Tazo® Awake Full Leaf Tea

When there is a diem in front of you that absolutely must be carped, reach for a cup of Tazo® AwakeTM Tea. This finely balanced blend contains bold, malty teas from India and bright, flavorful teas from Sri Lanka. One sip and you’ll find it to be more flavorful than your typical breakfast tea. It may also help you find your car keys, but no promises.

Quick facts

  • Packaged in a tin box with 15 sachets of tea
  • A black breakfast tea of boldness, depth and character, invigorating any time of day.

Top reviews

I Will Never know

I will never know how this product is.
Amazon/Starbucks chose to send this order with the requirement I sign for it! Why they would do this on a $20.00 order is beyond me. I work and am not home to sign for packages. The package was returned and Amazon/Starbucks has yet to reply to my emails or even return my money.
This in my first Amazon disappointment and I have ben a customer for nearly 10 years.
LamonicaCloverport, KY

Worst Rooibos

I tried this tea as my introduction to Rooibos. I was very excited after hearing of the benefits of rooibos. To my dissapointment I thought this tea was disgusting!

Luckily, I didn’t give up and tried other brands (Numi and Yogi are great) of rooibos and they were all fantastic. This tea has a stale vanilla taste that completely covers up the natural flavor of rooibos. Stay away from this tea. Plain rooibos without added flavors is perfect on it’s own.

PatrinaElk Creek, CA

But what about recycling?

I love awake tea, but I am mad that you can’t get the labels off the tin to reuse it. Nor can you compost the nylon bags. The packaging is not earth friendly. Even though I love the tea leaves less chopped-up, I buy the other packaging. What’s wrong with you Tazo? Starbucks? It can’t be that bad to use a different glue for the cute tins so we can store rubber-bands in them!
It can’t hurt your profit margin too much to use another fabric for your tea bags. As soon as you do I will be a loyal customer!
ChantayMunnsville, NY

vanilla disflavored

The packaging is great for a gift. The teabags are pyramidal in shape. As far as taste, if you’re just looking for a tea that tastes like vanilla, then this Tazo brand will do it for you. If you’re looking for rooibos tea with the pure rooibos taste, then the addition of vanilla at least in this brand of tea, Tazo, will disappoint you. The raw rooibos taste, without these “improvements” such as vanilla, is full-bodied and has its own unique taste. I found myself being drawn more to the pure rooibos teas from Twinings, Republic of Tea, and Numi.
YongCampbellton, FL

Smooth & Awakening!

Tazo Awake Full Leaf Tea is the best black tea I have ever tasted. It is much better than the ground tea bags you would find in the grocery store (even of the same brand and type!). It is very smooth, yet bold, delicious drank straight or with a splash of milk and a little sugar.

The caffeine content is perfect to give you a little heart racing boost and get your day started. I am not a coffee drinker so I use this as my morning wake up drink. Love it and always have it on me, even when traveling.

GertrudWilburn, AR

love it

This tastes just like the iced tea you buy at Starbucks. I like it better because I make it with purified, filtered water. Great tea
MaddieSouth Heights, PA

Tazo Zen Full leaf

Tazo Zen is a great tasting green tea. I would recommend to others at least to try. They serve it at Starbuck’s stores so it would be better to try there first (although they will charge you $2 for a small).
LeannaEvanston, WY

Tazo® Zen Full Leaf Tea

If you love good quality tea, always buy the “Full Leaf” type. You will enjoy it! Zen, is my favorite!
RhiannonHyde, PA

great taste

as i expected its a great taste and healthy and good shipment packing great fair value, i will order it again ,thank u starbux
KatherynCobalt, ID

Tazo Tea

The tea is delicious…has a natural sweetness to it and has no caffeine. It is a bit pricey, but cheaper than buying it at Starbucks drive up.
CurtisVincennes, IN

Great work and on the go tea

I am a big fan of drinking tea, and love a good earl grey. This is one of the best earl greys you can get, unless you upgrade to the loose leaf teas. It’s great at work and on the go, where you don’t have time or equipment to brew loose leaf teas. The tea holds up well through a range of temperatures and doesn’t taste as bitter as some others out there. I recommend brewing it at temperature below boiling to produce smoother flavor (I usually add a little bit of cold water to the cup before pouring in boiling water to control the steeping). The only downside is it’s a little expensive for 15 servings. Would recommend without hesitation to anybody looking for a decent earl grey.
AdrienZephyrhills, FL

Love this tea!

I love this tea. The flavor is heavenly and the tea bags look like a lovely sachet of poupourri, not a regular tea bag. It’s such a pleasing statement, visually, aroma, and flavor. I’ve given this tea as gifts.
CorazonShingleton, MI


I had this in the store to break out of the normal coffee routine, and it was great. Unfortunately I had to buy it online, but the quality is just as good as it was in the store. If you love tea, and want to try something different, or just want to give it a try, it’s worth it. The tea is unlike any other I’ve tried, but great for the mornings!
FlaviaTama, IA