Tazo China Green Tips Filter Bag Tea, 24-Count Packages

Spring-harvested green tea with a delicate fresh taste and light green color that leads to a smooth finish.

Quick facts

  • Delicate green tea
  • Smooth green tea
  • Filter bags

Top reviews

Best green tea in a bag!

Mellow, sweet, green in color. This tea is my favorite go to bag when I do not have loose leaf to infuse. It is delicate but can handle boiling water for 3 or 4 minutes without giving off tannins to make it bitter. BUT use slightly cooler water to get the best tea!
AnetteAustwell, TX

The Older Style Tea Bags

Product is great and arrived quickly without issue. One note; I thought from the picture that these were the newer ones (i think they are called sachets) that you get at starbucks these days. They are instead the paper tea bags.
PriscillaAlta, IA

Wonderful tea

Im a big fan of the tazo brand teas and after trying this particular one in Starbucks i decided to buy a batch of them. I’m happy overall with my purchase except i was under the impression the tea bags were the higher quality ones and not the traditional style. The taste is very grassy so if you dont like an earthy taste stay away. Gets bitter if left in the cup for too long.
CaylaBelfry, MT

china tips green tea

We love China tips green tea. When we buy it at Starbucks it’s approx. $6…so the $25 for 6 boxes is a great value.
VerdieNorwich, CT


As a green tea obsessee- I’ve tried MANY, many kinds of green tea. From Korea, China, Japan, etc etc.
I think the best I ever had was a super highend green tea from China that cost $80 for a small pouch.
Except I’m not made of money, so this is my review of obsessing over a good-priced green tea:

I judge the quality of the tea leaves by 3 things.
1. How the tea tastes when steeped in hot water.
2. How many cups a tea bag can be used in hot water before completely using flavor.
3. If the tea is able to steep in room temperature water.

1. Tazo’s China Green Tips is definitely one of the best teas I’ve had steeped in hot water. If you oversteep it, there’s a slight tangy bitterness that comes with all green teas. Except this tea has the least harsh tangy/bitter feel to it. Even if you burn the leaves from boiling water, it’s still drinkable (unlike poorer quality green teas, the tang/bitterness is like some kind of horrible challenge).
2. I’ve been able to yank 2 cups of tea, with completely full flavor in each one. I steep my bags in hot water for 3 minutes max and take them out. I’ve been trying to decrease my caffeine intake, so I like to re-use the bag for another 2 weak cups, just to drink in the flavor without opening a new bag.
3. This steeps in room temperature water! 1 bag steeped in room temperature water will start to show very nice green in your cup after even 3 minutes. I drink my teas like this in the summer, since I can’t stand drinking boiling hot tea in 100F. The taste will obviously not be as strong as when it’s steeped in hot water, but it’s still lovely and perfect for the summer.

For those who said they found this product at Target for cheaper, I saw that too. But I noticed on the tea bags sold in Target that it’s stamped with Tazo’s 2007 rights, while the tea bags sold from here (or at least the last batch I bought 6 months ago) were stamped with Tazo’s 2008 rights. So. I guess. Maybe Target is selling older stock, hence why it’s cheaper?

ShadLakewood, OH

Good and so very close to loose leaf chinese green tea.

I became accustomed to chinese green tea while on vacation to China. Drinking fresh loose leaf tea everyday was a pure pleasure so I even went to the extent of buying chinese green teas being imported. Then one day at work, I had run out and I found we had Tazo China Green Tips tea. Lo and behold, it has the same flavor, essence and aroma as the tea I had been drinking in China. The flavor is good and the tea bag seeps well, it’s not as bold as the loose leaf version by Tazo sold in tins but it does the job and for the price on the bulk 6 pack of 24, it’s a pretty good deal. I buy the loose leaf version of the Tazo China Green Tips at Starbucks for under 7 dollars a box, which are actually tins. Love this tea for the convenience and being so close to loose leaf versions of the tea. As the other reviewer noted, don’t seep too long otherwise it gets bitter. I like the perfect seep where it has the nutty undertones, fresh aromatic vapors. Conveniently on Amazon for a 6 pack of 24.
LeonLucien, OK