Tazo Orange Blossom Full-Leaf Green Tea, 15-Count Tea Bags

A light and invigorating blend of jasmine green tea, goji berries and tangerine peel

Quick facts

  • A light and invigorating blend of jasmine, green tea, goji berries
  • Full flavored, juicy infusion of lemon grass, citrus herbs and orange essence
  • With exotic hint of spice and a distinctive floral finish

Top reviews

Not Orange at All

This has to be the weirdest out-there tasting tea I have ever had. I love to experiment with teas and try all kinds but this is just disgusting. There is no real orange/tangerine flavor as the described by one reviewer. All you can taste is the fennel/anise and goji berries. I was hoping for a light and refreshing orange/bergamot tea and this is so far from it that no where on it’s label should it “mention” orange. I will take it as money lost and stay far away from this one.
DoreathaGlen Allen, VA

Great tea, but shop for pricing in your area

I love this tea. From the second I open the tin in the morning and take an extra sniff or two of the tangerine aroma, to the last cooling sip in my cup, I can taste the orange and the spices. There is even a little licorice flavor to it which keeps it from being a boring citrus tea. My only negative is the price on this site. I actually found it cheaper in a Starbucks!
ConstanceSaint Paul, IA