Tazo Vanilla Rooibos Full Leaf Tea, 15 Count Sachets

Tazotea Van Rooibs Full Leaf Tea

Quick facts

  • 15 count box

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Just like the previous 2-pack listing for this product which was removed, this is just TOO EXPENSIVE. You can buy it at retail (Starbucks, Target, etc.) for around $7. I absolutely love this tea – it’s by far my favorite – but I’m unwilling to buy it through Amazon at these prices.
GeralynKeatchie, LA

Of course something is discontinued when I discover it

I just tried this for the first time today and absolutely LOVE this tea. I looked it up on the Tazo/Starbucks website and find that it has been discontinued. Dang! I found it at an Albertsons grocery store for $6.95 or so. Now I will have to purchase several so I can at least have this for a while longer. I won’t purchase it at the price shown on Amazon until there is no more available locally.
MalcomRandsburg, CA