Tazo Well-Being Focus, Black Tea, 16-Count Tea Bags

A cleverly invigorating mix of black tea, roasted yerba mate, orange essence and coca peel

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  • Numi Tea Organic Orange Spice White Tea 16 Bag

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Improves Mental Clarity?

Tazo’s Focus tea is a blend of black tea, lemon balm, chicory, cocoa peels, roasted yerba mate, rose petals, citrus essence oil, rosemary and natural flavors. To me it mostly tastes like a mild lemony tea. It tastes pretty good with a few tablespoons of powdered milk (so it doesn’t dilute the taste like milk would) and a packet of stevia. What I’ve noticed with this tea is how it makes the world shimmer. It is as if you are more aware of beauty when you have had a cup of this tea. I’ve read negative and positive things about yerba mate. So I think it is best to drink this tea occasionally and not to drink it instead of your normal tea or coffee. It is good if you want to focus on reading a good book but this tea can also make you a bit jittery from the caffeine. I also noticed that this was a good appetite suppressant. When I drank this a few hours before dinner I ate way less than normal. I was only eating a salad but made it much smaller than a dinner salad and even skipped adding the chicken. This tea also contains theobromine which is found in chocolate. Since some articles online state that yerba mate causes cancer and others say it cures cancer it is probably best to do your own research before deciding if you want to drink this tea.

~The Rebecca Review

SocorroBellville, TX

A Wonderful Tea

This tea is amazing. I love it. I didn’t think I’d like it, especially the chocolate/mate notes, because I hate coffee and I’ve found that tea with chocolate tends to have a coffee taste to me and I don’t like it. But this is awesome! It’s beat out my usual morning Earl Grey and I’d certainly drink a lot more of it if it was easier to find. Amazon appears to be out of it. Two other sites I tried ordering from were out and the store I originally bought it from said it wasn’t part of their regular inventory and wasn’t something they were planning to stock again. I think Tazo hates me. This is the second tea of theirs I’ve fallen in love with and can’t seem to get my hands on.
SonPrairie City, IA

delighful, surprisingly original and great tasting tea!!

I have been long-time fan of the Earl Grey Tea… I love drinking tea, and have tried endless variety over the years… and I always come back to Earl Grey… there is such a simple, yet powerful magic in the taste of black tea with the citrus flavor of bergamot…
(and of course, not all the brands deliver the same standard of excellence, there are some Earl Grey brands, that taste as bland as any generic black tea…)

All right, that being said, discovering this Tazo Focus was quite a delightful surprise. I just randomly bought it in a store, that I could not later remember, and when I was ready to buy another box, I was not able to find it in any of the stores I usually shop at – that’s why I turn to Amazon. As usually, I was not disappointed, and I found it here (except I had to buy six-pack, now that’s quite a supply of tea!! :).

Anyway, the combination of orange essence and cocoa peel is surprisingly tasteful and delectable, and in a lot of ways reminds me of really good Earl Grey in it’s uniqueness. I do not regret having to buy the whole six pack, as I have already gone through one of the boxes in less than two weeks.

Bottom line – love the taste, and would recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone who likes delicious and unique tasting tea!!

LareeDexter, NM

Love this Tea, Hard to Find

I’m generally pleased with all of the Tazo products. Their packaging keeps the teas from going “stale” which is a problem I’ve had with other specialty teas. This blend is very pleasing and not quite as strong as “Awake” which is also a favorite of mine and not quite as bluntly fruity as some other black and fruit mixes. Much more interesting than Earl Grey although I love that too. I found this one first at Target and when they stopped putting it on the shelf I started the web search. I was so worried it was going to be discontinued I bought a 6 box case. I hope they do not discontinue it as it is really part of my routine now.
FernSanford, ME

Wonderful tea

Helps wake up in the morning and offers a good alternative to coffee. Gives a nice deep aroma and has a very pleasant taste.
MalkaWallingford, CT

This tea is amazing

Delicious and full of enough caffeine to be a viable coffee alternative. I looked at lots of physical stores and couldn’t find it. Just here on amazon. It’s kinda expensive here though. But worth it. A great tea!
ErinWaldorf, MD

Satisfied Customer

I purchased this product online because I could not find it anywhere in stores (had previously purchased at Target). The product came quickly and was exactly as described.
JeanettPort Chester, NY


I also discovered this at a giant-sized Target (the smaller Targets don’t usually carry this, and the giant Target runs out) – and fell in love with this! This is a dark tea with smooth RICH QUALITY cocoa and orange undertones. I prefer stronger tea – so I steep two bags in 12oz of water, then add a couple of ounces of milk. (I recently developed itchy rashes to Splenda, so am bummed that I can’t drink this as sweet, anymore!) The “darkness” – and the “caffeine” level – is moderate-to-moderately high, compared to other teas. It was virtually impossible to find this at local stores, so I ordered 15 boxes online (I think it was via an Amazon seller offering free shipping – and came out to a little more than $3 per box. At first, I thought I was going to have to give boxes away, but I loved this so much that I’m down to the last box! I go through weeks of craving this stuff! (When I’m not drinking this in the early morning, I might drink TAZO “Awake” with a Mighty Leaf “Vanilla Bean” +/- a Mighty Leaf “Chocolate Mint Truffle” . . . or a Lady Grey or an Earl Grey . . . just to give you an idea of what tastes I lean toward. I love the flavor of rich coffee – with a little cream – more, but my stomach and skin often can’t handle the acid and caffeine, so I am always looking for a rich full-bodied interesting tea that can fill the bill! 🙂
WilsonKeene, NH


Finally two great tasting teas. I picked up these two teas on a whim at Target. The flavor of the TAZO FOCUS was so different and I think it is the cocoa petals. I reviewed the TAZO tea site and did not even find them there. I sure hope they do not discontinue them. They contain Mate’ which I have been meaning to try but the flavor of Mate’ by itself is not great.
LavoneSeahurst, WA


I love this tea. I live in Atlanta and I can’t find this tea at the grocer or at Starbucks. I am a huge black tea drinker and this is the best flavor I have ever put in my mouth. My husband, who is a coffee drinker, loves this tea too. A must have for tea connoiseurs.
SamuelGlencross, SD


I absolutely LOVE this tea!!!! I wish it was more readily available! The flavors a so wonderful together. It is a great sub for coffee! 🙂
JosephPortales, NM