Teeccino Herbal Coffee, Orange

Light Roast. Citrus notes of orange peel sweetened by dates and figs. Teeccino contains no coffee beans. Deliciously rich, full-bodied flavor. Teeccino is a delicious, caffeine-free blend of herbs, grains, fruits, and nuts, that are roasted and ground to brew and taste just like coffee. Protect the gift of good health with Teeccino! Brewed Teeccino is gluten-free. No caffeine reaction. Product of the USA.

Quick facts

  • Best selling brand of caffeine-free coffee alternatives
  • High in heart healthy potassium
  • Natural energy boost – from nutrients not stimulants
  • Non acidic – helps reduce acidity and restore alkaline balance
  • Rich in inulin, a soluble fiber in chicory root that helps improve digestion & elimination plus increase the absorption of calcium & minerals

Top reviews

Love Teeccino products!

Went looking for an alternative to coffee and Postum a year ago. At that time I was delighted to discover the Teeccino products. We also use the Java, Maya Caffe, and Mocha flavors. Husband was a die-hard coffee addict but for health reasons needed to cut back on caffeine; I liked coffee-flavored Postum, but it was no longer available. This ‘herbal coffee’ has been an excellent find for us both. Very tasty. (though the ex-coffee addict says it’s NOT coffee, so don’t go into this thinking it’s going to BE coffee minus the caffeine! He suggests adding more chicory from a separate source to help that factor. I think it DOES taste like brewed coffee.. so there ya go!)

I like to add a little Torani’s sugar free French Vanilla, Irish Cream, or Classic (must be the ‘Classic’!) Hazelnut syrup, and/or sugar free cocoa, stevia, and milk/cream; he simply prefers stevia and a little milk. A little goes a long way ~ one rounded tablespoon per small coffee maker (though husband likes to make his a little stronger using 1.5 TB).

JoetteJuneau, PA

past caffiene lover

Love this coffee, look forward to drinking it every morning. Will never go back to any decaf or caffinated coffees again.
SynthiaSupai, AZ


I love TEECCINO. A truly different beverage experience. Yummy. No acid & no caffine.
It actually tastes so rich it seems like it should be fattening.
A real teat. Teeccino is an unfortunate name for the product though, in my
opinion. Hard to remember. Doesn’t reflect the beverage. Awkward.
It’s more like CoffeeISH – C’s premium blend non-bean beverage.
LucillaSedalia, NC

Suprisingly Good!

I bought the sampler pack from Teeccino’s website so I could try all their flavors before buying it in bulk on Amazon. The package arrived today and I brewed up a pot of the original flavor, once it was done brewing I made up a cup like I used to make my coffee, cream and sugar. It tasted just like coffee to me, and I grew up drinking coffee so I should know what coffee tastes like by now. It won’t taste like many of the standard grocery store brands of coffee, it’s taste a little more “exotic” is the best way to describe it. On a couple sips I did taste individual flavors like date or fig but it was not overpowering and it did not make that sip taste bad just a little more “exotic”.

Once I’m able to drink coffee again (I’m pregnant and decided all caffeine was out of my diet until done breast feeding) I don’t think I’ll go back to coffee. I think I will just stick with Teeccino for a tasty and healthy alternative.

VanFlanders, NJ

Awesome taste without the acid!

This coffee has a rich robust taste without all of the acid and no caffeine. I would strongly recommend this coffee if you need to distance yourself from caffeine for health reasons. Not only does it taste like coffee, but it taste better that coffee.
RoslynSault Sainte Marie, MI

greatest coffee! great price!

I think Teeccino is the best coffee around! And to find it in a 3-pk is even better. Great price. Quick delivery. I couldn’t be happier.
LaureenSpringlake, TX


It has a sweet aftertaste that I just can’t tolerate. I made it once with a press and then I tried it again with a filter in my regular coffee maker. I just can’t stand the taste. I’m throwing it out. I’m glad I bought one bag to try from my local health food store instead of buying a three pack here. I want to cut back on coffee, but I’ll stick with my tea. This stuff is just awful.
TheodoraDubach, LA

Different than coffee, but a better alternative than tea…

I have tried 9 different flavors of Teeccino, and I find that I gravitate towards this one the most, although I agree with some other reviewers that the Maya French Roast is probably most similar to coffee in taste. I like Sweet and Low and A LOT of half and half in my coffee, and I am also the type of person that if you told me that I could give up coffee or die two years younger, I would choose earlier death. But after reading some of the things about adrenal exhaustion and cortisol, on top of the fact that that much half and half in 3-4 mugs of half caffeinated half decaffeinated coffee is a lot of calories, I decided to try Teeccino. I find that with this particular flavor I need the least amount of sugar and half and half, in fact, I can drink it without the “alloted one tablespoon of half and half.” These are not coffee substitutes in the sense that they taste identical to coffee, and yet all of these things are an acquired taste, including coffee. In actuality, this is much better tasting than coffee, (think back to drinking a sip of black coffee as a kid, you probably thought, “horrible.” If these 2 things had been side by side, you probably wouldn’t have liked either, but you would have more likely chosen this one.) All this to say, I have acquired a taste for Teeccino, and it did not take weeks, but rather days. I also like the fact that it is actually healthy and with each cup you’re drinking vitamins, inulin which is a prebiotic, potassium (a good amount), etc. The Teeccino website is not only well designed, it has a lot of information which is helpful:[…]. I use a percolator with a paper filter, (a number 4 cone which is what I had on hand, unbleached, dampened and easily made to fit by tearing a tiny hole in the bottom), to make it which has become my preferred method of making it. I have also used a drip with a paper filter which is fine, and a french press which leaves too many grains in it. (If you are looking for “gluten-free” you have to use a paper filter either with a drip or a percolator.) So if you are looking for a “coffee replacement,” which is not tea, (I like tea, but it wasn’t getting it for me in the morning, too weak and insipid compared to coffee, and not what I was “used too”), then I would recommend going to Teeccino’s website and ordering the $[..] sample packets (free shipping USPS), and trying them before you buy an 11 oz. bag. It is an acquired taste, but one worth acquiring I think.
KevenGilberton, PA

Teeccino with coffee

I love coffee. And, I love Teeccino as a way to scale down my coffee addiction. Using it with coffee is a pleasurable way to begin doing just that. Whether or not I choose to go full scale Teccino remains to be seen., but using it with coffee has actually added to my morning cup of Java.
ZadaWatertown, SD

Coffee substitute

If you like coffee taste and want to get off of caffeine jitters, this is the way.. You can also blend this with regular coffee and ween yourself off the stuff.. worth it.. !!
MikelCanterbury, NH

Great alternative to coffee!

I have suffered with GERD for years but couldn’t give up my morning coffee. I found this product 1 day at the health food store & decided to give it a try. The first day, it was a little different, but by the 2nd and 3rd day, I felt like I was actually drinking coffee! I like it with a packet of stevia & warm milk. I haven’t experienced any withdrawal from caffeine that I could tell, and I’m so happy to no longer be putting an acidic, caffeine-filled product in my body. I love Teeccino!
JungShawanese, PA

best organic “coffee”

I love Teeccino herbal coffee. The original flavor is the best! My favorite. And it’s fabulous to have the auto ship!
BeauSchroon Lake, NY

Great Product!

I enjoy this product because it tastes like coffee (almost) without the caffine. I thought the value was great on Amazon and so signed up for a “subscription” for Teechino.
ManieTwin Lake, MI

Great Coffee Substitute

I’ve recently needed to reduce or eliminate my intake of caffeine, and I’m a coffee lover. We’ve tried other coffee substitutes and have been far less than impressed. Teeccino has a full body and richness of a good coffee, but without the caffeine or without the additional acids of decaf. I’m confident it will be my replacement for coffee. In addition to this being a great coffee substitute Amazon offers it for a reasonable price verses the cost at a health food store ….and it’s shipped right to your home. How convenient!
AshleaFostoria, MI

Cut down on your caffeine

I brew Teecino with my regular coffee to help cut down on caffeine. It has a slightly sweet flavor so you don’t need to put as much sugar in your coffee. I’ve been doing this for years and now really miss it in my coffee blend if I run out.
ClareOsage, WV


This tastes nothing like coffee and you can’t return it. Even adding creamer doesn’t help. The risk wasn’t worth it.
AugustusDavisville, WV

Great Herbal Coffee

Teeccino is a great way to enjoy a hot beverage in the morning without all the acid and caffeine you get with coffee. I also use a natural sweetener like rice syrup or honey in it. If you are a coffee diehard, switch over by blending half coffee and half teeccino in your coffee maker….it brews like regular coffee, except for one thing….it only takes half as much per cup, so it’s relatively inexpensive, especially with Amazon subscribe & save pricing, which gives you free shipping as well. How can you beat that?
PS. I also add a touch of cinnamon (like I do with my regular coffee) for added flavor.
KymberlyGardner, MA