Teeccino Organic Herbal Coffee, Maya Chai, Caffeine-Free, 11-Ounce Bags

Medium Roast. Stimulating spike of spicy notes accented with creamy vanilla. Teeccino contains no coffee beans. Deliciously rich, full-bodied flavor. Teeccino is a delicious, caffeine-free blend of herbs, grains, fruits, and nuts, that are roasted and ground to brew and taste just like coffee. Protect the gift of good health with Teeccino! Brewed Teeccino is gluten-free. No caffeine reaction. Product of the USA.

Quick facts

  • Best selling brand of caffeine-free coffee alternatives
  • High in heart healthy potassium
  • Natural energy boost – from nutrients not stimulants
  • Non acidic – helps reduce acidity and restore alkaline balance
  • Rich in inulin, a soluble fiber in chicory root that helps improve digestion & elimination plus increase the absorption of calcium & minerals

Top reviews


I love, love, love this Chai Teeccino. The spices are perfect and it is really smooth. I add a little sweetener and some vanilla soy milk. What a wonderful treat. I’m so glad I found this product, I had to give up coffee and tea wasn’t filling the bill. I strongly recommend this product, give it a try.
ClementeBeaver, WA

I am really enjoying this product

I use a French-press style coffee-pot to brew this. I also add a couple of green tea bags. I know green tea has caffeine, but I have read about too many benefits in green tea which, for me, outweigh the detriments of caffeine. This whole melange makes a delicious cup which I have easily been able to substitute for my habitual morning coffee. Even without the tea bags, I really enjoy this product. With a little hemp or almond milk, it is delicious. I don’t even sweeten it.
HollieMansfield, AR

An anti-organic skeptic convinced!

I’m not one to get caught up in this organic stuff. In fact, I frequently avoid it. I just like a good ‘flavored’ coffee. I sampled another Teccino flavor at my father’s (who got it because of the non acidic properties) and I liked it. So, when I saw the chai flavor I thought I’d give it a try. I first made it with the same ratio of coffee to water that I usually do to make regular coffee. Wow, I’ll never do that again. This stuff is strong. So, I read the instructions and cut back to almost half of what I use for regular coffee. I love the flavor. And, if you’re a penny pincher like me. Using half the amount per pot vs coffee can be a big savings. Teecino being caffeine-free is a nice bonus. I’ve stopped buying coffee. Teeccino is now my drink of choice.
StaciaIda, LA

Good but very strong chai flavor

I really like the Teeccino products. I used them to wean us off of coffee slowly, and we’ve been completely caffeine-free for two months now. Since I prefer my coffee black, I like a bit of extra flavor. This flavor, however, is very strong. It has actually been too strong of a chai taste for me to enjoy it black. It is wonderful with some stevia and cashew-milk, though.
StephanBee, VA

Yum, Yum, Yum!

I am really enjoying this herbal coffee. I’m LDS, so I don’t normally drink coffee, but I always enjoyed the smell of it. I checked the ingredient list (many times!) and saw nothing that would contradict our health code, so I ordered this with the hope of making a LDS-friendly Jamocha Shake.

Well, this flavor isn’t suited for that purpose, but it IS very tasty. Based on this flavor I’ve ordered more from the same company and I’m sure they will be just as excellent.

I make my drink with a a 65/35 mix of herbal coffee to 1% milk. Very good! Two sweeteners and I’m off to work.

Herbal coffee might not be the norm, but for those with health or religious concerns, it fits the bill perfectly. I would highly recommend it.

LaureneMc Henry, MS

Teeccino Maya Chai

I have tried several different flavors of Teeccino (all tasty) in the process of weaning myself off coffee. I started mixing it half and half with coffee and gradually cut the coffee/caffeine out altogether. The flavor is delicious & it’s nice to be able to start my day without caffeine.
CarlynArcadia, FL