Teisseire French Syrup Strawberry Drink concentrate 600ml

The most popular mixer for Teisseire in France is plain water for a flavorful thirst quencher (1 part syrup to 7 times water). Hence the cries in a French cafe for un lait fraise (milk with strawberry syrup), un Perrier menthe ( Perrier with mint syrup), une tomate (pastis and grenadine syrup), une mauresque (pastis and orgeat syrup), un diabolo fraise (lemonade and strawberry syrup), or un tango (beer with grenadine syrup).Fruit syrups have always been a part of the French way of drinking, whether mixed with water, Perrier, lemonade, milk, pastis, or even beer.

Quick facts

  • No preservatives or harmful chemicals
  • Imported from France
  • Try in desserts, as a topping, in tea or coffee
  • Used in France to make natural lemonade, with still or sparkling water
  • Makes a great topping for panna cotta, ice cream pudding

Top reviews

Very delicious

Great taste, very refreshing. Comes in other flavors too. Just sweet enough for me so I don’t add sugar at all.
IselaBarling, AR

Strawberry lemonade all summer

This is a wonderful product. I add a teaspoon to a cup of lemonade. Adjust for your own taste. Thanks Teisseire.
LuigiLaura, IL

I’m a very conflicted individual…

Just smelling this bottle makes my toes curl in strawberry-induced euphoric pleasure. <3
This is really sugary though, and the strawberry flavor isn’t as strong as it’s smell. That makes me a sad person.

I think Teisseire would sell better if they expanded to a fruit-perfume business. Yes…

CoryShattuck, OK