Terra Kettles Krinkle Cut Sea Salt Potato Chips, 2 Ounce Bags

People often say there’s nothing new under the sun, and yet Terra Chips are both old-fashioned and uniquely new. Old-fashioned in the sense that people have cherished these root vegetables since before civilization began. New in that two chefs from New York City, Dana Sinkler and Alexander Dzieduszycki, have gathered this delicious variety of vegetables together and prepared them into a light, naturally colorful collection of chips. Many of these vegetables are savory, some are sweet and mixed together they achieve a satisfying balance of flavors – complex, nutty, rich, delicate.

Quick facts

  • Crispy ridged chips seasoned with sea salt make these a great snack
  • Made from white potatoes, vegetable oil and sea salt
  • No trans fat and thick cut for hearty portions
  • Gluten free, vegan, Kosher certified
  • All natural, made in the USA, ships in Frustration Free Packaging

Top reviews

Survival Of The Fittest

The chips are so-so. For me a package when opened must pass the smell test – these didn’t. When ordering a case (12 bags) I assumed they would be shipped in a factory packed box. Not so. They were repackaged by Amazon in a box designed for ten bags. The case consisted of 12 bags. No problem for the packer as he just squeezed in the two extra bags. You can imagine what that does to potato chips. I now have 6 bags of whole chips and 6 bags of chip pieces which can be eaten with a spoon.
KandaceMount Wilson, CA

Crunchy chips!

I purchased this item (24 bags). This was my mistake. I normally don’t eat chips except when I am close to my period phase. When this order arrived, I ate one bag each day until I came down to 5 bags. I realized what I have done.

However, it was yummy and no trans fat. More healthy than most brands.

Now I know, I can only order a bag, not 24 bags next time. 🙂

MalloryMc Farland, KS

Great convenience!

Having a case of potato chips come to your door! What could be greater! Fast service; great product.
LoryM C B H Kaneohe Bay, HI

Great chips, but I prefer the bag with the blue chips included

Take them to your grocer and exchange these for the bag that also has the blue chips with the other chips.
MarielaPhilomath, OR




HildaStreator, IL

Reasonable But Not Great

Terra Kettles Cut Blend Potato Chips, Sea Salt, 2-Ounce Bags (Pack of 24) While these chips are crisp, they feel and taste too oily for me. The per serving fat listed online is 6g while the bag lists it at 10g. Since the bag contains 2 servings, that would be 20g per 2 oz bag. They are packaged in stronger material than other chips I have tried.
JaneanShoals, WV

The “salt and pepper” chips bite back!

These are really good, but whoa! there’s no missing the pepper. Forget the kids’ lunchbox, save these for yourself, and keep a glass of water nearby.
MarybelleWheaton, IL

A Bit Too Oily

Considering that many of the Terra chips are healthier versions of snack foods, it was surprising that these chips were so oily. They have more oil listed on the package than what Amazon actually stated when I bought them. I was disappointed in the overall crunch of these chips. They are a bit too thick to be a true kettle chip and though crunchy, it isn’t quite what I expected. They aren’t bad, just not really as advertised. Those who like a thick, nearly unsalted chip will enjoy these.
MolliePaintsville, KY

Terra Kettles sea salt krinkle cut potato chips

I was disappointed, the chips were very oily and tasted and smelled rancid….Since they are supposedly high end snacks they do not live up to their billing.
TheodoraAniak, AK

Nice crispy chips

I really like these chips! They are nice and crunchy. They are not oversalted (to my taste, anyhow). I think that the taste is richer than standard potato chips. Take a look at the “nutrition facts” on the back. One is not overdosing on salt here (one serving=5% of daily value). Saturated fat is 5%. Compare with Wise’s standard potato chips: 7% salt and 15% saturated fat.

All in all, a rich taste and perhaps a bit better fotr you than other standard brands.

AsaSpring Valley, WI

Stale-tasting and very oily

I received these chips yesterday and they are horrible. They are very stale-tasting and also very oily. The date printed on the bags is Sep 9th and therefore this is the way that they are supposed to taste BEFORE they are expired, which is very disappointing. I called Amazon right away and was given a refund.
NidiaMill Village, PA

Great chip

These potato chips are extremely tasty and well liked by our team. Crisp and not too salty. Has a tendency to have breakage into small pieces but they are like eating potato sticks (so there is no waste).
ChristaSnow, OK


I don’t know if it’s the sea salt or what, but you can actually taste the potato in these chips. The chips are not greasy, and they’re nice and thick. And knowing that they’re a much healthier choice than other brands, is important to me. But even if they’re a healthier choice, we would not purchase them unless they tasted great. And these are great! And with AMAZON’S packaging and fast delivery, I definitely will be ordering most of my chips here.
JaninaHassell, NC


These chips are great. Strangely enough I was a bit overwhelmed by the fact that they have a strong actual potato taste. Though of course that’s a good thing in chips, but I have never tasted any other chips like these. You simply can not compare these to chips like Lay’s or other national brands. They are just salt and pepper and potato. You don’t taste grease or manufactured flavors. They are crispy, but NOT hard to chew or too crunchy. totally perfect. Buy them, but be prepared to eat way too much. Though one complaint that I didn’t have – someone who tried them wished they had more pepper. But I think they are perfect as is.
RamonitaSandersville, GA

You can taste the different potatoes!

I was initially afraid that I’d been sent the wrong product as the shipping box seemed to be for the variety veggie chips, but once I looked carefully I saw that the UPC label had the right product name. At any rate, the best thing about these chips is that they actually have a potato taste and each type of potato is a bit different. Very good crunch. And the blue chips make them really fun to serve at a party. Kids love them! Great product. We’ll likely get them again.
MikaFolsom, NM

Burnt Chips

I bought a case of these chips and found three bags had small holes in them at the bottom seams (just big enough for air and/or a bug to get in). So,I had to throw them out. And, many of the chips were broken up and many seemed burnt or way overcooked. I think I’ll stick to the supermarket bags next time.
EsterPulaski, NY

terra krinkle cut chips

Satisfyingly crunchy and holds up to dips well. But it’s a bit greasier than I expected. Let’s hope Terra can in the future make their chips with a less oily texture.
ZaneWheeling, IL