TERRA Sweets & Beets, No Salt Added, 6 Ounce

TERRA Real Vegetable Chips Sweets & Beets, No Salt Added, 6 Ounce (Pack of 12). Made with Sweet Potatoes & Beets. Sweet Potato: A distinct variety of the Ipomoea Batata, these potatoes deliver a glorious late-summer orange. This is the hallmark sweet potato of the southern U.S. Beet: A biennial root vegetable. Delivers natural sweetness and a vibrant red color. Generally a cool season crop which we cook to perfection. Over 20 years ago two forward thinking New York chefs created TERRA Chips. From the first moment, people were hooked on the vibrant flavors and delectable crunch that comes from sourcing unique and diverse root vegetables from a select group of farmers. Today, the intimate process of crafting our chips remains with over 20 different varieties and flavors that are truly distinctive by nature.

Quick facts

  • Real vegetable chips
  • Made with sweet potato & beet
  • Made with non-GMO ingredients
  • No artificial flavors or preservatives and gluten-free
  • Kosher certified

Top reviews

Not so good!

I do not like the chips! They are not to my liking and I do not think I will order them again even though I like sweet potato!
ManMesilla Park, NM

Unique taste!

If you are looking for a healthier alternative to a potato chip with the same taste, LOOK FURTHER!! These chips taste COMPLETELY different than a white potato chip. I was definitely surprised when biting into this chip–it tastes saltless and almost bitter! Tastes a little like fried plantain bananas–definitely not on my top ten list of favorite snack food!
JameyDillard, OR

stale chips , and lots of them

the item was ordered on august 2nd, arrived on the 11th with a best by date of august 30th!! i had ordered to stock up on a healthy snack but instead got a case of chips that are already stale , and tasteless. amazon made it right but i am disappointed to receive old product. I imagine these would taste great if they were fresh!!
SkyeHemet, CA

Way over-cooked. Some chips look like carbon!

I do NOT understand why they have to fry/bake for so long?? If they were not so over cooked, I would love it. Too bad!

So far, I only opened one bag, I hope not ALL 12 bags are like this, although they may very well be since they must have been made and bagged together. I will have to complain to the manufacturer if that is the case!

MarcusDanbury, WI

the sweet potato one are better than the combo

i ordered this based on my experience with the sweet potato bags. i thought the combo would be better. but the krinkle kind fails in comparison to the normal seet potato because they are a lot more oily and they are burned with a burned taste
TonitaRosamond, CA


I was introduced to this product by one of my friend. I agree with Husseini, the chips look burned. They do not look like the picture on the package at all. They were cooked way too long and the natural tastes were ruined. I would not recommend this product to anyone.
KristaDermott, AR

Open Bags on arrival !! Check every one!

7 out of the 12 bags were completely open on the BOTTOM. Taking out the first bag, it was not damaged and I didn’t see the issue until I pulled out the second bag. Over half of this purchase is completely unusable and of course, unreturnable. The oil from the bags also seeped through the cardboard box…

This is a good product, don’t get me wrong, or I wouldn’t have purchased 12 bags at one time. But be very very careful and check every bag when the box arrives. I don’t agree with rating products poorly for bad shipping, but this wasn’t bad shipping. The bags never look like they sealed, but they might have popped open. The cardboard box they all came in was not damaged in any way, so this looks like a product packaging flaw.

I will purchase these from the store in the future where I can check the bag, but never again online.

LoydAlpha, IL

Too Much Cumin

I thought I tried something different rather than just plain old potato chips. The cumin flavor was very strong in one bag while another bag was light in cumin (and better for my taste buds). The flavor was just too overwhelming for me. I would not buy this product again.
ShanonHiddenite, NC

Don’t Buy These

I bought these for my husband. He thought they were plain. I didn’t like the taste at all. The spiced sweet potato ones are better, but my husband who loves sweet potatoes didn’t like them at all.
GabrielHarrisburg, OR

Disorienting, but tasty!

I’ve had sweet potato fries before, and they really are delicious where I had them, so I wanted to give these a shot. From the first bite I’m pretty sure I got a hilarious look of astonishment on my face. It’s like nothing I ever tasted before–weird, but quite good, which is about how I felt when I first bit into a properly ripe mango. Definitely the spices are unique when balanced with the sweet potato flavor. I think I tasted some garlic, but I know there’s a very faint smidgeon of cayenne, and the cilantro was noticeable as well, but no one flavor or spice overwhelms the others, which is good.

If you like any sort of spiced potato chips, like mesquite barbecue or jalapeno or the buffalo ranch doritos, I’d give these babies a try. They’re healthy and you might find a nice occasional alternative to the not-so-healthy stuff. Hey, if it tastes good, why not? One thing these chips prove is that not all “health food” has to taste bland or nasty. Sort of like spelt bread and Newman’s ginger cookies, and Izze’s luscious pear soda. Terra’s spiced sweet potato chips have a surprising flavor and are probably not for everyone, but if you like the spicy kind of regular chips, pick up a bag of these somewhere–they’ll probably be just your sort of thing.

MarcellMelcroft, PA

pretty good… but

The product was pretty good but, they forgot to mention that there was no salt added. It was a bit of info I would have liked to know. THe price was right and delivery great.
FrancoiseAfton, WY

Just a Tad Greasier Than I Would prefer

The Terra Sweet Potato chips are a delicious all-natural snack.

No surprises on the ingredient list, and not only do I enjoy the taste, my family does as well.

The only thing that I could fault the chips for are that they are greasier than I would prefer. If they had a “baked” option for these chips that had similar flavor, I’d probably go for those.

All in all, priced right, taste great. If you don’t mind some light grease, awesome. In the case of these chips, I don’t mind all that much.

SherwoodCreston, IA


I like these a lot, I’ve never liked or eaten sweet potatoes in my life so that says a lot. I wish they were organic, or had better “oils” in them, but they are at least healthier than potato chips. I like these second best to their sweet potato ones mixed with other vegetable ones.
ElishaPoughkeepsie, AR

If you like sweet potatoes, you’ll love these chips

These chips are so great. Seriously, don’t let some of the other reviewers on here convince you otherwise. These are “No salt added” sweet potato chips, just as advertised. They taste natural and oh-so-good.
AlidaWrightsville, AR


These are really yummy chips. Sweet and a little spicy. My mom did not like them, but I think they are great!
MariClaremore, OK

Good & Stale

I’ve bought these chips before at Costco and I really liked them. Saw them on Amazon and thought I’d give them a try. Too long on the shelf! These chips were stale! Too bad because they are good when fresh.
LadonnaKennebunk, ME

Usually good but not happy with this deal

I buy these in the store and they are usually delicious. I was looking for an economic alternative to purchasing this product. This would be a good deal if the bags did not expire next month and in the two bags that have been opened so far, the chips are over cooked. They are still okay, but not as good as I have had in the past. So overal I am disappointed with this purchase.
LloydDulac, LA

Simply awesome sprinkled with Celtic sea salt!

Fantastic taste, great price, and a healthy snack that even your kids will enjoy!
We have tried both the Krinkle Cut chips and the Sweets & Beets, and the Krinkle Cut seem to have a better taste. We like to sprinkle a generous amount of mineral-rich Celtic sea salt in the bag and shake it up – what a delicious treat!
Our local health food store sells these chips for nearly double what Amazon charges for the Subscribe & Save price, so this is a great deal!
PamilaRiverside, PA

too salty

Wow way too salty for my taste. They really need to cut back on it or just do it natural without salt.
OscarWilburton, PA

Very good

These are very good!! The only thing I don’t like is the fat content plus they are a little pricey. I feel like I shouldn’t eat as many as I would like to, because you certainly have to eat more than one! Delicious.
ErnestinaPhilo, IL


Great taste. But why do they insist on saving money using safflower oil instead of canola oil. They say may contain ‘canola or safflower or…etc’. But they always contain the cheap oils that I’m allergic to. I’d be a frequent flyer on these chips if they’d just do them so I won’t get sick.
VickeyWhite Pine, MI

Different & tasty

I love these chips – rather have more beets than sweets. Hard to find in my rural area – but do love them. I wonder if they will ever make just one of beets !
IngerAlta, CA

Great with Salsa and 420

These chips have a great sweet taste, I do not feel they need salt especially if you eat them with salsa. Paste salsa works good for me.
YolandaHenrietta, MO

GFCFSF treat!

My 3 year old with autism loves these. They are GFCF and soy free, egg free too.
ShaunnaThompson, IA

My Eyes Love These Chips

This is a very tasty, fun-to-eat snack with an impressive beta carotene content.

I am a supplement “junkie”, popping more vitamin pills than you want to hear about. Even so, I will be the first one to admit that there is probably nothing quite as good as the “real thing”, meaning nutrition in a whole food source.

I cannot prove it, but I could swear that my eyesight is a little sharper when I consume these chips on a regular basis.

Thanks Terra, for making a product that is both healthy and fun to eat.

MartinConklin, MI

Yum city!

These are GREAT chips. I love that they have no salt added. They are slightly sweet, go great as a side to a sandwich, and the crunch can’t be beat. Sweet potatoes have more vitamins than white potatoes, and if you’re looking to reduce the salt in your diet, these chips are for you.
JimmieNeal, KS

The perfect sweet potato chip with zip

We love these chips. They are much better for you than regular potato chips and really gourmet with the wonderful spices sprinkled on them. The pack of 12 6oz. bags was a real bargain. When you can find them, they are almost twice as expensive in a store.
VivanCoaling, AL

More nutritious than regular chips, and very tasty!

I started buying these as a more nutritious snack option for the kids than regular chips. They thought they were pretty tasty, and a decent substitute for regular chips. I myself got hooked on them! Our local store stopped carrying the exclusively sweet potato chips, and only has the mix, which I don’t like as much. I highly recommend them if you enjoy the taste of sweet potatoes and can live without a salty snack. These don’t need extra salt–they are delicious on their own.
ShandaGruetli Laager, TN

Great product, poor shipping

We love these chips and were thrilled to find them available by the case through amazon. The only problem with ordering them is that both cases we ordered arrived rather poorly packaged.
AdrienneThurmond, WV

about to expire

They taste ok but so close to being expired, i’ll never eat all 24 bags by then. Not sending back such a big bulky item.
KrisSeneca, SD