TERRA Yukon Gold, Sea Salt, 5 Ounce

TERRA Real Vegetable Chips Yukon Gold, Sea Salt, 5 Ounce (Pack of 12). Made with Yukon Gold Potatoes. Yukon Gold Potato: A premium quality potato. Yukon Golds were cultivated in Canada and came to market in 1980. Highly regarded for its beautiful golden color and intense flavor, the Yukon Gold potato makes a superior chip which will amaze you with its delicious taste and beautiful presentation. Over 20 years ago two forward thinking New York chefs created TERRA Chips. From the first moment, people were hooked on the vibrant flavors and delectable crunch that comes from sourcing unique and diverse root vegetables from a select group of farmers. Today, the intimate process of crafting our chips remains with over 20 different varieties and flavors that are truly distinctive by nature.

Quick facts

  • Real vegetable chips
  • Made with yukon gold potato
  • Made with non-GMO ingredients
  • No artificial flavors or preservatives and gluten-free
  • Kosher certified

Top reviews


UNEDIBLE!!!chips have changed and taste old/I am going to attempt to return them//until this batch they were our family’s favorite
SERIOUSLY TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DollyNorth Georgetown, OH


I love Terra Yukon Gold Potato Chips, so I thought I’d order some in the smaller packaging. The carton arrived with 24 small bags. The product was stale even though the expiration date on the packages was 3 months AHEAD of the date I received the chips. The small bags also contained many chips that looked “burned”. I was really disappointed
SuellenWimbledon, ND

less fat..great flavor

I had no problem with my order, the chips were fresh and tasted great
The only problem is the 24 bags did not last as long as I thought with
my kids eating them up so fast

45 % less fat or something like that…but 45 % more flavor I say !

BiancaDunreith, IN

I like Old Dutch chips better

I wanted Old Dutch chips but they were not available,these chips are o.k. but they are too thick.
TresaGray, GA


I’m so glad you emailed. I have been trying to find a way to communicate to you my total disappointment. This is the second time I have ordered the Terra Gold Onion & Garlic (12 bags at $30). The first time they were great, exactly what I have tasted when buying single bags from the grocery. This time they have virtually NO TASTE, they are small, broken chips and I am completely dissatisfied. I called Terra Chips with no result, they said to contact Amazon. I looked all over your web site to try to locate a place but couldn’t find one. There was NO Sales Slip in the box. I really feel a refund is in order.
IrinaDanbury, CT

Firm, tart and briny, bolsters the great Yukon Gold to new level

The Yukon Gold is one fine spud, and these fairly thick-cut chips manage to negotiate a fairly bold but natural-tasting dose of seasoning without losing the authenticity of the premium potato taste. Maybe it’s a rather silly reason and often I am quite beyond the temptations of alluring packaging, but for some reason the shiny mostly black bags of Terra products make me feel like I’m noshing on something other than, uh, packaged and processed convenience snack food, to put a fairly fine spin phrasing on it. Will buy again. Would serve to snoots.
DorieNorth Bloomfield, OH

A Yukon THICK Choice…..

I have enjoyed many Yukon snacks, but these are a bit too thick and oily for my taste. The flavor was good though.
CindaWarsaw, IN

Very tasty but not like any potato chip I’ve ever eaten

I was really not prepared for the difference between this potato chip and the regular ones I’ve always bought. They are very flavorful and don’t taste salty or greasy like regular chips do but they are very THICK and slightly hard. I am still trying to get use to and accept this variety as A potato chip. I am not sure if I really like them or just love their wonderful flavorings. I’ll have to do a follow up review after I’ve tried them a few more times. They are different…….that’s for sure!
MichaelKinsman, IL

Yukon gold chips – a classic

These chips are very tasty, but not “flavored”. I have nothing against BBQ, pesto, sour cream and onion, etc. flavored chips, but sometimes prefer the classic potato chip taste. Yukon gold chips are thick and hearty, not too oily or salty… just right!
MabelleDouglas Flat, CA


Update August 2012: I changed my mind about never ordering again and signed up for regular auto shipments. They must have paid attention to the post because the boxes are now sealed much better.


Original review: I love this product in the large bags so I ordered the small bags for portion control. Product is great but was shipped by the manufacturer whose shipping department wasn’t careful enough with the sealing tape. The box arrived totally open with the bags showing. None were missing; the chips in the one bag that I’ve eaten weren’t even crushed. But I’m not taking a chance again on such poor shipping practices.

GloryMc Rae, AR

Okay, needs more Vinegar flavor

I normally love Terra chips (all flavors), but these were not my favorite…they needed more vinegar flavor. The chips themselves are tasty, just not what I wanted.
ReedHowey In The Hills, FL

Potato chips are very good and worth trying out.

I don’t know why these reviews seem to cover more then just one type of TERRA potato chips, I think amazon should have seperate reviews but this review is in regards to “Terra Yukon Gold Potato Chips” I think these chips are really good, I like them a lot. If I eat them for too many days tho I think it gives me the baked chips sensation/taste and I am not into that. I have not eaten them long enough but they are very good. You might be able to get these cheaper in store then amazon.
AdamLadera Ranch, CA

Super wonderful, stable/thick whole chips, not greasy/not too salty, eats like a meal, not a snack…could make nachos w/these!

Super wonderful, stable/thick whole chips, not greasy/not too salty, eats like a meal, not a snack…could make nachos w/these!

The best part is you don’t have to keep eating them like other chips…hard to explain how these are thick, meaty and almost a meal in itself, so satisfying.

The salt isn’t noticable like on other chips which are coated with it.

OlimpiaFair Grove, MO


These chips are delicious. I would like to have these as just salted, but good nonetheless. The Terra brand shines again.
MoriahPleasant View, TN

Not as tasty as others like PopChips or Kettle

We keep trying different variety of chips in our office to avoid getting bored and also find better chips. The crew in the office did not like these at all, we have been getting the PopChips and the Kettle chips which tend to disappear pretty fast.

Will not order again.

GeorgannBunch, OK

Great combination

I had been having trouble finding these locally so it is wonderful to be able to get my hands on some again. On their own I would say that these chips are just OK. But couple them with soft chevre goat cheese and you are in for a divine treat. A thinner potato chip would be to delicate to attempt this mixture with.
JeromePainton, MO

Pretty dang salty

These are average at best, way too salty. I was saturated with salt and whatever gives it the salt & vinegar flavor (not real tasting somehow, more chemical). Would not recommend unfortunately.
HelgaCoupeville, WA

Wasn’t what it was supposed to be…

I have bought these particular chips at Whole Foods. Although I haven’t seen them in the store for awhile, I jumped at the chance to purchase them while browsing Amazon.com grocery section. When I received the Terra Golds Onion & Garlic Potato Chips and opened a bag, I was truly disappointed! Although the bags were labled Onion & Garlic, the contents were just plain potato chips with no hint of garlic or onion flavor. I was really anticipating the garlicky and oniony taste of the of the yukon gold chips. I was looking closely at the packaging and noticed that the plain chips were pictured. I remembered from the picture on Amazon.com & from past purchases that the chips had a speckled look to them. I had other people try various bags in the shipment and all were plain chips. I don’t know if I would ever purchase these chips online again.
SolangeHelenville, WI

Absolutely THE best chip if you love potatoes!

Always fresh and crisp, lightly salted and the best potato chip ever! A little thicker than others, never greasy, less calories/fat and as Goldilocks would say .. JUST RIGHT!
BrooksCheyenne, WY


This is an excellent product. The major problem is once you start eating them you can’t stop and the bag is only 5 oz.
QuentinSaint Clairsville, OH