TERRO 600 1-Pound Ant Killer Dust

It is easy to use perimeter treatment for indoor and outdoor use. It kills up to 8 months. It kills on contact with no unpleasant odor. The active ingredients is delta methrin.

Quick facts

  • Kills ants (including fire ants and carpenter ants) on contact
  • Provides long-lasting residual repellency up to 8 months
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Waterproof, so it won’t wash away in rain
  • Also kills boxelder bugs, cockroaches, crickets, firebrats, spiders, ticks, wasps and silverfish

Top reviews

worked but one fatul flaw…

This stuff works to kill ants, but be aware it burns your eyes if you get it in them. Very bad flaw of company and product.

5 stars for effective ant killing

1 star for stinging the eyes when gotten in eyes

im a smart liberal

MichaeleMilford, NE


I have a one-word summary for Terro Ant Killer Dust: Horrible. But to be more specific, Dust is horrible because it looks like your basic carpet freshener (and is spread from the can in the same manner)except that the ugly white “dust” NEVER GOES AWAY!

I guess I just assumed that this crap would dissolve but it just doesn’t. It just sits on top of your window sills and around your doors as an ugly white powder. The wind blew some of the dust from around my front door onto my door mat, which then ruined my doormat.

I don’t care if this crap works or not if it creates more problems than it solves!

TeresaHot Springs National Park, AR

This product kill ants instantly

I priorly ordered the TERRO LIQUID ANTS KILLER, ants digged the liquid. The first time I used the liquid, they were gone for 2 days, then they were back, even more than before. Then I added the liquid dose, a lot more came. This time they were here for over 48 hours, it was like ants invation. So I poured the TERRO POWDER over to the eating-the-liquid-the-moment ants. They were running away, however every single one of them was touched with the powder. 10 minutes later, only few of them were moving, half hour later, none was left. I felt terrible to do so, but there’s no choice left for me, only by looking at them I feel itchy, not to mention when the time they crawl onto my skin.

I am not sure liquid TERRO really kills the queen, because ants were coming back with more numbers. However the power does kill them, instantly, and other insects too. The minute when all ants were dead, I noticed a spider came from nowhere tried to grab the food, it couldn’t reach them because the powder was too toxic for its kind.

MicahFulton, NY

Didn’t work at all for us

We have brown tiny ants all over our kitchen. This didn’t have any effect or make a dent in the population. I put the entire can around where I saw them traveling, outside where I thought they might be getting in…everywhere.

The only thing that finally worked was vinegar. Way cheaper and safer too.

RozannePinedale, AZ


I just bought this and have used it around the koi pond, around the vegetables, in the garden, everywhere — the ants this year seem to have tripled from last summer and last summer there was a mess of them. this summer it seems they are everywhere — i am not sure that anything can get rid of so many without poisoning ourselves in the process…
ViClute, TX

This Stuff Is Amazing

I have been plagued with a biting red ant problem in a rocked area running the length of my driveway that actually started last summer. I was reluctant to put poison down and hoped the Colorado winter would eliminate the issue. The opposite happened and it has been impossible to walk down my driveway this summer without getting my legs swarmed by biting ants. I covered the area twice with borax – which seemed to send them below ground just long enough to have Town Hall meetings and come out fighting mad. In desperation I purchased 3 containers of this hoping to make the situation even a little better. I sprinkled ONE container lightly over the area just to guage the effect. I kid you not, ALL THE ANTS ARE GONE. I keep checking to see if they will reappear with tanks and airplanes and cannons aimed at my garage, but they are GONE. This stuff is amazing.
DeonBoys Town, NE

Wear a Mask

3 weeks after spreading a bit around the house we removed some bushes close to the product. The dust kicked up a just a little bit and the residual effect is not pleasing. This stuff leaves a nasty sweet taste and odor that lasts quite a while. Very annoying. Terro does not have any information regarding health hazards and referred to call Human Poison Control. They said it is most likely the inert ingredients that causes this effect. It would take a sizable amount of product to induce comma. Tremors may happen at lesser amounts. Regardless this stuff is going to the trash and I’ll use another product.
GeralynBunkie, LA

Great product

I used this product on a black carpenter ant colony I had living in a planter made of landscape timbers in the yard of a house I bought. Every time you would mow around the planter, or trim around the planter swarms of carpenter ants would emerge from any cracks where the timbers came together. I dusted the perimeter of the planter, taking care to dust in the cracks as well. The next week when I was mowing/trimming, very few ants emerged, and the following week there was nothing. I haven’t seen any sign of ants since, so I assume it took care of them. I have used several other Terro products, and I would definitely recommend them as something to try before calling the exterminator.
KathrynLake Como, PA

Did not work for me

For almost twenty years we are in a power struggle with carpenter ant colonies that comes out of the woods and try to take over our log house. Until now I kept them at bay with borax and ajax scrubbing powder. While it does not kill the ants they really don’t like to cross any treated areas. After reading all those glowing reviews I wanted to see if Terro would once and for all get rid of those pests. No such luck. I applied the ‘killer’ following instructions directly on a invading brigade and their surroundings. They did not even stop, flinch or otherwise acknowledge my attempt. Absolutely nothing, even hours later they were still advancing towards our home walking over this dust without any hesitation. When they finally came within critical distance to the house walls I got nervous. Out came the borax and the ajax and within minutes the ants were gone into hiding. They will like every year try to find another way to move in with us but I’ve got a stockpile and it is not THIS product. Sorry.
PalmiraGray, GA

Great Product

The product is awsome. I have not seen any ants since i first used this product.
I would have given it 5 stars had it not taken 17long days to be delivered.
ParisColliers, WV

Draw a line in the sand.

I was suffering a significant pavement ant infestation in my sunroom and garage. They were coming in from outside and I did not have the patience to wait for the Terro liquid baits to do their job.

I sprinkled this stuff along the perimeter of my garage and sunroom (outside, of course) and watched as the ants would literally walk up to it and then turn right around. They wouldn’t even attempt to step onto it, much less to cross it.

CarlChurchville, VA

wow! It just plain worked and fast, too

I have used too many baits and other obnoxious chemicals, including Terro liquid bait, and nothing has worked so fast and completely as this dust.
JimmieFox River Grove, IL

an effective weapon in the arsenal…

In certain applications, Terro’s Ant Dust can be an effective tool in attempting to control ants. Contrary to what some have said, the dust does not kill ants on contact, but given some time, the dust does seem to be effective in combating ants, as they will generally avoid areas treated by the dust. As the dust is white, it’s usually easy to tell where the dust has been applied, unless the area happens to be white.

After spreading the dust under bricks and various rocks where ants are nesting and egg cases are present, I found that there were no live ants in the area the next day. When dust was sprayed into cracks in rock walls and sidewalks where ants were present, once again, no ants a day later. The dust will keep them out of the area for a while, although how long depends on things like the weather. The powder isn’t quite `waterproof’ as cIaimed, but it does resist watering or rain washing it away. You may need to reapply occasionally.

The thing about ants is that they are resourceful, determined, and relentless. Unless the ants are killed, they almost never give up. When this ant dust prevents them from taking a particular path, the ants will take an alternate route, if one is available. Be prepared to either spread more dust, or kill the ants. Unless they have no other options, they will probably keep coming.

Of course, you always want to use this product in a safe and approved manner. Do not apply it anywhere near where food is prepared, or where there is any possibility that children or pets might be exposed to it. I only use it outdoors, and recommend wearing a surgical mask and safety glasses when applying, especially when there is wind. Shaking the dust from the container works fine for some applications, but with the one pound can, you may not have a lot of control. Applying the dust into a tiny hole or crack could be a problem.

The dust is very fine, and can be applied as a spray, but the trick is that you will need to come up with a suitable spray container. An empty nasal spray bottle, works well for me. Enlarge the opening in the nozzle, and with a little practice, you should be able to apply the dust into nooks and cracks. The dust isn’t always easy to apply evenly, so I use an old toothbrush to spread it around when necessary.

This dust probably won’t wipe out the colony, but could be an effective tool for helping to control ants. Ant colonies are generally sensitive to any kind of attack, and often will withdraw when they experience losses of life. Good luck! 🙂

KarissaJefferson, NC

My Terro cheer…Let’s hear it for Terro, Terro, TERRO!!!!

This is the third Terro product we’ve tried this year. The first, Terro 300 Pre-Filled Liquid Ant Killer II Baits, 6-Pack, proved successful in enticing carpenter ants to eat its tasty poison. You can see inside the 6-pack bait, and can tell instantly if the ants have been eating it. All 6 of ours were emptied within a day or two of the ants discovering its goodness. So, we ordered Terro 1800 3-Ounce Outdoor Pre-Filled Liquid Ant Baits, 3-Pack and were a bit dismayed that we couldn’t see inside; however, we’re confident our carpenter ants like it too. But, every day, my hubby would say, “I don’t like all these carpenter ants coming into the garage.” So we ordered Terro ant-killer in powder form. It works a bit differently than the liquid baits. The powder bait kills on contact, is waterproof and lasts for 8 months. Once the ants know how bad it is, they stay away from it. We have no more carpenter ants coming into the garage. We then put it around our home’s foundation, and sprinkled some onto/into our railroad ties that the ants had taken up residence in…well, at least that’s how it looked to us. The only problem we have is trying to remember to step over the poison, otherwise we track it into the garage…then into our home. yikes! We must remember to clean our shoes off! If you have pets or young children, well, any kids that play around the house, you might want to be careful where you put this powder.

I like Terro ant killer enough to cheer about it!

CassidyYoung Harris, GA

Kills… Bugs… Dead

I don’t mind having lots of bugs in my yard as long as they stay out of my house and don’t bite me. I enjoyed a peaceful co-existence with the ants until they decided to break all the rules. They attacked me while I was mowing the lawn, and invaded the house and helped themselves to the dog’s food.

This meant war.

After doing my research, I decided to buy the Terro Ant Dust. It was the cheapest, and had high marks from my fellow Amazonians.

This stuff works. I sprinkled it on the dirt ant hill, and watched the ants go crazy and die. To speed things up, I poked their colony with a stick. This made hundreds of them pile out of their ant hill and walk all over the white powder.

I’m not sure how Terro Ant Dust works. It doesn’t look like the ants eat the stuff. But, die they do.

CAUTION: Every single time I applied the Ant Dust, I took care to not get it on my hands, eyes, or to breath it in. Still, I felt sick after each application. Next time, I guess I’ll wear a haz-mat suit so that I avoid all contact with the Ant Dust.

UPDATE: After 24 hours, most of the ant hills are without activity. BUT – new ones have popped up. Huge ones. These ants are active. I hit the new ant hills with more Terro. Next step – Spray the entire yard with indiscriminate bug killer. A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do!

KennethMayfield, NY

Works – recommended

I had ants tracking from outside the front door all the way to my kitchen. This stuff took care of the outside ants within hours and there were no more intruders. I also bought the inside liquid bait traps, but not a single ant got to those – this could be because it was late for the bait, or the outside stuff just demolished their track. I did watch to see if they would continue to track, but after laying this powder down the ants all died or moved on. I recommend this highly.

One warning, this product is waterproof. I went heavy on the application and that was a mistake – go light! – it will kill them! I have some caked powder around my door that I have to clean up, but had I applied lighter, would not really be an issue. This stuff works. I bought it through Amazon and it arrived within a week. Recommend.

The only reason I’m not giving this a 5 is that it will not go away once applied, but as mentioned above I went heavy with the application – go light, and it will not be a problem. Worthy of 5 stars for those who follow directions better than I.

ChristieTrout Run, PA

Does what it says: kills ants

If you’re reading this, you’re like me: you’ve got an ant problem. I’ve tried all the slow-acting poisons designed to “kill the entire colony” and met with varying degrees of success, but if you really want to keep ants out of your house to begin with, this is a great start. I’m a little wary of using it indoors, especially if you have pets, but trust me, it will kill almost instantly, and it will keep killing for a long time. Spread just a thin layer of this stuff around the perimeter of your house, and those ants will not be crossing that line of dust. It’s just that simple. You may still need to take other measures if you have an infestation inside (I had decent success with Combat Ant Killing Gel 27grams), but this product is a very good first step.
KymLexington, GA

Does what it says KILLS ants.

This stuff works great. Place it anywhere you see ants and come back tomorrow, no ants. I use this on the edges of my driveway and around the foundation of the house. Don’t want to be caught without it during the summer. The only knock would be the ‘waterproof’ claim. It will resist a shower but if it rains you will need to reapply.
BirgitNorth Berwick, ME

It works !

No more ants after 2 1/2 weeks. It only took that long because I didnt find where they were coming into the house until the second week.

The majority of them were gone the day after I first put it out.

MalikNescopeck, PA

This has saved me a lot of money

I live in a wooded area and use Terro outdoors on the deck and the house and it has worked great since I started using it three months ago. It seems everyone in this community pays a bundle for quarterly pest services but what we really only have trouble with are carpenter ants. Why pay and spray all those poisons if you don’t need to? And, at Lowe’s, I purchased a broom type device that’s in the broom section and sprinkle the Terro on the furry end, it has a telescopic arm that extends quite long, that way I can reach the high parts of my house and spread the Terro powder way up there. It’s only $10 and you can identify it by the yellow furry top. I hope this helps!
ReginiaLake View, IA

Kills Ground Hornets

I read somewhere that Delta Dust (Deltamethrin) will kill hornets and that Terro Ant dust has this ingredient. I purchased it and a plant duster. Poured in the powder and dusted down the hole of the hornets. It is killing them for sure. I was seeing swarms before but in just 3 days of use, the population is definitely on the decline. I used it on some ants too and it works on them very well. The active ingredient is a cousin to permethrin, pyrethrin, etc., which are synthetics of the active ingredient found in Chrysanthemums.

Delta dust has a long life on the ground as it is water proof so kills bugs for months.

My problem is that in this summer drought (2011), wasps (hornets are of the same family) and other bugs / pests are drawn to our yard here in the country. I have to spray new nests as they pop up.

Cons: Can be hard to find. I finally found some at a local hardware store for about 7 bucks (canister with sprinkler/pour spout). The duster was found at a local seed and feed store. It was about 10 bucks.

BrookSlatyfork, WV

Works fast

This stuff worked great. I saw some ants by my front door and sprinkled some of this ant dust and not only did it kill those ant immediately I have yet to see an ant anywhere in the vicinity of this dust (that was 3 months ago). I wish it weren’t so powdery so I could sprinkle it inside the house.
EddieBaxter, IA

WOW! What is this stuff??

Woke up one morning to a trail 15 feet long of sugar ants tracking from the patio into the kitchen. Every counter, cutting board, and every microscopic bit of fruit pulp was being swarmed by these tiny ants. We kept the problem at bay temporarily just by being very OCD about cleaning (above and beyond normal cleaning) every night and morning, but still the ants came in smaller numbers. The day I got this product I sprinkled it around the outside of the door that leads into the kitchen and then i used a paint brush to paint a very small amount of the product around the baseboard of the kitchen cabinets. Within MINUTES the ants started to disappear. I have not seen a SINGLE ant in the kitchen in 5 days. Its really amazing. In face it worked so fast that I am worried about how toxic it is or isnt! (It says safe for indoor use, and I applied a tiny amount using safety measures).
RebaPitkin, CO

Didn’t seem to kill any ants.

I used this and the liquid bait traps from Terro. This did not seem to work as well as the bait did. I didn’t notice a decrease in ants at all around the house perimeter using this product. I do like the liquid bait from Terro. It worked GREAT!
EmelyArvilla, ND

worked great on large ant colonies

I had two large ant colonies in my front yard that kept getting larger… getting close to taking over 1/3 of my yard. I sprinkled the ant dust over both of them, and then went away for the weekend. When I got home a few days later, no ants! Both areas have been cleared out. Now I just need to re-grow grass over the area.
MamieWilbraham, MA

KILL! KILL!! KILL!!!!!!!!

I was very, very skeptical that this stuff would work, but after trying a number of ‘eco-friendly’ products which only seemed to create ever more thriving ant colonies on my lawn, I gave Terro a shot.

It’s quite easy to use: just shake it out of the canister directly onto the ant hill. If you can use a salt shaker to apply salt to your french fries, you have the ability to use Terro Ant Killer Dust.

Ease of use is nice, but it would be nothing if the product wasn’t effective… and that’s where this stuff truly shines. All those dozens of little ant hills dotting my lawn, all those countless, busy little brown pests carrying food back to their colonies — GONE, ERADICATED, ANNIHILATED — THE VERY NEXT DAY!

I am not at all wild about the vivid dots of bright white dust remaining on my lawn where I applied this, but it’s preferable to the proliferating ant hills. The white dots are fading over time, and hopefully some effectiveness remains after they disappear. Next time I’ll try to use less on each ant hill to see if I can minimize the appearance issues.

SherrilHarwinton, CT

Great at what it does, but leaves a white residue

After three weeks the residue is beginning to fade, but its still noticeable. I’ll update in 8 months when it is supposed to have stopped working.
KirstieWesternport, MD


I have referred a few friends to this product. And not one of them complained. The ants died like I put them in a microwave.
ValeryParkers Lake, KY

Works amazing!

I bought this after trying many different things to get rid of carpenter ants. As soon as I put it in the wall ant started dieing. A few days later, no more ants and have not seen one since!! A must have if you have ants
LonnyDanforth, IL

Better than hiring someone

I hired a lawn care place to get rid of my ants but found out after $69 that it was only for those that happened to be on the surface. This product worked very quickly to either kill them or make them move on. It does only last for about a month though before they start showing up again. As other reviewers posted you need to dust carefully. It will stay white for a very long time if you just dump it out. I’d give it 5 except that the shaker does clog easily so you will have a hard time putting down an even dusting.
JonnieAzalea, OR