Tetley Loose Leaf Tea, 15.87-Ounce Boxes

Tetley Loose leaf tea

Quick facts

  • Tetley Loose tea direct from the nature
  • Best taste tea
  • The choice of India tea

Top reviews

And I forgot the tea straining ball

I like Tetley Tea so I figured this would be a great buy. The tea is a loose tea but not leaves, buds or flowers. I was a little disappointed when I found out this is similar to instant tea but it doesn’t dissolve, it’s more like a freeze dried loose tea to me and I forgot the tea strainer ball! Thank goodness for my french press.
MarenQueenstown, MD

Super Value – Super Tea!

I couldn’t believe the speedy shipping. This is the ONLY place I have found
Tetley bulk tea to be available. I love it:) Used to drink it all the time
when I was growing up – now I can enjoy it again!
AllineGheens, LA

Excellent value, Very Good flavor

Value and flavor says it all.
The only thing possibly missing is the atmosphere or Foo Foo quality, which has no value to me.
If simply good tea is what you want, this is the product to buy.
RandySiloam Springs, AR

Loose tea leaves

I searched everywhere for the old fashioned loose Tetley tea leaves. They are great for brewing fresh ice tea or a cup of hot tea. Full bodied flavor, much better than the tea bags. We are enjoying the flavor we did growing up from this great product. Thank you Amazon for carrying it.
PeterMount Calvary, WI

Excellent tea

I would give five stars but this is not a high falutin tea- but it is a top notch everyday tea without the expense. When a pot is brewed I frequently say out loud ” That is a good cup of tea!”.
KymberlyOak Creek, CO

For this price, an excellent value

Tetley’s is a very old British brand that used to be much more easier to find stateside that it is today. Thankfully we have amazon to fulfill our needs.

Tetley’s is a nice light, well balanced, “English tea” that I have been pleasantly surprised about. While its no Barry’s Gold Blend, its an excellent tea for afternoons (I prefer lighter tea in the afternoon and evening) compared to my breakfast choice of Barry’s. If you prefer your tea English instead of Irish (lighter flavor, the Irish prefer very bold and strong tea), this could very easily be your one stop shop for your ‘stable black’.

KristenComerio, PR


I start every day with a cup of tea, brewed extra strong, with cream and sugar. Tetley is the only commercial brand I buy. I am a tea snob and prefer gourmet teas, but can’t always afford them. I was thrilled to find loose-leaf tetley as it brews up so much nicer than a bag, and it’s more economical.
HerminaJordan, MN

Excellent Tea.

Wife loves it and uses every day in her electric teapot. large quantity of tea for a very good price.
MaragretKincaid, IL