Tex Joy, Seasoning Steak, 5.25 OZ

Steak Seasoning from TexJoy without the salt. This is the choice for those who are watching their sodium intake, but do not want to sacrifice that great, all-purpose flavor that TexJoy seasonings and cooking spices.

Quick facts

  • Add life to fast-food, popcorn, dips, salsas, burgers, steaks, shrimp, catfish, crawfish, and even pastas.

Top reviews

Perfect Seasoning!

Tex Joy has just the right amount of salt, pepper and other seasonings to bring out all the best in a great steak.
A light coating of olive oil on the room temperature steaks, followed by rubbing in the Tex Joy– LIGHTLY, then placing the steaks on your grill will make any cut even better each time.
It never overwhelms or covers up the natural flavors of the steak.
JoshMillsboro, DE

great ribs

We use tex joy on BBQ ribs. We sprinkle it on and cook the ribs wrapped in plastic wrap and put on a rack with some water underneath and cover with foil and cook in oven for an hour or more at 350 degrees. Then put on grill to crisp up.
NoemiShiner, TX

The best

I am in the Air Force and spent 3 years in Germany and i’m now in Mississippi so I load up on this every time im back in Texas. The best stuff around.
JasperPlum, TX

Awesome Seasoning

I moved to north Mississippi 6 years ago and rarely get bet back to Texas. However, I make sure that I load up on Tex Joy Steak Seasoning every trip. This is the best all around seasoning in the world. Great on everything, not just steaks! Give it a try and you will agree with me.
CedricMount Union, PA

Best meat seasoning ever!

I have not purchased this item from Amazon, but we use it all the time, purchasing from a local grocery, for any meat being cooked. Great for seasoning catfish prior to frying. The bottle description says, “We created our TEXJOY STEAK SEASONING for steaks and hamburgers, but taste how it adds joy to chicken, seafood, salads, vegetables, pork, pasta, french fries, and even popcorn. (Our vice president loves it on tart apples.)” TEXJOY products are made in Beaumont, Texas.
KimberlySarasota, FL