Thai Instant Coffee 3 in 1 – 30 single serve packets

A very convenient and inexpensive Thai instant coffee. Add a packet to one cup of boiling hot water, stir and enjoy. You get 30 packets (20 gm per packet) in an attractive master bag. We also offer Oleang, traditional Thai coffee.

Quick facts

  • Pack of thirty, 20-gram packet(total of 600-grams)
  • Convenient and inexpensive Thai instant coffee
  • Packaged in an attractive master bag

Top reviews

Thai Instant Coffee

I purchased this product in the hope of being able to make Thai Iced Coffee at home without the need of going to a Thai restaurant to purchase it. It didn’t taste anything like restaurant Thai Iced Coffee. The absence of cardamon, a key ingredient in Thai Iced Coffee, was evident. It tastes more like a poor-quality mocha latte. The only positive thing I can say is that it wasn’t as sweet as restaurant Thai Iced Coffee, which I always dilute with milk. Anyway, I didn’t like it; but it was worth the try.
ChantalEsbon, KS