Thai Pavilion Single Serve Microwavable Pad Thai, 2.79-Ounce Boxes

Thai Pavilion single serve, microwavable instant rice noodles and sauce provide maximum convenience, without compromising on authentic Thai flavor. Now you can enjoy exceptionally quick cooking and convenient Thai noodles, bursting with real and authentic Thai taste wherever you go, or at work. Microwave for 3 minutes or add boiling water and let sit for 5 minutes.

Quick facts

  • Pack of Six, 2.79 Ounce per box (total of 16.74 Ounces)
  • Authentic Thai Restaurant Quality Strong Flavors Healthy All Natural Shelf-stable Fresh Ingredients Exceptionally convenient
  • Every dish in Thai Cuisine displays an intricate balance in different proportions of the five main taste sensations: sweet sour salty spicy better
  • Can be consumed anywhere All that is needed is hot water Microwave in 3 minutes, or add boiling water and let sit for 5 minutes
  • Source Atlantique, Inc. was established in 1991 in New Jersey and specializes in discovering the best products in every culinary category, then cultivating their strengths, and nurturing each throughout the marketplace

Top reviews

Thai Pavilion Pad Thai

300 Calories per container
45 Calories from fat
Total Fat 5g (Saturated Fat 0.5g, Trans Fat 0g)
Cholesterol 0 mg
Sodium 810 mg
Total Carbohydrate 57g (Dietary Fiber 0g, Sugars 10g)
Protein 5g

The taste is surprisingly good. There is a medium spiciness to the flavor. Packs well in my purse for the commute. I use hot water from the coffee machine at work and it cooks up nicely in 5 minutes.

LatarshaGreen Castle, MO

Wow – fantastic!

I got this and it sat in my shelf for a while because I didn’t really expect much. Then I made it one night to share with my son (2) and daughter (4) and we all loved it! My daughter has celiac and is super picky, so I was happy it said “gluten free” right on the box. And it was so good – we ate the other box we had too (peanut flavor). Both were fantastic, the Pad thai is a little more spicy (but not too much). I was so surprised it was so good, I can’t wait to get more!
PattiSaint Thomas, PA

This Thai Pavilion Pad Thai Passes My Taste Test!

I ordered this six-pack of Thai Pavilion Single Serve Pad Thai as part of a gift for my father. My parents are from Thailand, and I thought this portable instant Thai Pavilion Pad Thai would be good for him to eat when he’s at work or when we’re busy and don’t have a lot of time to cook. I thought it was ironic and weird timing how I ordered Pad Thai a whole day in advance before all these news headlines emerged on the Internet about two Trader Joe’s customers arguing and fighting over remarks and behavior revolving and involving Trader Joe’s frozen vegan Pad Thai. This case even ended up going to court. Type “Trader Joe’s” and “Pad Thai” if you want to read the whole stories. Anyways, I don’t know how Trader Joe’s frozen vegan Pad Thai tastes like (maybe I’ll try some Trader Joe’s Pad Thai in the future after reading those news stories), but it’s a bonus that we can order good Pad Thai online such as that from Thai Pavilion. Thai Pavilion’s Pad Thai is not frozen, and you can store Thai Pavilion’s Pad Thai at room temperature. Thai Pavilion’s Microwavable Pad Thai is delicious. Of course we have to be realistic. Eating this is not going to compare to visiting Thailand, dining at a Thai restaurant, or eating my mother’s or any of my Thai relatives’ Pad Thai, but out of the instant Pad Thais out there, this is pretty darn good. It’s of medium spiciness – more true to Thai flavors and spices since Thai Pavilion write on their box that this is a product of Thailand. This product is all natural, gluten-free, and vegan. Anyways, this meal is very easy to cook. All you have to do is to remove the rice noodles from the plastic bag and put them in the tray. Then you put water in the tray to soak and cover the rice noodles. Then you snap the tray lid on and microwave heat the noodles for three to four minutes. You also have the option of pouring boiling water over the noodles. After completely heating the noodles, you drain the water from the hole slits on the lid corners of the tray (this is my favorite part of the instant cooking). I like the lid tray design, and I thought it was considerate that they packed a fork with the meal as well. Then you remove the lid and add seasoning and oil packets and mix it in with the rice noodles. On the Thai Pavilion box, they boast that they are “True Thai Food”, “Authentic”, and “Imported”. The spiciness and flavor from this Pad Thai, in my opinion, is very close to how real Thai food is like. On their box they say that they have a Spicy Pad Thai Single Serve Microwavable version as well. This is the regular one. This Thai Pavilion Pad Thai tastes so much better than Thai Kitchen’s Pad Thai (On Thai Kitchen’s Pad Thai box, they say that their Pad Thai was made in China. Thai Kitchen do make some great products such as their Thai fortune cookies. But if you want my complete honesty, when it comes to instant Pad Thai, Thai Pavilion wins. Thai Kitchen’s Pad Thai has a sour and tangy taste to it due to the sauce.)
Anyways, if you like things hotter, then you can opt for Thai Pavilion’s Spicy Pad Thai, which I know my father would like as well. My father loves hot and spicy food items. My father likes to put hot seasonings, Thai chili peppers, Thai Sriracha sauce on his pizza, noodles, rice, etc. So, I ordered Thai Pavilion’s Single Serve Microwavable Green Curry noodles as well – they list the taste level on the Green Curry noodle box as “very hot”. My father ended up eating all of the Thai Pavilion Green Curry noodles within the month. Garlic Chili and Thai Peanut are the other two instant meals from Thai Pavilion. Give this Pad Thai a try! I have to say that this Thai Pavilion Single Serve Instant Pad Thai passes this Thai American gal’s taste test!
SusanaHillsdale, OK

The Taste of Thai version is SO much better (and lots lower in sodium)

As of this review, I’ve also tried the Thai Kitchen and Taste of Thai versions, as well as Dr. McDougals RightFoods version. This one is not great tasting and is loaded with sodium – 810 mg. Taste of Thai, on the other hand, is just 320 mg (and best tasting of the lot, by far) compared to 650 for Thai Kitchen (just another so, so product). Although the sodium is listed as 480 mg for the supposedly “healthy” Dr. McDougal version – it’s actually the highest in sodium since McDougal’s is only about half a serving, so multiply 480 times 2 to get the real comparative sodium.
LeannaLake George, MI

surprisingly good

This Pavillion Pad Thai is surprisingly good.I liked it much better the the Pavillion Thai Peanut.The Thai Kitchen brand of Thai Peanut is the much better of the two.
CoraleeGregory, MI

Great flavor and calorie count

I love this one. I do have a complaint that a portion is very tiny and I feel like you could get a little more satisfying prepared meals for the same amount of calories.
AlphonseDillwyn, VA