Thai Tamarind Candy – 3.5 oz box

If you have an acquired taste for tamarind, this is a great snack. Tamarind candy tends to lose flavor and freshness within a few months after shipment, and this is a new arrival so buy now–quality is great.

Quick facts

  • Sour, pure natural tamarind without any preservatives or artificial ingredients
  • Covered in a mix of sugar and salt (commonly found in Thailand the same chile/sugar/salt mix offered with sliced mango)
  • Ingredients are tamarind, sugar, salt
  • Product of Thailand

Top reviews

Unique and unedible

Just picked these babies up at a local asian food market. You know your in for treat when in Asia, people believe that the tamarind tree poisons the air around it and people who fall asleep under the tree are dragged off to hell by demons. Every flavorful second will make you want to reevaluate your life. Also known as godzilla tear not because they are his tears but they are what caused godzilla himself to cry.
DarrickSammamish, WA

Great Service

I was really impressed that I was able to buy this product on line. It was easy to make the purchase and received the goods on time. I will definitely order from them again.
BebeChatham, IL

Tamarind balls are great but this product, from Importfood, are HORRIBLE!!!

I LOVE tamarind balls, sweet and tart like other’s have described. HOWEVER DO NOT GET THESE FROM IMPORTFOODS. I wouldn’t get these type at all no matter what company. Importfoods is bad because they did not bother to return my emails until I was forced to leave them a bad review on Amazon. And even then they ignored my request for a partial refund. I had FOOLISHLY decided to order this product in bulk and had paid them a lot of money.

I did this because I had tried so many brands of tamarind balls and loved them all. Some more than others but all that I tried were good.

These were the sad exception. They tasted EXTREMELY stale and salty, YUCK! The ones that Importfoods sent were covered in dust. So I’m sure they were stale. But the seller is only part of the problem. This BRAND really is inferior. It’s full of stale sugar and salt and quite gritty. Barely any tamarind at all. So no wonder it tasted gritty, stale, with barely any fruit.

It also had a weird burnt/molasses- like aftertaste. More just burnt than molasses.

I’m leaving this review because there were no negative reviews,to warn me when I purchased these. Buyer Beware!!!

AntonioPittsfield, ME

Candy for thee, not for me.

I had purchased tamarind candy several years ago. It was sweet tasting. This product is salty and spicy. When I tried to get a refund from the company that I bought this from, I was only offered 50% of my money back. This product has chili powder in it.

I would not have bought it had I had known that.

KeenaPachuta, MS

Grew up on this stuff.

I love this stuff! Sweet at first, then sour. You have to like sour stuff. This is a dried fruit coated in sugar. It’s naturally tart and delicious.
RaleighNatural Dam, AR


The tamarind candy arrived within days of my order and was eaten within hours of receiving it. A perfect blend of tamarind and chili. Excellent! I will order more!
AngieWoodlake, TX

weirdest (good) candy I’ve ever eaten

This candy is a perfect mix of sweet, sour, and spicy. If you like tamarind flavor, you’ll love this. I might just spend my next amazon giftcard on a dozen of these boxes.
I don’t really understand what to do with the seeds inside, I don’t think they’re edible – anybody?

Review update: I ordered it again, and the candy that arrived was low quality, and in slightly different box.

IsiahPrairie City, SD

Really low quality product

Tamarined Candy is amazing. No doubt about it. However,the quality of Tamarind candy sold by Ur Asian Store is deplorable. I ordered 1 3.5 oz box and 2 4 oz boxes of Tamarind candy and instead received 3 boxes of 4 oz Tamarind candy. No problem there. Unfortunately, the candies themselves were old, stale, and worthy of my condemnation. There was no date label on any of the three boxes so I don’t know how old they were, but I felt like I was consuming Candies that were years past their “best by” date. After tasting 2-3 from each box I had to throw all three boxes away. My only hope now is that I will not get sick from eating these expired Tamarind Candies.

I strongly recommend anyone interested in buying Tamarind Candy to get it from any retailer other than Ur Asian Store here on Amazon.

AlaynaChesterfield, VA