Thai whole dried chile – 3.5 oz

Thai whole dried chile – 3.5 oz/bag

Quick facts

  • Package contains 3.5-ounces of Thai whole dried chile
  • Are integral to Thai cooking
  • Pound in a mortar and pestle to make homemade curry paste or dry roast whole for garnish

Top reviews

What KIND of red peppers are they?

As a new foodie wanting to learn to cook more with lots of interesting peppers, this is the kind of product that is so confusing. WHAT KIND OF RED PEPPERS ARE THEY?
MagalyLyndhurst, NJ

Excellent and very hot!

Great dried, red peppers! We ground these up and use the powder to spice up our thai food! Very hot!
BurlHewitt, MN

HOT D—!!

These are exactly what I was looking for, but can’t find in my local marketing area. Instead of a two hour round trip, I sat at my computer, and they came right to my door in short order. I will be ordering more when these run out.
SuzanBrunswick, TN

Thai peppers shipped from Thailand?

This is more of a ‘heads up’ than a review at this time. I ordered these the other day, free shipping – yea!! Received the e-mail that item has been shipped, with a delivery date in about a month. What the heck? A little research shows me that these little Thai peppers have actually been shipped… from THAILAND. Now, I’m not complaining. I’m in no particular hurry to receive them, although sooner would have been better, but not a problem. I re-read the description again, and it gives no indication of the long wait for delivery.

I look forward to getting these, as I can’t find them around here. I’ll be sure to come back and update the rating for the actual item after I receive them. Maybe this situation is a one-off, I don’t know. Just be warned that it may take a while for this item to hit your doorstep/mailbox.

Additional info:

ordered 08/18/2012

shipped 08/20/2012 via Thailandpost (pretty decent turn around considering I ordered late at night, and then there is that time difference…they show the 20th, my e-mail shows the 19th)

delivery scheduled for 09/13/2012 – 09/27/2012

Will post when item is received. Who knows, it may not take so long, just have little to no experience with items actually being sent from overseas. Heck, it may show up tomorrow for all I know.

As of 9/9/2012…no item. E-mailed seller even though I am still out of the ‘scheduled delivery’. The middle of the weekend – here and in Thailand – and had a response within two hours (impressive). No update on tracking (not sure they can really even offer that), but response was quick and courteous. AND they made me want these chiles even more…shame on them 🙂

When (and I do hope this comes to pass) I order from them again, I will order more than one package. I’m afraid of running out of these tasty little peppers. Will have to research on growing from seed 🙂

As of 9/15/2012…These little beauties arrived either 9/12 or 9/13, not sure as I don’t check my mail everyday. Well within the delivery window they stated. While I have not cooked with them yet they appear to be excellent. They look to have been nicely dried and smell awesome. 3.5 ounces should last me a while as it was more than I expected volume wise. They were indeed sent from Thailand, package was complete with ‘Customs Declaration’.

I would highly recommend this seller and this product, with the caveat that it will take time for you to receive them. If that is not an issue, DO IT!!

LoriaCloverdale, OH

Great Peppers

These peppers had a wonderful smell and a great flavor. I use them in a LOT of recipes. They are not over dried which is typical of the ones I find at the mega-mart. I will buy these again and again.
JackquelineKirby, WY


I love these chilli peppers. They are hot, hold up well in ziplock bags, travel well, and make any meal a true culinary delight.

I’d rate these higher on the pepper scale, but not the hottest I’ve ever had. They do pack a punch!

I’d recommend these for anyone who likes Thai food.

JospehLapaz, IN


I don’t plan to grind these, have plenty other peppers for that. I got these to serve whole, especially for my brother who loves spicy Asian cuisine. And these actually came all the way from Thailand, which I thought makes them well worth the wait (took a couple of weeks with the shipping method I chose). These are gorgeous trimmings, and delicious, eye-watering goodness.
AureliaRetsof, NY

Nice and Spicy!

My peppers arrived in 10 days (well within the delivery window) and I was pleasantly surprised with volume and quality. Dried but not crumbling to bits, these are fragrant and nicely spicy/hot with flavor to boot, not just heat.
MathewDarwin, CA

Not spicy

Very disappointed by the lack of spice in these. Don’t know if it’s because of poor packaging during shipping or just not-so-spicy peppers, but these were no more spicy than crushed red pepper flakes sold at any supermarket.
LouisaPreston, GA

Very Fresh Produce!

I always worry about spices or produce being bought online may not be fresh, but this exceeded my expectations. Very fresh produce. I was surprised at the amount of chiles I received. Fast delivery too.
AdolfoBosworth, MO