The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Tea, Hand-Picked Earl Grey, 20-Count Tins

Whole leaf tea bags. A traditional blend of rich Black Tea flavored with oil of Bergamont. Earl Grey: Earl Grey(1764-1845) was Prime Minister of England under William IV, but is better remembered for the tea named after him. Tea legends say the blend was

Quick facts

  • A traditional blend of rich black tea flavored with oil of Bergamot.
  • Premium Whole Leaf Tea Bags

Top reviews

almost perfect

very smooth, delightful flavor and gourmet tea. I’ve also had the stash bergamot and I like it but there is a notable difference in the dried leaves approach of this tea. tasty it is. But yeah, like another reviewer said, artifical flavors? I still like it, because I dont want to worry about the little things in life too much, but it would be worth the full five stars if it was fully natural flavors.

I like the tin. Most tea comes in a disposable box. I plan to keep the tin after the tea is gone. I can totally mod this tin for all kinds of uses or keep it as is.

DeenaRhineland, MO

Artificial flavors? Seriously?

It’s hard to find a good quality whole leaf tea in bags, and the great reviews this brand received were pretty convincing. So I gave it a shot, in spite of my usual preference for organic or fair trade teas. Sadly, there is an unpleasantly strong perfumey odor and taste to this Earl Grey and when I looked at the ingredients, the reason was quite clear. It is comprised of whole leaf black tea along with natural and ARTIFICIAL flavors. Why the artificial flavors? Isn’t a top quality oil of bergamot enough? It is for me. Unfortunately, grocery items cannot be returned to Amazon, so I’m stuck with three tins of tea that I will probably never drink.
RayleneGrand View, WI

The Perfect Brew

This is a medium body, exquisitely aromatic, excellent tasting and wonderfully colored tea. The tea leaves are not crushed, but the real leaves are inside the pouch. Although a bit pricey, this is the best Earl Grey tea I’ve tasted on this side of the Atlantic. There are other fancy Earl Greys made by Tazo, Numi, and Stash, and only Tazo full leaf comes close; all of them excellent teas; yet, none can match this delicate and flavorful tea blended by TCBTL.
AbbiePine Hill, NY

Great look, great taste

These are the coolest – very fragrant and a unique bag. It tastes great, looks great, and made a great gift when I needed an original idea!
MaraMedfield, MA

The Best!

I lived in CA and bought this tea from the store directly or from Ralphs grocery store but then I found it on Amazon and the value is incredible. Signing up for the auto delivery is the best in that you get a lower price and you dont have to remember to order it. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great tasting tea at an incredible price.
TiaIvanhoe, VA

Excellent tea with wonderfull aroma

I am a tea drinker since I remember
This is one of the best earl grey tea I ever had
Highly highly recommended
And you have it with a great price in Amazon
40% cheaper compare to “Coffee Bean” which is the brand !!
LadawnStone, KY