The Gentleman’s Relish – Spiced Anchovy Relish from England 1.5oz


Quick facts

  • 1.5oz Jar Perfect for a gift
  • Delicious on Hot Toast
  • Spiced Anchovy Paste

Top reviews

Simply Orgasmic!

Gentlemen’s Reslish is a climactic experience. I love to apply a thin layer to a nice hot shnitzel. I just rub it on there, and let the flavors explode.
I only have one complaint:
Don’t let Gentlemen’s Relish flail around. It burns if you get it in your eye!
CelindaLitchfield Park, AZ

Amazing for the few who will enjoy it

The smell you first get from opening this container is pungent and will make u go ‘wtf’. Once spread on buttered toast, is a whole different story. Its deep nutty, fishy flavor is very umami. Don’t use too much.
LouisaWaite Park, MN