The Ginger People Hot Coffee Ginger Chews, 3-Ounce Bags

Just like your freshly brewed morning cup o’ Joe, Hot Coffee Ginger Chews are stimulating and delicious mood-boosting treats! These warm and soothing chews are made from smooth-roasted Arabica coffee beans from East Java, one of the finest growing region

Quick facts

  • America’s #1 Selling Ginger Candy Line adds a new member: Hot Coffee Ginger Chews
  • A perfectly brewed ginger chew
  • Ginger and coffee are rich in antioxidants
  • Made with Arabia and Robust beans from East Java
  • America’s Leading Brand of Premium Quality Ginger Products

Top reviews

I love Coffee and Ginger but not this product!

I love Ginger Chews, I go out of my way to Las Vegas to buy Ginger Chews from this company. However, the Hot Coffee flavor isn’t what I thought it would taste like. Yes, it is coffee but the candies are not wrapped in parchment as the Ginger Chews are but in mylar or somekind of wrap and it sticks to the mylar packaging. I may live in AZ but never had this issue with Ginger Chews. I have 23 remaining packages so I guess you know how I feel about this product.
MorrisBuckeye, WV

Great chews

Love them they are great but the packaging drives me nuts
cannot get into them without scissors
AngeloStar Tannery, VA

very good

Hot Coffee Ginger Chews, I can’t find them here, so ordered on line. they came very fast and was packeged very good, will order more TY
DinahColumbus, NE

GP Chews Wrap in Plasic vs Parchment

All of Ginger People packagings can be difficult, It depends how they are stored. I love the flavor of all of their chews, I am a Ginger freak, I Love the health aspects of the product. Regarding their Packaging, It doesn’t matter it they are wrapped in Plastic or Parchment Both styles can be a pain in the but. If they are stored in a cool dry p;ace, I find they are easiest to open, If they are warm to hot, Forget it, you will have a problem with both wrappers due to the nature of the product itself. I actually prefer the Plastic packing to the Parchment double wrap. Just pinch with your fingers just right or left of the center and they open right up. I order 22 pounds at a time, what does that tell you about the product.
FranceSpragueville, IA

Unique Candy

Found these by accident at a market in CA and my husband loves them. They are strong but a little sweet at the same time – almost no calories and a great little snack. I haven’t tried any of the other Ginger People products but will be doing so in the future.
VirginaMalden Bridge, NY