The Good Bean Chickpea Snacks, Sweet Cinnamon, Gluten and Nut Free, 2.5-Ounce Pouches

The new favorite crunch. Our chickpeas are so darn crispy, crunchy and flavor-packed that you might think they’re junk food. Not to worry, one serving has as much protein as 23 almonds, as much fiber as 2 cups of broccoli and they’re 100% free of nuts, soy and gluten. They’re perfect for whatever, whenever snack attacks. Try mixing into salads and soups. Add to trail mix.

Quick facts

  • Contains 6 – 2.5 ounce pouches
  • 100% Gluten, Nut and Soy Free
  • Vegan, Verified Non-GMO
  • One serving has as much protein as almonds, and as much fiber as two cups of broccoli
  • 100% Goodness, 0% Badness

Top reviews

I tried w/ high hopes

Cinnamon covered drywall. I think they might taste ok in milk as in like a cereal, but have not gotten that far. Right now we just call them drywall.
LavernSaint Michael, MN

Healthy snack with OK taste

High Fiber with low sugar content, overall a healthy snack. The taste, however, is not that great … and I don’t consider myself a picky eater.
CharlesettaIhlen, MN

The only flavor I like

This is the only flavor that I like. For some reason the sweetness goes well with the the softer consistensy of the dried chickpeas. I would buy this flavor again, but not the other ones. These have a slightly chalky, soft consistency compared to nuts. I was expecting something a little crunchier. I love that they are beans and have fiber (6 grams). The #2 ingrediant is evaporated cane juice and #3 is brown rice syrup. And if you are watching carbs then nuts are lower. These have 23 grams total carbs and 6 grams sugar. The fat on the other hand is much lower then nuts – only 2 grams of fat. 140 calories for 1/4 cup so about the same calories as most nuts.
DagmarCoeymans, NY


I really like this product. It has a rich and full flavor of cinnamon and vanilla. I am always on the lookout for a sweet snack that does not give me a sugar rush and does not contain nuts because I have an allergy. I find the roasted chickpeas are great for traveling since they are filling, but won’t make you feel horrible like eating a bag of chips will.
TenaDevol, OK


I love roasted garbanzo beans. I make them and eat them at home all of the time. When I read some of the negative reviews, I thought to myself, “Well, I guess these people have never eaten roasted garbanzo beans before they do have a strange consistency,” and I went ahead and ordered some any way. It seemed pretty impossible to me that these could be messed up. Well, congratulations! They are horrible. The person who said they were like chalk was 100% correct. I have never made garbanzo beans at home and had them turn out this way. They are like powder. Yuck! I wish I could return them; they are that bad and disappointing. Please save your money, and if you really want to eat chalk, just go to the school supplies section of Target.
ReynaldaMeshoppen, PA

Yummy and Healthy

I love this snack! The cinnamon flavor is delicious and sweet but the product has very little sugar and no white sugar. It’s an amazing high fiber/ high protein snack that tastes delicous and is low in fat. Thank you folks at the Good Bean!

Fingers crossed for cocoa flavor.

LenSilver Spring, PA

sweet satisfaction

Sugar and cinnamon are an unexpected complement to garbanzo beans, but boy does it work! I love this flavor! Sweet and delicious while offering a serving (or two!) of veggies. This is my six-year-old daughter’s favorite flavor, for obvious reasons!
MyToccopola, MS

Sweet Taste but Too Hard to Eat

I have purchased three brands of chickpea treats and loved the other two. However, I like the sweet flavors and The Good Bean is the only one that sells the sweet flavors without the variety pack. I am unsure if maybe the shipping played a part, because the beans were not expired, but they were rock hard. It actually hurt my teeth to try to bite and eat the chickpea. Maybe I just got a bad bunch, but when you pay so much, its a real bummer. But I do give credit to the yummy cinnamon flavor, it reminded me of a kids cereal I liked when I was younger, I think those toast crunch cereal brand.
MilliePineville, SC