The Good Bean Chickpea Snacks, Variety Pack, Gluten and Nut Free,

The new favorite crunch. Our chickpeas are so darn crispy, crunchy and flavor-packed that you might think they’re junk food. Not to worry, one serving has as much protein as 23 almonds, as much fiber as 2 cups of broccoli and they’re 100% free of nuts, soy and gluten. They’re perfect for whatever, whenever snack attacks. Try mixing into salads and soups. Add to trail mix.

Quick facts

  • Contains 12 – 2.5 ounce pouches, 3 of each flavor: Cinnamon, Smoky Chili & Lime, Sea Salt, Cracked Pepper
  • 100% Gluten, Nut and Soy Free
  • Vegan, Verified Non-GMO
  • One serving has as much protein as almonds, and as much fiber as two cups of broccoli
  • 100% Goodness, 0% Badness

Top reviews

Good Bean 4 flavor pack

I ordered these items based on another review.
I thought they would be a nice healtier alternative snack.
They arrived just fine, but I did not care for any of the flavors.
They had very little taste or were way too spicy to eat.
The texture when eating them was also unappealing.
They were disappointing.
TimLecoma, MO

not good

This “snack” has the taste and texture of cardboard beads. One carton is unopened and if given the opportunity, I would request a refund. Would not recommend this to anyone.
LashondaBrussels, IL

Good Bean 4 Flavor Variety Pack

YUCK!! YUCK!!! YUCK!!! Who would think that anything cinnamon could be so unappealing and downright gross tasting? The Smoky Chili & Lime is no better. Huge waste of money and I will definitely not order again!
EmanuelNeedmore, PA


I was excited to purchase these because of all the bloggers writing about baking chickpeas and seasoning them. I had yet to try it on my own because of time and so when I found this I thought it would be great. Ugh…. chalky chalky chalky! They taste just fine… yummy even…but the texture is not something I would choose if I had to. Once I’ve finished this box…I won’t be going back for more. (But hey…if you don’t care about a weird texture….go for it!)
ClaireAvondale, CO

grossly dissappointed

My overall impression is that they are dry, dry, DRY, DRY!! Get it?. They have a very strange sort of powdery texture…and a lot smaller than they show on the bag or than any garbanzo bean I have ever tried. The sea salt flavor tastes a lot like roasted, salted soybeans…I was hoping it would be better than that. All of the other flavors are contained in a crunchy coating on the outside of the bean. The cinnamon tastes very cinnamon-y without being sweet. The chili is slightly spicy. The cracked pepper tastes little different to me than the sea salt flavor. I will not purchase again and made the mistake of buying a mixed case……not cheap either….wonder if I can just boil them back to life?
ChuEncinitas, CA

Good idea, horrible execution

I have roasted my own chickpeas for a long time and thought this would be a wonderful time saver. I was sadly mistaken. The chickpeas were dry and chalky. They were hard to swallow without a large volume of water. I guess I’ll return to roasting my own.
ValentineMansfield, PA

Of course they’re dry!

I’ve been trying to make roasted chickpeas for years and never had much success. They were always burned or chewy. So, I was super-excited to see this new product! I got the sampler so I could try all four flavors. I thought the sea salt and chile & lime flavors were pretty gross. The cracked pepper, however, isn’t bad and the sweet cinnamon is FANTASTIC. I’ll definitely be buying more of that flavor. And for the reviewers who complained about the dryness… they’re dried beans, what exactly were you expecting? 🙂
RafaelaAvon, OH

Must be an acquired taste . . .

I’ll start with the great flavoring in each of these Good Bean packs but end with the pasty, somewhat granular texture that develops as you chew. My family wouldn’t reach into the bags a third time and friends to whom they were offered had the same reaction – or worse. If flavor trumps texture in your crowd, you’ll be pleased; if not, and you’re still up for trying, have lots of your favorite beverage on hand to wash it down.
DelfinaDougherty, TX

Not what I anticipated

I thought the description of these products sounded delicious and bought the variety pack. I was very disappointed in that each flavor was only slightly crunchy and borderline stale. I would not recommend.
AurelioWesson, MS

Disliked them and would not purchase them again.

I will not buy this item again. I did not like them. I thought they would be crunchy and they were not at all. I did not like the taste of them either.
DemarcusWesco, MO

not good!

I have bought other dried beans in the past and the taste of these is terrible! The salt is waaaaaaaaaaay too salty and I did not enjoy the other flavors. Do not spend the money.
VeldaFreelandville, IN

horrible tasting.

This is some of the worst tasting snacks I have tried. They are mushy, instead of crunchy. Threw them away.
JoyeSilver Creek, MN

These are just okay

This is a high protein, low fat, and relatively low sugar snack. My overall impression is that they are dry, dry, DRY. They’ve got a weird, sort of powdery texture. (Yeah — dry.) However, assuming that doesn’t bother you, the flavors aren’t bad. The sea salt flavor tastes a lot like roasted, salted soybeans — pretty good. All of the other flavors are contained in a crunchy coating on the outside of the bean, presumably stuck to the beans with cane juice. The cinnamon tastes very cinnamon-y without being sweet. The chili is slightly spicy. The cracked pepper tastes little different to me than the sea salt flavor. I have not purchased again and probably won’t. My family had zero interest in digging into these.
DorthaHolts Summit, MO

excellent snack!

Garbanzo beans as a snack? Who would have though they’d make a great snack? The makers of the Good Bean have accomplished making a relatively healthy snack that taste good. When I first tried some I did have a reaction of “this is a bit chalky.” But after a couple bites I got used to the texture. These are not similar to peanuts or tree nuts in texture. I like all four flavors although the Smokey/Chili could be spicier and have more lime flavor for my taste. The cinnamon is my least favorite but it is still a tasty treat. I really like mixing the pepper and sea salt together. The only downside in my view of the Good Bean is the sodium content. 7% daily sodium is higher than I’d like (each packet is 2 servings so one packet has a lot of sodium (over 300 mg). Nevertheless, as a snack these are a great, low-fat, high-fiber option.
StacySpringfield, GA

good bean love x4

I was delighted to find this guilt-free, low-fat snack, which is South-Beach friendly and… A VEGETABLE! I eat it every day as part of my weight-loss plan, and it’s both filling and full of flavor. This is a great counterbalance to nuts and fresh veggies, and it’s easy to carry around for snacking on the go. The four-flavor pack offers a nice hit of variety to my snacking diet. Great product!
JaimeElkton, VA

I love these!

I’m so glad that I ignored the negative reviews and bought these anyway. Now, I’m hooked! A very filling, tasty snack. I have successfully incorporated them into my weight loss plan, to alleviate hunger pangs between meals. In my opinion, I recommend you give these a try.
LatishaDawn, TX

Tasty and good for you, a tough combo to find

Love these snacks, all the flavors are good. I bake my own chickpeas but these are smaller and I like them better, plus I don’t have to do the hard work. They remind me of chi-chi beans, an snack all the old-timer Italians in my family eat. But these taste better. I think 2 servings is a bit of a stretch, especially if you’re using these on-the-go for meal replacement. I would like to see a pack of 12 sold at this price but in single flavors.
RenaNine Mile Falls, WA

Love these!!

I just tried the sea salt flavor and I loved it! Yes it’s salty, but I love salty snacks so this really hits the craving for me. And compared to nuts, it has lower calories, good protein and lower fat. I wanted to try more flavors so will get this variety pack.
EvelinaWashburn, ND

Good Bean Review

Always on the lookout for a healthful, portable snack I ordered the variety pack so I could try each flavor. The chili-lime is definitely my favorite flavor with cinnamon, salt and pepper following, in that order. Overall the beans are good; one negative is the texture. A bit “powdery” on the inside… though it kinda grew on me; my expectation for texture were due to the product billed as “crunchy” so I was expecting the texture to be more like a roasted nut. But, that said, I would order again, though probably wouldn’t order pepper again. I do think the beans would be good mixed with nuts for added flavor and texture.
DestinyTifton, GA

The Good Bean

The Good Bean, Variety Pack:

So, thinking this product would be crunchy and light, I was surprised it had a different texture. Surprisingly nice, the flavors are robust and delicious, the texture isn’t hard on the teeth, but still has a crunch! but you can tell they are baked, not cooked with oil, giving off that oil cooked crunch.

I shared them with some other people who also thought they were very tasty and filling. You know you’re getting a good snack when you don’t have to eat the entire pack, and yet not putting on wasted calories!

I recommend this treat for those who love to snack, but don’t want to eat the wrong things! Two thumbs up!!!

ToshikoGeorgetown, CT