The Gracious Gourmet Balsamic Four-Onion Spread, 4-Ounce Jars

A combination of leeks, shallots, red and white onions are carmelized with balsamic vinegar, sugar and a special blend of spices to complement an endless list of dishes.

Quick facts

  • Red and white roasted onions, leeks and shallots, balsamic vinegar and Moroccean spices. High quality fresh, frozen and dried ingredients. Nothing can
  • All natural; vegetarian; vegan; gluten free. Low in fats and salt. Great paired with many foods including cheeses, meats, salads , pastas, risottos and soups
  • Beautiful labels make ideal hostess gift. Variety of uses all listed on the jars. Many easy to use recipes at web site

Top reviews

Delicious in dips and burgers!

I can’t get enough of the Gracious Gourmet brand! The Balsamic Four Onion is amazing when you mix in with hamburgers. I also made a dip by mixing this product with sour cream. My friends loved it. It was so good!
MartinNorth Olmsted, OH


At first the price seemed high for such small jars, but you only need a little and the taste is immense! I have ordered twice already. My favorite way to use this is in an omelette with a little cheese, absolutely delicious! Well worth the price.
IsraelQulin, MO

A little goes a long way

Each jar is petite, but the flavor is so intense that a little goes a long way. The taste is pleasantly acidic and intensely rich. I use it smeared on cheese sandwiches and as a condiment on meat or poultry dishes. It is definitely worth the purchase price.
AmparoWattsburg, PA

Best spreads ever!

I have tried all of the Gracious Gourmet products and can’t find a single one that isn’t fantastic! The best part of these spreads is that you can use them so many different ways. I have cooked with them, used them as spreads on crackers and sandwiches and mixed them with sour cream to make a dip. So easy and so delicious!
DanicaSparland, IL


The Balsamic Four Onion spread is delicious. I got my first jar of it a few days ago and i never put it down. definitely recommend for any food lover, i put it on a chicken wrap and even plain on crackers. great stuff
YasukoGranville Summit, PA