The Honest Kitchen Prowl Grain-Free Chicken Cat Food

ABOUT PROWL DEHYDRATED CAT FOOD: Dished up with 70% free-range chicken, Prowl is the original cat’s meow for adult and senior kitties, who don’t dig grains. It’s a less processed, high moisture alternative to canned food, and it’s bursting with natural whole food goodness. The Honest Kitchen Prowl is a dehydrated cat food that is AAFCO complete and balanced for adult cats of all breeds. This dehydrated cat food is high in moisture and can be used in place of homemade or canned cat food diets. This cat food is 100% human-grade cat food (an important quality distinction!) and contains no red flag pet food ingredients like corn, soy, rice, beet pulp or wheat. Just add warm water, wait 3 minutes and serve a delicious & healthy meal! ABOUT THE HONEST KITCHEN: The Honest Kitchen started in Lucy Postin’s kitchen in 2002 when she started making her dog’s meals from scratch to help combat his ear infections. The physical difference from his new diet was spectacular but her kitchen was a mess. Lucy then realized that dehydrating whole foods made mealtimes much simpler while maintaining the natural health benefits of the ingredients. From there, The Honest Kitchen was born – and her kitchen stayed much cleaner! Today, The Honest Kitchen is on a mission to revolutionize the pet food industry through their obsession with product integrity and commitment to help as many pets as possible get on the road to good health through natural, wholesome proper food.

Quick facts

  • GRAIN FREE cat food with free-range chicken
  • HIGH PROTEIN cat food, for adult cats
  • MINIMALLY PROCESSED dehydrated whole food ingredients
  • 100% HUMAN GRADE cat food from farm to bowl
  • MADE IN THE USA by a family-owned company, nothing from China
  • ALL NATURAL cat food with no by-products, preservatives or GMO ingredients
  • JUST ADD WATER for a warm, delicious meal!

Top reviews

Economical and my cat loves it

Cats are finicky animals and what one loves another won’t touch – that is not a reflection on the food itself. I have two Burmese and their eating habits are very different. My local Pet Nutrition Center kindly gave me a sample of Prowl the other day and while my one cat absolutely loves it, the other won’t touch it. That’s why samples are nice. Both of my cats have been on Evo kibble, but this one cat who now loves the Prowl, has a habit of throwing up and I’m on the prowl myself for an alternative food that will help her keep food down. So far, no barf. She also laps it up as soon as I’ve added warm water – no waiting. I highly recommend you obtain a sample and let the cat decide, as the food is economical as well as healthy.
LaveniaLake Andes, SD

Less expensive, high quality food

I feed prowl because it is a high quality healthy food that does not break my budget. It is much cheaper than other premium wet foods (Wellness, Weruva, etc), and my cat seems to like it. The only downside to prowl is that, since it is dehydrated, you must mix it with water and wait 10 minutes before serving. My kitten meows at me the entire time.
I started my cat on Prowl because my vet offered a free sample. She ate it right away with no problems. However, she’d only ever had “healthy” food, so I was not transitioning from an unhealthy grain filled (but addictively tasty) food.
It is very easy to digest and may be a solution for cats with digestion problems. I recommend (like another reviewer) that you order a free sample and give it a try.
GabrielaGuilford, CT